WiMAX Master Thesis Projects

WiMAX Master Thesis Projects

     WiMAX Master Thesis projects is one of our marvelous service initiate with the goal of provide highly organized thesis preparation service for you. We also have universal class standard brilliants with a minimum of seven years of experience in a vast array of network research. Today, WiMAX is also one of the most popular wireless technologies in this scientific world. Nearly our standardized knowledge professionals are also accomplished 1000+ projects and research in WiMAX.

To provide confidential and highly sophisticated research topics, our scientists also refresh their knowledge in current technologies, modern algorithms, and techniques using popular conference papers and top journals. Due to this, our experts can also easily support and guide you without any difficulties. Within a fraction of seconds, our experts can also solve any critical problems and provide a complete solution for you. If you are eager to utilize our WiMAX master thesis project service, you can also approach us at 24hours on all running days.

Buy WiMax Master Thesis Projects Online Thesis Preparation Structure

  • Abstract
  • Introduction for Thesis
  • Literature Survey

                -Explain State of Current Research

                -Focus Research Gap

  • Current Study in Research Proposal

                -Problem Identification (Methodology, Mathematical Equations and Algorithms)

                -Methodology on Research

                -Data Evaluation

  • Implementation Part

                -Performance Evaluation

  • Experimental Results

               -Research Questions and Hypothesis

               -Simulation Setup

               -Parameter Description

               -Comparative Analysis:

                           –Analyze Qualitative Results

                           –Analyze Quantitative Results

               -Results in Both Graph and Table

  • Conclusion

               -Results Summary

  • Future Improvement
  • Reference
  • Appendix

Master Thesis in WiMAX Projects

    WiMAX Master Thesis projects offers extremely patterned thesis for you with the help of our dedicated experts. Our admirable service initiates with the goal of spread our creative and inventive ideas for students and research colleagues throughout the world. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a broadband data communication technology for point to multipoint wireless networks based on 802.16 WiMAX Standard, which provides high-speed data over WAN (Wide Area Networks).

It is based on Wireless Metro- polo Area Network (MAN) Technology. Our professionals have high tech knowledge in this respective field. For this reason, we can easily train you to implement highly sophisticated projects yourself in WiMAX. Here we listed some of the most important information about WiMAX technologies.

Network Simulators for Wi-MAX Research

  • OPNET Simulator
  • NS2 Simulator
  • NS3 Simulator
  • QualNet Simulator
  • OMNET++ Simulator
  • GloMoSim Simulator

Major Applications in Wi-Max Technology

  • Real Time Video and Voice Applications
  • Multiplayer Interactive Gaming
  • Nomadic Broadband Applications
  • Mobility Based Applications
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Streaming Media
  • Download Media Content
  • Instant Messaging and also Web Browning
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Video Conference and also VOIP
  • Last Mile Delivery Applications
  • Broadband Internet Applications
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem \
  • Cellular Backhual Application

Current Trend Research Topics in Wi-MAX Technology

  • Improve Bandwidth in Elliptical Shaped Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Antenna using Notch
  • Comparative Research Analysis also in Multi carrier Communication Systems to reduce PAPR
  • WiMAX and WLAN Application also by Multiband Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna
  • Enhanced Long Term Evolution (LTE) Femtocell Network also with Dynamic Resource Allocation
  • Implement Mobile Tele-Medicine with WiMAX Technology
  • WiMAX and WLAN Applications also by Multiband Based Met Material Antenna
  • CACA (Admission Control Algorithm) also for WiMAX Networks
  • WiMAX and WLAN Applications also by Dual Band MIMO Dielectric Resonator Antenna
  • Intelligent Computational Techniques to Adaptive Equalizers also in WiMAX System
  • WiMAX and WLAN Applications also by Wideband Stacked Maltese Cross shaped DR Antenna
  • Superposition Modulation Techniques also to Enhance Three Dimensional Turbo Code in WiMAX System
  • WiMAX, Wi-Fi and WLAN Applications also by Left/Right Handed Based Transmission Line Wideband Antenna
  • WiMAX and WLAN Applications also by H-Shaped Slot Triple Band Micro-strip Antenna
  • WRR Based Admission Control Used also in WiMAX Networks
  • Using Call Admission control Algorithm also for Analyze WiMAX Network

      We also previously highlighted very few WiMAX Supported simulators, applications, and advanced research topics for your better understanding. We not only provide research proposals. We also provide inclusive guidance also for you to prepare and publish your conference papers and journals. For more details, you can also contact our organization

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