Graduation Projects Communication Engineering

Graduation Projects Communication Engineering

  Graduation Projects Communication Engineering provided by us for bachelors and masters students. Our experts specialized in electronics and communication and we have nearly developed 1000+ projects on both domains. Communication engineering based projects are really too hard and so expensive in current days. But we great full to support your communication based projects with errorless outcome. Digital communications and modulations, VHDL language for designing electronic digital chips, and microcontroller and microprocessors (x86) are the current research areas in communication engineering.

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Graduation Projects Communication Engineering:

  Graduation Projects Communication Engineering is given to electrical and electronics communication stream students with the aim of creating a path in the minds of students whose expertise in the research field often unlimited. Practical support is highly required rather than studying theory so we conduct workshop and world class programs for our students. By this approach our students think and fly over the sky. We are working with this field for the past 10 years which speak our knowledge and expertise in graduate projects in communication engineering. Whenever you develop projects in any domain, three factors are necessary: man power, time and money. But when you come to us, you need not worry about those things because offer projects with affordable prices, and a team of experts support you and deliver your project in on time. Due to our vast knowledge and experience, we have shared our few project ideas which are important in current aspects. Let’s see about top ideas in communication engineering,

List of Top Ideas for Graduation Projects Communication Engineering:

  • MLC: Magnetic Levitation Circuit
  • Anti-collision system for railway applications
  • 8051 micro controller for digital code lock and keypad
  • GSM for Intelligent Load Shedding
  • Advanced Wireless Earthquake Alarm System using GSM
  • Autonomous car parking system using GSM
  • 2-Axis solar tracking system using micro controller
  • Multi-coprocessor system for using mobi-cops
  • Green house environment monitoring and control
  • Power management for processors and FPGAs
  • High Quality UV/IR LEDs
  • Fully autonomous flying robot.
  • Content addressable memory design using VLSI
  • RFID enabled Android application

General Project Ideas for Your Graduation Projects Communication Engineering:


  • BGP/OSPF routing
  • Network Simulation
  • Network Management
  • Network Design
  • IP recovery
  • Multi-hop routing
  • Delay packets evacuation

Mobile and wireless communication:

  • WiMAX/ LTE
  • GSM/LTE-A/VoIP/3G/4G/5G
  • Radio Resource Management
  • Mobility Management
  • Ad hoc Network Systems
  • Radio Network Planning

Embedded systems:

  • DSP based systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Base band transceivers
  • Microcontroller and microprocessor based systems
  • Arduino based communication systems
  • FPGA and NetFPGA enabled systems
  • Rasperry Pi based communication system

  If you need more assistance from our experts, directly approach us with any kind support. Students from any specializations can come to us select your ideas, start to implement with our great knowledge and take projects on your hands.


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