Image Processing Thesis Ideas

Image Processing Thesis Ideas

     Image Processing Thesis Ideas gives you a way to write your thesis in Image Processing. Our service is completed for over ten years, and also today, we stand as the best supporter for students in the field of image processing. Today, we also served in 120+ countries; we had our experts to support us from the topic/idea selection to the end of the final stage.

We have 150+ top experts working on Image-based thesis ideas and applications. Over the service of more than ten years, we have successfully built a 1000+ Image Processing Thesis for students from all over the globe. Our Image Thesis Ideas defines a unique convergence of knowledge and computation. Image Processing is the evergreen research field due to the rise of computation, research breakthroughs, and outstanding user-oriented design features. If you are looking for your Thesis Ideas, approach us through our online and offline services.

Processing Thesis Ideas

   Image Processing Thesis Ideas startup for students and research scholars those who seeking ideas for their thesis.Our organization is one of the world’s leading companies as well as a powerhouse of technical and scientific innovation.  Nowadays, image processing is working in all major fields like medical applications, military applications, agriculture-based applications, etc.  Our organization is one of the world’s leading companies as well as a powerhouse of technical and scientific innovation. Our experts are also interested in image processing, computer vision, video game technologies, and computer-based simulations. In order to prepare an image processing thesis, we should be aware of the thesis structure. For this, we also concentrate more on this phase.

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Image Processing Operations and Functions

  • Curve fitting
  • Data plotting
  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Matlab Transforms
  • Linear and nonlinear functions
  • Input and output functions
  • Numerical functions
  • Signal processing functions
  • And also in Statistical functions

Image Collection

  • Medical imaging (CT, MRI, PET-CT, and also in Ultrasound, etc.)
  • Support images in 2D, 3D, 4D and also 5D formats
  • Face databases (SC face, Face-Scrub, Jeffie, Casia and also Yale)
  • Iris databases (Casia database, and also UTRIS cross spectral iris image data-bank)
  • 3D datasets (Meissdor (Skull), Big Band, and also CAESAR)
  • Surveillance images (SPEVI, Scouter, and also in Open-visor)
  • Fingerprint datasets (FVC, and also in NIST datasets)
  • Gesture and Hand images (Yale human Grasping dataset and also Hand Net)

Image Processing Software

  • Vector Graphics Editing Tools: Corel Draw and also in Adobe Illustrator
  • Consumer Photo Tools: Windows Paint, also using Photoshop Elements, Picassa, ACDsee, Picassa and also in XV
  • Bitmap Editing Tools: Macormedia Fireworks and also in Adobe Photoshop
  • Matlab Tools: OpenCV, Mu-Pad, Simulink, Compression Tools, List of mathtools, also using Image Magick, IPL, Python Imaging Library and also in Vl-feat
We can develop your Image Processing Projects in the following areas
  • Digital signal processing
  • Data mining
  • Pattern recognition and also in machine learning
  • Statistics and probability
  • Set theory
  • Partial differential equations
  • Visual data communication
  • Image sensing applications
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Remote image sensing
  • Surveillance monitoring
  • Multimedia Retrieval

Algorithms Used in Image Processing

Contrast Enhancement

  • Histogram Equalization
  • Adaptive Histogram Equalization

Half Toning and Dithering

  • Ordered dithering
  • Error diffusion
  • Riemersma dithering
  • Floyd Steinberg dithering

Feature Detection

  • Canny Edge Detector
  • Hough Transform
  • Generalized Hough Transform
  • SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform)
  • SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features)
  • And also in Marr-Hildreth Algorithm

Edge Detection

  • Marr-Hildreth Edge Detector
  • Shen-Castan Edge Detector
  • Canny Edge Detector

Image Segmentation

  • Region Growing
  • Random Walker Algorithm
  • Watershed transformation

Compression and Coding

  • Huffman coding
  • Chain codes
  • Run length encoding

Color Image Processing

  • Color-saturation correction
  • Color tint correction
  • True color display
  • RGB and YIQ color model
  • And also in HIS color model

List of Image Processing Thesis Ideas

  • Centralized collaborative sparse unmixing application also for hyper spectral images
  • Urban areas subpixel mapping also using Multioutput support vector regression
  • High resolution satellite imagery also using dictionary group learning
  • Content image retrieval on SAR images also using relevance feedback and fuzzy similarity
  • Hyperspectral image superresolution also using Transfer Learning
  • Deep learning also based hyperspectral image classification method
  • Conditional label dependence with weak labeled active learning also for multi label image classification
  • N-dimensional exponential signals also based on Hankel Matrix Nuclear Norm Regularized Tensor Completion
  • Differential evolution algorithm also for visual tracking framework