MATLAB Simulink Thesis for Master Students

MATLAB Simulink Thesis for Master Students

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MATLAB Simulink Thesis for Master Students

  MATLAB Simulink Thesis for Master Students provide you innovative platform to enhance your thesis writing efficiently. We never let you down until completion of your thesis writing in research. We assure that you will get full quality of work through our expert’s precise research guidance. We offer enormous support for our research scholars and students through MATLAB Simulink Thesis for Master Student’s services. Our prime motive is to enhance student’s skills in MATLAB Simulink for write best thesis on their research.

  Let’s see some of few tips for thesis writing and recent concepts in MATLAB Simulink for your reference,

Tips for Thesis Writing:

  • Plan the structure of the thesis
  • Make sure thesis meet your requirements
  • Defining the thesis statement
  • Avoid vague words
  • Be ready to answer about your thesis
  • Thesis followed appropriate university format
  • Avoid chronological order
  • Outlining your argument
  • Think about plagiarism
  • Before start the thesis writing draw the rough draft
  • Collecting notes and sources
  • Keep a database for complete reference

  –“MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a tool for numerical computation and visualization. MATLAB basic element is a matrix, we can manipulate array-based data it is generally fast to write and run in MATLAB. Let’s see some of the major research areas for your review,

Major Research Areas:

  • Control systems
  • Digital electronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Microcontroller systems
  • Power systems
  • Distribution and transmission
  • Microcontroller systems
  • Circuits and electronic devices
  • Digital electronics
  • Electric machine design

  MATLAB basic programming concepts like

  • Programming syntax
  • Import and export(text files, spread sheets, big data, we access )
  • Program files(.mat files, Scripting files)
  • Working with MEX functions
  • Working with M-Files
  • Editing and debugging
  • Working on variables, structures, matrices, arrays
  • Working with file extension and MATLAB Easter eggs
  • Data type conversion
  • MATLAB editor
  • MATLAB compiler and coder

Major Concepts in MATLAB Simulink:

  • Electrical drives
  • Solar energy systems
  • Home automation appliances
  • Electrical power management
  • Multilevel Inverters
  • Air conditioning control systems, heating and ventilation
  • Non-conventional energy sources
  • Different filter design techniques
  • Controllable converters
  • Designing an inductive motor
  • Concepts using AC/ DC motor
  • AC/DC motor speed control techniques
  • Modulation and pulse techniques
  • Robotic vehicle
  • Battery monitoring
  • Wireless control systems
  • Theft monitoring in wireless meter
  • Wireless power transfer
  • ARM controller for patient monitoring system
  • Interactive voice response system

Recent Research Topics:

  • MATLAB Simulink state flow for an educational toolbox on supervisory control theory
  • Simulating transmission and reception of meteorological images in the low-rate picture transmission forma using MATLAB model
  • MATLAB and CATIA for modelling and simulation of 5DOF robot manipulator and trajectory
  • Software development using MATLAB and Simulink based controlled electric drive
  • MATLAB for experiments on the MFCC application in speaker recognition
  • RSSI localization using utilization of XBee ZigBee modules and MATLAB
  • Modelling linear periodically time variable circuits using user defined functions of MATLAB
  • Full wave simulation to design resonant cavity antennas for on the use of external MATLAB based optimization
  • MATLABs statistics and machine learning toolbox for data mining in cloud usage data
  • A control systems laboratory using a quadrotor as a plant in MATLAB with teaching tool

   We hope that the abovementioned information is adequate to attain knowledge about MATLAB Simulink. If you need to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our online service is available at 24 x 7.


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