Mobile Cloud Computing PhD Thesis

Mobile Cloud Computing PhD Thesis

              Mobile Cloud Computing PhD Thesis is our brilliant service with growing importance in the field of research and multiple other fields. Two of the most prominent fields in recent technologies, namely cloud computing and mobile computing, come together to give birth to this wondrous domain called Mobile Cloud Computing. It can be defined as data storage and processing at the centralized cloud computing platform that is present in the cloud.

Mobile Cloud Computing PhD Thesis Online Help

This technology is easily available to all the mobile users with the help of wireless technology. Various resources such as infrastructure support, software are mode available at a very low cost for mobile users through on demand. It minimises the cost and maximise the performance and energy. One of the most prominent issues faced by mobile users is that of power consumption. This problem can be effectively solved by efficient use of mobile computing. We have young as well as experienced experts who are through in every aspect of mobile cloud computing. Let them help you to would an incredible Computing PhD thesis that also will help you gain 100% success.

            Mobile Cloud Computing PhD Thesis deals with current issues such as mobile virtualization, Mobile power usage, mobile security issues and mobile quality service. Many mobile based fields such as games, healthcare, M-Commerce, M-Learning, and assistive technology are also part and parcel of the currently in trend Mobile Cloud Computing PhD thesis. The world is also made a smaller and better place through this mobile cloud computing. Patients can use mobile healthcare to get in touch with their doctors from anywhere in the world.

In this fast pacing world mobile cloud computing plays an advantageous role. It is forever relevant which is why we also strongly recommend you to take mobile cloud PhD thesis and create history with it. Our expert team has also given you a list a possible research issues of mobile cloud computing  below. Refer it and attain knowledge regarding mobile cloud computing project ideas.

                     …” Mobile Cloud Computing is the integration of Cloud and Mobile ComputingIn this field, data computation power and also storage capability provided by cloud computing”.

Major Issues in Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Integration
  • Live VM-Migration Issues
  • Mobile Communication Congestion Issues
  • Quality of service
  • Context-Awareness
  • Computation offloading
  • Elasticity and also scalability
  • Cloud service pricing
  • Energy efficient transmission
  • Mobile multimedia
  • Security and privacy
  • Task oriented mobile service
  • Network access management
  • Availability of cloud resources
  • Data consistency and also in replication

Development Tools and Software

  • Code box
  • Kony Studio’s
  • AWS Mobile Hub
  • Cloud9
  • Agile tools
  • Icenium
  • And also in Code anywhere

Description of the Tools and Software

  • Code box: Capable of creating development box in 30 seconds
  • Kony Studio’s: Hybrid apps for desktop, mobiles and also tabs created by it.
  • AWS Mobile Hub: AWS mobile apps can be built using it.
  • Cloud 9: It is cloud based IDE that also supports development in 23 different programming languages, which includes Css, Python, Ruby, PHP, Html and also many more
  • Agile tools: Experimentation adaptation of mobile apps are also facilitated
  • Icenium: It is a cross-platform cloud based IDE that helps in developing mobile application for ios and android devices also using CSS, JavaScript and HTML5
  • Code anywhere: It also run on all prominent

Other Cloud Simulators

  • WorkflowSim
  • CloudSim
  • MDCSim
  • RealCloudSim

Protocols/Algorithms used in MCC

  • Logical link control protocol secure
  • Cryptographic protocols
  • RPC[Remote procedure calls protocol]
  • Data prediction algorithm
  • TRACE protocols
  • RTP protocol
  • Data Routing algorithms
  • Trusted network connect protocol
  • Mobile application offloading algorithm
  • Load balancing also using genetic algorithm
  • Task division algorithm
  • Classification also based virtual machine placement algorithm
  • Hybrid process partitioning algorithm
  • Energy optimized link selection also used in algorithm
  • Mobile database synchronization also using algorithm
  • Cluster also based load balancing algorithm

         Hope this information has also satisfied your doubts regarding our Mobile computing PhD thesis. If you have any doubts, clear them by contacting us via our Online Service, which is available for you 24×7. Take out your hands to build an amazing platform for you. We are also the sculptures of your beautiful future…