Network Simulator Thesis in Online

Network Simulator Thesis in Online

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Interesting Research Ideas in Network Simulation:

  • Simulate Multimodality in Dynamic Network Loading Mesoscopic System
  • Memristors with Diffusive Dynamics for Neuromorphic Computing
  • Airflow Accuracy in Residential Buildings with Stack Driven and Natural Wind Ventilation
  • Optimize Road Space Allocation on Bus Lanes in Multimodal Urban Networks
  • Traffic Lights with the Simulation Oriented Evaluation Using Intelligent Control System
  • Human Recovery and Restoration in Humanitarian Operations
  • Geospatial Big Data for Cooperative Real Time Controls Based Edge computing
  • Particle Swarm Optimization and Generalized Regression Neural Network for Meta Modeling
  • Self Organizing Protocols for Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks in IoT
  • An Innovative Flying Ad Hic Network Simulator for Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Wireless Ad Hoc Network by Cluster Based Energy Aware Head Load Balancing Scheme
  • Classical Turkish Music Makams by Musical Information Retrieval System
  • Distributed Secondary Voltage / VAR Control Based on Synchrophasors via Cellular Network

Network Simulator Thesis in Online

  Network Simulator Thesis in Online is our one of the best innovative online service begin to help our students and research fellows through online. We offer best support on wide range of network simulators which are available today. On these days, we are completed 5000+ network simulation projects using top simulators and most popular networking research areas namely wireless embedded system¸ wireless passive sensor networks, wireless mesh networks, aeronautical ad hoc networks, heterogeneous mobile ad hoc networks, P2P RFID networks, adaptive scalable video streaming, multimedia communication, mobile crowd sensing, urban vehicular ad hoc networks, integrated wireless sensor networks and underwater wireless sensor networks.

  Now, we discuss about network simulators,

 …”Network simulator is the computer network simulation software to create open simulation environment for education and computer network research. It simulate real phenomenon including chemical reaction, weather condition, biological processes and atomic reaction with the mathematical formulas.” 

Network Simulators:

  • OMNET++
  • NetSim
  • NS2
  • NS3
  • QualNet
  • REAL
  • JSIM
  • Gambit MIMIC IOS Simulator
  • HPE Network Virtualization
  • GNS3
  • GloMoSim
  • Groove Net
  • MarionNet
  • JSIM
  • SSFNet
  • SUMO
  • Cooja
  • WSN Simulator

Prerequisites of HPE Network Virtualization:

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8 OS (64 Bit) for all platform
  • Protocol Port: Granular IP Filtering
  • Bandwidth Emulation (Unlimited) up to 100 Mbps
  • Expanded Packet Capture up to 1 GB
  • HPE Network Capture
  • HPE Network Virtualization Library

Components of HPE NV on HPE Load Generator (Minimum Requirements):

  • Memory: 4GB RAM or Above
  • Processor: Quad Core Processor or Above
  • HPE Load Generator: for Performance Center 12.53

Third Party Element Prerequisites:

-Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0


  • VuGen
  • Standalone Load Generator
  • Load Runner Full Installation

Network Virtualization Components which are must Installed

HPE NV Controller:

  • Installation of LoadRunner
  • Installation of Performance Center Host

HPE NV for Performance Center Server

  • Installation of Performance Center Server

HPE NV for Load Generator

  • Installation of Load Generator (Standalone)
  • Installation of Load Runner Full
  • Installation of Performance Center Host
  • Installation of VuGen

Major Protocols Used in Network Simulation:

  • Channel Aware Polling Based MAC Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Mobile Sink Based Routing Protocol
  • Multipath Routing Wormhole Detection and Prevention Protocol
  • Dual Interleaving Cluster Head Routing Protocol
  • Regional Energy and Mobility Aware Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic Temperature Aware Routing Protocol
  • Adaptive Hybrid Geo-Casting Routing Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Spectrum Sensing Routing Protocol
  • Multi-User Full Duplex Mac Protocol
  • Emergency Message Dissemination Protocol
  • Distributed Exclusive Region Based MAC Protocol
  • Interference Aware Multi-Channel MAC Protocol
  • Traffic Priority Aware Access Control Protocol
  • Mobile Sink Based Energy Efficient Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Protocol
  • Flexible Multi-Channel Coordination Mac Protocol
  • Distributed Attack Resilient Routing Protocol
  • Asymmetric Link-Based Reverse Routing Protocol
  • Self Elimination Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol
  • Extensible Time Synchronization Protocol

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