Projects on Cloud Computing

Projects on Cloud Computing

     Projects on Cloud Computing provide you variety of innovative ideas to enhance your research career successfully. We have 5000+ happy customers from all over the world and provide high end supports through 120+ branches worldwide. Our world-class developers and experienced professionals are grouping together to form a research team to support research scholars and students. 

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Projects on Cloud Computing Help Online Cloud Computing

     Projects on Cloud Computing offer you novel and creative ideas to shine your academic career.We encourage and motivate the student in the field of cloud computing to equip their knowledge in it. We provide quality projects for research scholars and students with optimum cost in a stipulated time. Our ultimate aim is to improve their academic grades through our quality of cloud computing projects.

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We have represented some of the major simulators and our major support in cloud computing for your review,

Cloud Services we Offer

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) [Google app engine, windows azure]
  • Data Storage as a Service (dSaaS) [Dropbox, mobileme]
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) [amazon web services, Gogrid]
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) [Google, ZOHO]

Recent Research Topics in Cloud-Computing

  • Mobile cloud computing
  • SDN Cloud Computing
  • Green cloud computing
  • Virtual Machine Placement

             -Live Migration

             -VM Schedule

  • Inter-Cloud, Meta-Cloud
  • Optimization
  • Security & reliability
  • Standard
  • Green IT

Our Support for Mobile Cloud-Computing Simulation

  • Virtualized server hosts simulation
  • The allocation of hosts to virtual machines using user defined policies
  • Large scale cloud computing data centers simulation
  • Energy aware computational resources simulation
  • Modeling and simulation of federated clouds
  • Supply- demand matching simulation support
  • Data centre network topologies and message passing applications simulation

Our Support for SDN Cloud Simulation

  • SDN privacy and security
  • Parallel computation and also applications
  • Internet of Things (IoTs)
  • Cloud based software defined networks
  • 5G in software defined cloud networking
  • Software defined cloud based sensor networks
  • Software-defined mobile cloud computing
  • Software defined service networking
  • Software-defined cognitive radio networking
  • Software defined IoT cloud systems
  • SDN and cloud based wireless body area network
  • Task scheduling issues and also load balancing in cloud

Our Support for the Green Cloud Simulation

  • Green cloudlet network
  • Wide area network
  • Controlling ground surface and also subsurface warming
  • Cloud of things
  • Human-cloud integration
  • 5G cellular networks
  • Mobile edge computing
  • Vehicular Ad-hoc networks
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Big data and also cloud computing

Cloud-Computing Simulators

  • Unique feature of CloudSim is also federated policy support
  • Open source simulator which is also written in java
  • Core of grid simulator is also using to build event driven simulator
Cloud Analyst:
  • Consolidated technology and also ease of extension with offer customizable graphical user interface
  • Used to simulate the performance of large scale distributed cloud applications also based on CloudSim
Green Cloud:
  • Cloud networking using specially designed also for energy aware environment
  • VM Migration and also supports virtualization
  • Extending NS2 also for open source packet level simulator
  • Cloud computing system also using simulation platform
  • C++ is the base programming language
  • Customizable POSIX, GUI based API and also adapted MPI library support
Network CloudSim:
  • Application between communication elements also in various network elements
  • It is the extension of CloudSim which is also written in java
  • Rely on CloudSim and also automated emulation environment
  • Provide both emulator and also simulator of cloud environment capabilities support
  • Java is the base programming language
  • Provides own definition also for error behaviors – GroudEntity [Unique feature]
  • Both grid and also cloud computing environment which is discrete event simulator
  • Combination of cloud and also grid simulator
  • Centralized management system with simulates data centre and higher scalability issue, it neglects data centre network topology
  • IAAS model simulator also in virtual data centre
  • Used to Mobile cloud application model also for running in mobile devices
  • Mobile cloud computing applications can also be done by it
  • Supports system modeling and also behavior of smart mobile device components like resource provision, dynamic processing management policies and also intensive mobile application modeling for SMD
  • Support for the simulation of map reduce tasks and also big data processing based on CloudSim simulator
SPECI [Simulation Program for Elastic Cloud Infrastructure]:
  • Built with SimKit which is also developed by java
  • Used to simulate the behavior and also performance of data centres, it is discrete event simulator
  • Inter cloud scheduling using inter cloud meta scheduling algorithm
  • SimJava package is also used for built discrete event simulator
  • Exchanging services between different cloud data centers also to enhance quality of service towards federated cloud
  • Scalable and also lightweight simulation environment to analyze the network allocation capacity policies [Network performance and host capacity allocation]
  • Used to simulate the instability caused due to the heterogeneous nature of cloud computing, failure during task execution and also dynamic changes due to runtime factors.
  • Provides security features like authorization and also authentication which extension of iCanCloud simulator
  • Extension of CloudSim which is also complex event processing simulator
  • Under different load conditions which is also used to simulate queries in heterogeneous cloud environments

Other Simulation Tools

  • Openstack
  • Open-mobster
  • Opennebula
  • Euclayptus
  • Omnest
  • Virtual cloud
  • MDCSim
  • NS2 and also NS3
  • SDMSim
  • ONE and also SUMO

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