Undergraduate EEE MATLAB Projects

Undergraduate EEE MATLAB Projects

     Undergraduate EEE MATLAB Projects provide you independent platform to shine your academic projects. Electrical and Electronics engineering deals with several domains such as Electronics systems and Electromagnetism, Electricity, Devices, and Electrical design.  MATLAB support for all the implantations of electronics projects with the help of Simulink support. We have experts with highly experienced and exposed their idea to the student for their academic project accomplishment: each and every student, we allocate separate experts to guide him naturally.

We also have deals with many research issues that help us build our expert knowledge, even trendy and innovative. Thus, we continuously receive positive feedback from our scholars, which help us attain the world’s topmost position in research. Lots of students are also amazed at our smart work and share their experience with friends to contact us. In the past 10 years, we are working with this domain; our experts develop nearly 10000+ EEE MATLAB Projects till now.

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    Undergraduate EEE MATLAB Projects offer you best idea to achieve your research target in research and academic. We also support electronics MATLAB projects even if we also assist any of the platforms like an electrical, neural network, robotics, DIP, artificial intelligence, experts system, etc.

We also provide support for our clients through 120+ branches from all over the world for student convenience. Our ultimate goal is to give the quality of work 100% clients’ satisfaction in their research or academic work. We also have a tie-up with authorized universities and also colleges to guide final year academic projects. Here we also provide that major areas and recent research topics in EEE-MATLAB-Projects for your reference,

Major Areas to Explore

Global System for Mobile Communication [GSM]:
  • Smart home appliance [Humidity information and also Temperature]
  • Smart agriculture system
  • Tube well control
  • Enhanced Data GSM Environment (also in EDGE)
  • Universal Mobile Communications Service (also in UMTS)
  • General Packet Radio System (also in GPRS)
  • High Sped Circuit Switched Data (also in HSCSD)
Speed Control DC Motors [Electric Circuits Design]:
  • Fuzzy logic controller
  • Fuzzified also in particle swarm optimization
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Multi half bridge driver
  • BLDC also in Motor control
  • Enhanced stepper motor control
  • High-amp motor control
Global Positioning System [GPS]:
  • Bus ticket system
  • Car theft monitoring system
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Civilian applications [also in Map-making, tectonics, Geotagging, Surveying, Geofencing, Navigation]
  • Military applications [Search and also rescue, reconnaissance, Target tracking, Navigation]
  • Global navigation satellite system
  • Galileo positioning system
  • BeiDou Navigation satellite system
Monitoring Systems [Control Automation]:
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Vehicle dynamic monitoring
  • Remote patient also in monitoring system
  • Operation procedure management system knowledge
  • Advanced critical trend also in monitoring
  • Off-site operation management
  • Fab-wide also in monitoring system
  • Panel PC systems and also monitors
  • HMI Software
  • Respiratory also in monitoring system
  • Digital radiation also in monitoring data systems
  • Digital rod position indication display system
Designing Power Plant:
  • Stream thermal power plant
  • Solar power plant
  • Natural gas also based on power plant
  • Hydro power plant
  • Siemens power plant
  • Electric also based on power plant
  • Thermal power station
  • Small geothermal also based on power plant
  • Gas turbine power plant
  • Micro hydroelectric power plant
AC Voltage Regulator [Electric Circuit design]:
  • Thyristor voltage regulator
  • Sinusoidal pulse width modulation
  • SCR Regulators
  • Single phase PWM AC Controller
  • Switching and also linear regulators comparing
  • Pulse width modulation DC-AC converter
  • Combination of hybrid regulators
  • PWM AC voltage controller
  • Half wage AC controller
  • Full wave AC controller
  • Linear regulator
  • Switching regulators
Bio Medical Applications:
  • Monitoring Neuromuscular system
  • Simulink for development of cardiac pacemaker
  • Heart rate monitoring system
  • Kidney stone detection
  • Digital polymerase chain reaction
  • Antibacterial properties and also toxicity
  • Spider-man technology
  • Unique glass technology
  • Interrogating proteins
  • Plant physiology
  • Imec eye movement detection technology
  • Biomedical textiles global analysis
  • 3D printed organ tech
  • Modeling of HMI logic of Medical devices

Recent Research Topics

  • An optical wireless audio transmission system design
  • Top down design and bottom up implementation also using improvement of student learning experience via an interdisciplinary
  • Synthetic aperture radar images Using change detection also by deep neural networks
  • Massive neural data processing also using GPU accelerated multivariate empirical mode decomposition
  • Demand side management technique also for designing and simulation of load control & monitoring system
  • Ship high voltage power system also for simulation and applications
  • Digital technologies also for self-efficacy as a long term outcome of a general education course
  • Dry dual clutch transmission during vehicles launching process also for estimation of torques transmitted by twin clutch
  • Hands on and also design projects using special article series on signal processing education

         We also hope that the abovementioned information is enough to tackle the idea about EEE MATLAB Projects. Could you also need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also would appreciate your immediate attention to this research

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