PhD Guidance in Multimedia

PhD Guidance in Multimedia

     PhD Guidance in Multimedia is the most favorite online assistance of students to just get best needs from our experts. Our team of top PhD experts respects the feedback provided by each student and sufficient changes to enhance your research work. Our experts go through every stage of your research and verify your requirement based on the technical contents, language matter, subject matter, proofreading, formatting, plagiarism, referencing, and citation

In The unlimited revisions carried out at this stage and completely referenced and updated output we offer, we offer you creative and more energetic services and multimedia animation services. Multimedia is a rapidly growing research field. Video streaming, video on demand, image analysis, video conferencing, VoiceXML, electronic commerce, intelligent agents are also great impact fields in our research.

PhD Guidance in Multimedia Online Now, let’s see our current technologies in Multimedia:

New Technologies in Multimedia Interactive Techniques

  • Brain controller for Attention Training
  • Image based 3D face modeling
  • Brain Explorer
  • DJ-Simulation Game with also a Remote Gesture Control Interaction Mechanism
  • Human Action Recognition Technology
  • Holographic 3D display system
  • Camview: Total Digital SLR capture control
  • Interactive Multimedia Jockey System
  • Human Computer Interaction for Large Screens: Lightdraw
  • Machine Translation: Real time and automatic translation of south-east Asian languages
  • 264/AVC Transcoder to MPEG-2
  • Snap2Play and Snap2Tell: Interactive System also for Mobile Image Recognition
  • Wearable’s and Virtual reality
  • Conversational M-Commerce
  • 3D Mirrors Fitness Tracking
  • The Future Transportation: Driverless and also connected cars are on the horizon

Upcoming Technologies in Multimedia

  • Software systems and also virtual reality technology
  • Cheat detection and also prevention
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Mixed and augmented reality
  • Virtual reality applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human computer interaction and also visualization
  • Multimedia communications and also networking
  • 3D printing, analysis and also representation
  • Artificial Intelligence Industry and Multimedia
  • Multimedia networking and also communications
  • Multimedia services and also applications
  • AI healthcare and also multimedia
  • Mobile multimedia

Guidance in Multimedia

    PhD Guidance in Multimedia is your trusted and joyful tutor to support you from any aspects of your research field. Our world-class dedicated experts design your research work and have ten years of experience in 2D and 3D animation and other multimedia services

Are you from any of the PhD scholars looking for research assistance? , Come to us; we are also here for you to assist any kind of your research works. Here we, listed enormous tools and animation software are which are used in current days.

Development Tools and Software’s

  • OpenGL® ES Emulator
  • Blender
  • Ffmpeg
  • Smalltalk /squeak
  • G streamer
  • Pure data
  • OpenIMAJ
  • Processing
  • Animata
  • Flash Pro
  • jMonkeyEngine
  • Greenfoot
  • Adobe Flash
  • Java Media Framework
  • Quick Time
  • Matlab
  • OpenCV
  • JavaFX
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe AIR
  • Microsoft XNA
  • Android
  • Scilab
  • Kivy
  • DirectX
  • IoS
  • Python

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • OpenGL® ES Emulator: Library that maps OpenGLES 3.1 API calls to the OpenGLAPI. It also supports for software development.
  • Blender: 3D content creation suite that supports for modeling, rendering, animation and also even comes with a powerful and detailed game engine.
  • BRL-CAD:  Open source modeling tool and cross platform that offers geometric analysis, interactive editing, ray tracing, image processing and also other features
  • Ffmpeg: Command line converter that converts both video and audio formats. It can transforms video and also converting from any sample rate to any other.
  • Smalltalk /squeak: Open source Smalltalk programming system that works in all major platforms that also executed faster in environments.
  • G streamer: Library for constructing graphs of media handling components. It also supports range from simple Ogg/Vorbis playback, and video processing.
  • Pure Data: Graphical programming environment also for used in live music performance
  • OpenIMAJ: Intelligent Multimedia Analysis is also a  library and open source toolkit analyzed set of images.
Lets know some more tools and softwares
  • Processing: Incredible motion and also graphics programming language that is easy to use in text interface.
  • Animata: Little app for 2D images animation. It also uses a skeleton/hinge system for points of rotation.
  • Flash Pro: Tool to publish animations into multiple platforms
  • jMonkeyEngine: Game engine that is easily made for modern 3D development. These 3D games can be written also for both desktop devices and android.
  • Greenfoot: Full IDE interface also for various purposes like project management, syntax highlighting, auto-completion.
  • Adobe Flash Professional: Software that also provides platform to design animation and vector graphics
  • Java Media Framework: Java library for java based application and also applets (added audio, video, and other media)
  • Quick Time: API with Objective-C framework that also used to manipulate time based media
  • Matlab: Multi-paradigm with numerical computing environment also that used for multimedia based applications
  • OpenCV: Library comprised of programming functions which is aimed at real-time computer vision.
  • JavaFX: Software platform that also used to creates and delivers desktop applications
  • Microsoft Silverlight: Application framework that supports media streaming, graphics, animation and also multimedia.
  • Adobe AIR: Adobe integrated runtime cross platform that is used to build mobile applications and also desktop applications
  • Microsoft XNA: Software framework that consists of set of tools which offers video game development and also management.
  • Android: Linux kernel based OS that is used also for mobile devices, tablets, etc.
  • Scilab: Similar to matlab that provides the functionality for signal processing, image enhancement, statistical analysis, numerical computation, and also simulation.
  • Kivy: Free and open source library written in python that is also used for mobile apps development
  • DirectX: Set of APIs to handle multimedia related tasks
  • IoS: High level operating system also that supported in various mobile devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone.
  • Python: High level and also general purpose language  

Major Research Topics in Multimedia

  • Multimedia storage servers
  • Multimedia database system
  • Video streaming and also video on-demand
  • Hypermedia issues
  • Multimedia security issues
  • Social sensor networks
  • Content access and also distribution
  • Temporality issues (data availability)
  • Massive volume issues (data storage, retrieval, file format and also retrieval)
  • Cognitive Overload
  • Video Interaction issues
  • Incident learning nature
  • User commitment and also navigation
  • Learning efficiency
  • Interactivity effects and speed of access
  • Multimedia data mining
  • Multimedia signal processing
  • Social multimedia computing
  • Multimedia communication and also sensor networks