Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics

Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics

    Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics are recently explored for student’s interest on Artificial Neural Network. This is one of our preeminent services, which have attracted many students and research scholars due to its ever-growing research scope. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a mathematical model used to predict system performance, which is inspired by the function and structure of human biological neural networks (function is similar to the human brain and nervous system). 

We have world-class engineers with us who are working on every part of this domain to resolve the issues of ANN. Consequently, We are well known for university guidelines worldwide because we tie-ups with top international colleges and universities, and our thesis writing service is delivered in all kinds of research fields. We are developing Artificial Neural Networks based Projects for the past ten years; till now, we have accomplished 1000+ Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics for students and research scholars.

Neural Network Topics

  Artificial Neural Topics offered by us for budding students and research scholars. We always provide thesis topics on current trends because we are one of the members in high-level journals like IEEE, SPRINGER, Elsevier, and other SCI-indexed journals. Our company is an ISO 9001.2000 certified company that wrote a thesis for students and research scholars in the world’s various countries. To select Artificial Thesis Topics, you must know about Artificial Neural Networks and their important aspects. Here’s we have given a brief overview of ANN for your reference,

Latest Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics

Key Features of Artificial Neural Networks

  • Adaptive Learning
  • Patter extraction and detection
  • Semantic meaning extraction from imprecise data
  • Also in Real time operations

Artificial Neural Networks based Algorithms

  • Feedforward Neural Networks
  • Radial Basis Function Networks
  • Time delay neural network
  • Regulatory feedback network
  • Probabilistic neural network
  • Modular Networks
    • Associative Neural Network
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
    • Fully Recurrent Network
    • Echo State Network
    • Bi-Directional RNN
    • Simple Recurrent Networks
    • Stochastic Neural Networks
    • Long Short Term Memory Networks
  • Other Networks
    • Genetic Scale RNN
    • Holographic Associative Memory
    • Spiking Neural Networks
    • Cascading Neural Networks
    • Dynamic Neural Networks
    • Neuro-Fuzzy Networks
    • One Shot Associative Memory
    • Instantaneously Trained Networks
    • Hierarchical Temporal Memory
    • Oscillating Neural Network
    • Growing Neural Gas
    • Counter Propagation Neural Network
    • Hybridization Neural Network
    • And also in Convolutional Neural Network

List of Tasks That are Used ANN

  • Classification (Pattern and sequence recognition, sequential decision making and also novelty detection)
  • Control (also as Computer Numerical Control)
  • Data processing (Clustering , filtering, compression and also blind source separation)
  • Function approximation/Regression analysis (Modeling, fitness approximation and also time series prediction)
  • Robotics (Prosthesis and also in directing manipulators)

Major Research Issues on Artificial Neural Network

  • Takes long training period
  • Complex computation [Time Consuming]
  • Ensure the development of Robust method s
  • Improve extrapolation ability
  • Data with uncertainty
  • Increase model transparency

Support for Matlab Toolbox

     To solve ANN issues we have also use the latest version of Neural Network Toolbox version 3.0. It offers the following features, including

  • New Reduced Memory [Levenburg Marquardt Algorithm also to handle large scale problems]
  • New-pre-processing and also post-processing functions
  • Newly supervised networks [Probabilistic and also Generalized Regression]
  • New network training algorithms [conjugate gradient, two quasi-newton methods, and also to resilient back propagation)
  • Automatic creation of network simulation blocks using Simulink

Real Time Applications

  • Image compression
  • Security related applications
  • Medical image processing applications
  • Character recognition
  • System identification and also control
  • Trajectory prediction and also in vehicle control
  • Process control and natural resources
  • Pattern classification (radar systems, object recognition and also face recognition)
  • Data mining (e-mail spam filtering, also knowledge discovery in databases)
  • Sequence recognition (Speech, handwritten text recognition and also gesture recognition)

Future Applications of ANNs include

  • Integration of Fuzzy logic with ANN
  • Pulsed Artificial Neural Networks
  • Hardware specialized Artificial Neural Networks
  • ANNs allows and also improve in the following features in future:
    • Robots can see, feel and also in predict the world abnormal behavior
    • Music composition
    • Self-driving cars common usage
    • Improved stock prediction
    • Self-diagnosis of medical problems
    • And also in Handwritten documents to be automatically transformed

Current Artificial Neural Network Thesis Topics

  • Design and analysis of an intelligent flow transmitter based on artificial neural networks
  • Inter and intra channel nonlinearity compensation also in WDN OFDM coherent optical using Artificial Neural Network using nonlinear equalization
  • Empirical mode decomposition and also artificial neural network based wind turbine using fast, turbsim and Simulink
  • Artificial neural network based structural damage fault detection also for profile monitoring
  • Reduce common-mode voltage also in cascaded multilevel inverter using artificial neural network
  • Diffusion based overlay measurement also using artificial neural networks
  • Optimization and also modeling of tensile strength and also yield point on a steel bar using ANN

We have provided a few major aspects of Artificial Neural Networks. But we explore beyond the student’s level, which can make them stand in the field of research. We fully served with a research perspective, and our guidance and assistance make our students Expert. Create your own style in research; let it be unique also intended for yourself and yet identifiable for others.