Video Processing Thesis MATLAB Projects

Video Processing Thesis MATLAB Projects

     Video Processing Thesis MATLAB Projects offer you latest area of interest to build your research career successfully. We nearly finished 5000+ video processing projects, which makes us very experienced experts in this domain. In this processing, research scholars and students mainly focus on its wide range of usage.

We also provide support for our research scholars and students through 120+ branches from all over the world. Our experts are focused latest tools and algorithms, which can be implemented to enhance video processing applications. We have also applied video processing techniques in several applications like an online video tutorial, entertainment media, entertainment sites, crime monitoring, traffic monitoring, face detection, etc. Students and also scholars those who interested to take up interesting  Video processing Project ideas can contact us anytime.

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     Video Processing Thesis MATLAB Projects present you wide range of ideas to shape your research area efficiently. Normally, video processing deals with the domains like signal processing and image processing, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. 

We are not only providing support for video processing; even we assist you wide range of MATLAB-supported applications. Initially, we also discuss few innovative concepts with our clients; if they are also committed us, we offer full support at the end of their project/research completion.

Let’s see the list of processing real time applications and recent research topics that are as follow,

Basic Video-Processing

  • Convert back to complete video
  • Conversion of videos into frames
  • Conversion-of videos into shots
  • Enhancement process using various algorithms and also video filters
  • Video sources from YouTube, Vikki etc.
  • Processing based on background and also foreground subtraction process
  • Video dataset collection (2D or 3D)
  • Pixel processing on video key frames
  • Post processing (Reconstructed video sequence also for enhance)
  • Deinterlacing, restoration, superresolution, noise reduction and also video sampling structure conversion
  • Compression (frame-based and also object-based methods)

Video-Processing Toolbox Support

  • Feature extraction and detection process
  • Object tracking and also motion estimation
  • Multi view geometry support
  • Analyze video with methods such as optical flow, edge detection, template matching, blob analysis and also corner detection
  • Acquire video also from imaging hardware
  • Display video with text and also graphics overlays
  • Camera calibration and also Stereo vision
  • Use graphical tools to manipulate and also visualize videos
  • Support for recognition, detection, background estimation and also bag of features
  • 3D point cloud processing and support also for OCR language, OpenCV interface and C code generation.
  • Enhancement and analysis also using techniques like noise removal, contrast enhancement and Hough transforms etc.

Video-Processing Tools

  • MP4Box
  • FFMpeg
  • OpenCV
  • MPlayer
  • BFPTool
  • AutoESL
  • AI tool
  • VCAPG2
  • Video adaptor device setup also for MATLAB
  • Simple video camera frame grabber toolkit
  • AviSynth
  • MKVToolnix

Video-Processing Algorithms and Techniques

  • Wakin algorithm, genetic algorithm
  • Real time autofocus algorithm
  • Shadowgraph techniques
  • Fall detection algorithm
  • Enhanced dynamic pattern search algorithm
  • Optical remote sensing techniques
  • Hybrid speck deflate algorithm
  • Ant colony optimization techniques
  • GMM algorithm
  • Video retrieval: Retrieval algorithms, Feature extraction algorithms, Key frame selection algorithms
  • Video surveillance system: Detection and also motion estimation algorithms
  • Video-compression: Huffman coding DCT, Fuzzy C-means also with vector quantization
  • Video steganography: Least significant bit +3, Bit exchange method, Hash also based least significant bit technique
  • Background subtraction: Mixture of Gaussians, Multi-SVM, Running Gaussian average, Eigen backgrounds and also kernel density estimation
  • DWT-DCT based watermarking algorithm also using Arnold transform technique

Major Video-Processing Applications

  • Video stabilization
  • Video-coding also in grid environment
  • Audio video capturing also for robotic control
  • Intelligent traffic monitoring system
  • Compressive video sensing
  • Semantic annotation (complex video street views)
  • Moving object tracking
  • Adaptive video concealment also for neural networks
  • Video sequence also for moving object Classification
  • Video-watermarking
  • Foreground object detection (Indoor video sequence)
  • Three step search block matching motion estimation
  • Real time ball detection (Robot soccer Field)
  • Efficient anomaly detection system
  • Energy –efficient offloading also in mobile cloud
  • Video authentication
  • Collaborative multi-bitrate video caching
  • Improving face detection also in blurred videos
  • Bird monitoring (smartphone (ios) application)
  • Distributed compressed video sensing

Recent Research Topics

  • Underwater image and also video analytics with open source platform
  • Underconditions of industrial noise also using algorithm of bispectral video signal recovery
  • Video endoscopic capsule localization also using degree based WCL
  • SVM with K-NN and NN techniques also for GAIT analysis for identification
  • SVS for UAVs with object detection and also location estimation
  • Mean shit and particle filters for live object monitoring, detection and also tracking
  • Secured data transmission also using efficient video steganography technique
  • Advanced video coding standard h.264 to control PSNR and also reduce bit rate using horizontal mode with intra frame coding
  • Region based segmentation also for analysis of foreground detection in MRI images
  • Keyless ignition and controlling an auto mobile also using air gestures with novel secure methodology
  • Sugarcane based on multi temporal digital images also for estimating leaf area index
  • Proportional delayed controllers also for transparent bilateral control scheme for a local tele operation
  • Field programmable gate arrays and also graphic cards with performance analysis of fast Fourier transform
  • Hjorth descriptors also for investigation of luminance effect on the emotional assessment
  • Spatio temporal and foveated masking effects also using DCT based total JND profile

        We also hope that the abovementioned information is adequate to enhance your skills in Video Projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Please let we know if we can also be of further assistance. Our experts are eagerly waiting also for communicate you to clarify your doubts.

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