Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects

Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects

          Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects provides you solutions for your final year academic projects. MATLAB Simulink is a powerful tool specially designed for Electrical Projects due to its problem solving and advanced functionalities.   Our experts have over ten years of experience in Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects development. They worked on numerous projects, including robotics, aerospace applications, and digital communication systems.

For the past ten years, we have served nearly 5000+ Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects worldwide. Students in today’s world do not want to take in a project on Electrical Engineering since they lose interest in problem-solving and analysing the software packages.

Due to this, we offer a Project-based Learning Training Program for students to solve the problems. However, we provide a deeper understanding of the project concepts that can be promoted if students were writing their code on their own and then the circuits simulate in MATLAB Simulink.

Electrical MATLAB Projects

           Electrical MATLAB Simulink Projects are essential for beginners to do their final projects from their own. We are an ISO 9001.2000 certificate institution where we have more than 150+ world-class electrical engineers who served the students to reach their dream destination.

Till now, we have served 10,000 students from all over the world, and we received positive feedback for our quality works. We have mentioned below, very important aspects are available in the Matlab Simulink, which will be useful while developing your Simulink Projects. So, let’s gets started your Simulink Projects with us.

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MATLAB for Electrical Projects Simulation

          MATLAB Simulink is an application of the software package which is used for electrical circuit design. There are a number of simulation tools and toolboxes are available in Simulink that are listed below for designing complex projects

Simulation Tools Used in Simulink

  • Sim-Driveline
  • SimRF
  • Sim-Electronics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Sim-Events
  • SimBiology
  • Sim-Mechanics
  • And also SimHydraulics

Toolboxes Support in MATLAB

  • Computer vision system toolbox
  • Control system toolbox
  • Antenna toolbox
  • Neural network toolbox
  • Phased array system toolbox
  • Robust control toolbox
  • DSP system toolbox
  • Model based calibration toolbox
  • Communication system toolbox
  • Model predictive control toolbox
  • System identification toolbox
  • Audio system toolbox
  • Robotics system toolbox
  • Wavelet toolbox
  • Signal processing toolbox
  • RF toolbox
  • And also in Aerospace toolbox

Recent Research Areas in Electrical Simulink

  • Current and voltage
  • Parallel DC circuits
  • Series DC circuits
  • Network theorems
  • Basic elements and also blocks in Matlab Simulink
  • Resistance
  • Power, energy and also ohm’s law
  • Nodal and mesh analysis
  • Alternating sinusoidal waveforms
  • Resonance and also power
  • Transformers and also polyphase systems
  • AC circuits networks theorems

Current Project Ideas in MATLAB Simulink

  • DVB-T2 System Modeling and also Simulation
  • Gas Turbine Fault Detection
  • Sinusoidal PWM of AC signal Analysis
  • 3-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter
  • 3 Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverted
  • 3-Phase Capacitor Clamped Inverter
  • 3 Phase Asynchronous Machine Starting
  • 3-Phase Synchronous-Machine-Control
  • 3 Phase Synchronous Machine Governor Control Design
  • 3-Phase Asynchronous Wind Turbine Generator
  • DC Motor Control and also in Electric Engine Dyno
  • IPMSM Torque Control and also Velocity Control

Current List of Simulink Projects Topics

  • Three phase three level NPC PWM rectifier of Model predictive direct power control also using Virtual Flux
  • Mine production unit switching overvoltage simulation and also modeling using Matlab Simulink
  • Design a new micro grid system also with high gain coupled inductor SEPIC converter
  • Hybrid active power filter also based power quality improvement
  • Circuit breaker microprocessor trip unit simulation model imitation
  • Matlab Simulink based Modeling and also control of Open Loop Stepper Motor
  • Low blocked voltage and also reduced number of controlled devices using switches based symmetric cascaded multilevel inverter
  • Armature controlled system design of DC motor and also Simscape Physical Plant System simulation modeling comparative analysis
  • PV Hybrid Renewable Power Generation and also Grid Connected Battery Storage Wave Energy Modeling
  • Methods for application of noise stability at control and also information systems
  • Tracking error minimization also using reference frame transformation in Multi-loop control of UPS inverters
  • Reduced switching frequency also with multi-input switched capacitor DC-DC converter of prediction control