PhD Topics in Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronic system and single-board microcontroller to create electronic devices. PhD topics in Arduino prove that it decreases the manual efforts of researchers at present in all the zones of Arduino. Recent applications of arduino can be follows: Robots and Automatic Control System.

What is Arduino and its function?

Arduino board designs have different microprocessors and controllers. The boards are set with a group of digital and analog input or output (I/O) pins which hcould be edged to different breadboards for modeling and other circuits.

The boards has inbuilt serial communication with Universal Serial Bus (USB) on different models that helps to load programs from Personal Computer (PC). The microcontrollers use C and C++ languages for programming and with support of typical API.

What are the uses of Arduino IDE?

Arduino is the paradigm of an effortless way to handy hardware and software. The Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a cross-platform application. Basic version of C++ to learn the program easily. Its board can,

·         Arduino is a tool for controlling electronics

·         Provides a typical form of features that split out the process of the micro-controller into the comprehensible platform finally.

·         Scan sensor inputs-light, a finger on a switch, or a peep message.

·         Program the microcontroller of the Arduino board by passing a group of commands.

·         Alter the programming process based on the project through Arduino Programming language among writing and with the IDE Arduino software.


Arduino is an easy tool for quick modeling. So fastly it reaches far and wide. Then, it started working with its easy 8-bits modified features for IoT applications, comfortable 3D printing, and Implant fields.

The entire Arduino boards are open-source that authorize users to create their own and current needs of the software. So, it is still a tributed as user-friendly software.

To prove that PhD topics in Arduino are the intelligence of numerous projects in multi-faceted scientific equipment, Arduino. And also we have our best engineers in the Arduino projects who dig-outs some unique topics for the further research process.

Arduino Research topics

  • Sensor Irrigation For Smart Farming
  • Concurrent Robotic Car Control with Brainwaves and Head Movement
  • Android Controlled Wheelchair
  • Arduino based Wireless Car Control System
  • Mind Controlled Wireless Robotic Arm via Brain-Computer Interface
  • Human-like Robot steadiness of walking on variousroadways

Next, Let’s see about Arduino factors which help to merge with software like Matlab. Let’s have a look at the Parameters that we used for it.

Which devices used for Arduino?                                                                                      

The chief parameters that we used to fuse the Arduino hardware with variable software to read,write, and connect those software data devices. Such Arduino blended software data devices are,

·         Digital Pin ( PWM Voltage, PWM Duty Cycle, piezo speaker).

·         12C Devices (registers)

·         SPI Devices (SPI bus)

·         Serial Devices

·         Shift Registers

·         Quadrature Encoders (Rotary Encoder)

·         Servo Motors.

·         Adafruit Moto Shield V2 (DC, Stepper, and Servo motor).

·         Can Interface.

·         MKR Motor Carrier (DC, Servo, and PID motor).

·         BNO055 Sensor.

·         Ultrasonic Sensor.

·         Sensors (MPU,LSM,BNO, etc).

·         Custom Arduino Libraries.

Arduino hardware is working as a backbone for electronics. For your better projects in Arduino let hold up with our promising services through PhD topics in Arduino. Our guide will assist you with both practical and concept part of Arduino. Likewise, we also support our full aid of your other PhD project fields that definitely fulfill by your endless Victories.