Undergraduate ECE MATLAB Projects

Undergraduate ECE MATLAB Projects

     Undergraduate ECE MATLAB Projects gives you major ideas to assist final year ECE students. We are one among the world-renowned institute with serving past 10+ years for research scholars and students. We nearly completed 7000+ ECE MATLAB Projects for those who want to complete their final year projects with sounding success and high-grade marks. We are not only supporting final year academics projects, even though we help you with assignments, lab cycle support, and research guidance.

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     Undergraduate ECE MATLAB Projects provide you best platform to improve your knowledge with fruitful manner. We are carrying your entire burden on your projects to efficiently accomplish your project work within a limited time slice. And also, We have 100+ world class top engineers who make you very innovative and trendy with the help of their experience in research. We also provide various support like online (Mail, Phone, Skype) and also offline for your convenience to build your knowledge more effectively. Instantly our professionals get you through, whether online or offline, to give valuable guidance for your research and project work.

Let’s see some of the major research areas and recent research topics that are as follows,

Major Research Areas for ECE-Projects

Automation Control System:
  • Tuning of helicopter
  • Railway gate control
  • Bread toaster and also Washing machine
  • Traffic signaling application
  • Irrigation system
  • Robot automation
  • Live cell imaging
  • Home automation [Energy consumption]
  • Building automation and also control system
  • Smart building automation
  • Lighting control
  • HVAC regulation
  • Lawn irrigation system
  • Smart appliances
  • Security systems
Long Term Evolution [techniques]:
  • OFDMA technique
  • Radiosurgical also in technique
  • Minimally invasive surgery technique
  • Adaptive load pull also in techniques
  • Fuzzy logic optimization techniques
  • Medium access control also in techniques
  • Linear and non-linear diffusion techniques
  • Enhanced multicarrier also in techniques
  • Time division duplex
  • Channel coding also in technique
  • Frequency division duplex
  • MIMO technique

               -Closed loop codebook also based precoding

               -Single antenna transmission

               -Open loop codebook also based precoding

5G Wireless Communications

  • Non-orthogonal multiple access
  • Novel millimeter-wave channel simulator
  • Personalized QoE management also in data driven architecture
  • Collaborative mobile edge computing
  • Power transfer and also simultaneous wireless information
  • User effects on mobile terminal antennas statistical investigation
  • 5G wireless also using efficient IoT gateway
  • Tactile internet shaping 5G
  • Urban traffic management also with high efficiency
  • Challenges of wide area wireless communication
  • Hardware design techniques and also integrated silicon technology
  • Polydimethylsiloxane also for high gain dipole antenna
  • Communications protocol design ( also 5G vehicular networks)
  • Intelligent deployment of UAVs

Robotics and Computer Vision

  • Human augmentation
  • Embedded systems for robotics
  • Machine learning for robotics
  • Human robot interaction and also interface
  • Motion planning and control
  • Assistive and medical robotics
  • Legged robots-kinematics, inertial sensing and also computer vision
  • Suffern robotics
  • Actuators / Sensor also for robotic design
  • Manifold learning also in machine vision and robotics
  • Multi robot system and Soft robots
  • Surgical robotics
  • Computer vision also for X-Ray testing
  • DARPA robotics
  • Dissecting robotics
  • Multisensor intelligent robotics
  • Aerial robotics
  • Light field vision
  • Personalized social robotics

Home Automation Based Security

  • Temperature detection
  • Water sprinkle [Fire detection]
  • RFID based security
  • Personal emergency
  • IoT based smart security
  • PIR based security
  • Android based security
  • Sensors [home automation and security]
  • OR code based smart door locks security
  • GSM based home security
  • Voice based control of smart home
  • Off the shelf cloud robotics [Smart home]
  • Door and window protection
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • RBS RFID security
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Bio-Metric Authentication

  • Multi model recognition
  • Steganography based security system
  • Palm print and Iris recognition
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Hand geometry identification
  • Retina scan
  • Voice analysis
  • Face recognition
  • Signature Recognition
  • DNA Matching
  • Ear Identification
  • Gait recognition
  • Odour recognition
  • Typing recognition
  • Vein recognition
  • Speaker and voice verification / authentication

Major Real Time Applications

  • LTE for non-orthogonal multiple access
  • Microstructure evolution of AI Cu Li
  • Oxygen evolution reaction in electro catalysis
  • Hybrid intravascular imaging
  • Long term performance degradation analysis
  • Long term geochemical evolution of Lithogenic
  • Ring rolling theory and technique
  • Power control and channel allocation schemes
  • Penta-band LTE with small USB dongle antenna
  • WWAN using multiband printed mobile MIMO antenna
  • Dual-polarized MIMO antenna system
  • Low profile dual band filtering antenna
  • RRC state machine optimization also in light
  • Context aware access network selection
  • Power adjustment and also location recommendation [D2D communication]
  • T slot circular quad band antenna [MIMI applications]
  • Improved frequency reuse

Recent Research Topics

  • ONN pattern recognition also for PPV modelling of memristor based oscillators and application
  • An optical wireless audio transmission system also for undergraduate electronics projects based on the design
  • An interdisciplinary undergraduate research project also with top down design and bottom up implementation using improvement of student learning experience
  • Synthetic aperture radar images using change detection also by deep neural networks
  • Massive neural data processing also using GPU-accelerated multivariate empirical mode decomposition
  • Tracking insole for ACL recovery
  • Vertical position for MEMS barometers also with system prototyping and measurement
  • Demand side management technique also for designing and simulation of load control and monitoring system
  • LTE license assisted access networks also using fair and efficient listen before talk
  • BP neural network model also for highway construction investment risk evaluation
  • Estimating reliable frequency values in a ripple tank also with alternative setup
  • Introducing students to entrepreneurship from idea also to prototype
  • Assistive technology across department boundaries also using CCNY joint senior design program
  • Stop illegal poaching using design thinking and also computational modelling
  • Optimal reactive power compensation for improving the power quality using measurement and also analysis of an electric power distribution system
  • BLDC motor also for development of the sensorless control system
  • The 3D LED cube for heartbeat sensing and also control
  • Pedagogical tool to teach fuzzy control also using liquid level system
  • A ouadrotor as a plant in MATLAB also for teaching tool for a control systems laboratory

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