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Advanced Research Topics in Scilab

  • Analyze CFD-FEM Steel Structures
  • Simulate Inventive EES (Electrical Energy Storage) Receiver
  • Class Catamaran Numerical Optimization Procedure
  • Tri-Axial Accelerometer also to Estimate Gait Independence
  • Chromatin Condensation and also Sperm Morphometry
  • Local Rainfall Prediction System
  • Anti-Synchronization Identical Chaotic Systems
  • Simulate Morphodynamic Problems
  • High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification System
  • Detect Automatic Fabric Fault also Based on Digital Image Processing
  • Predict Truss Geometry also from Topology Optimization
  • Simulate Anaerobic Digestion
  • Pedagogical Mini-Games with also Hybrid Course
  • Reversed Flow Inverse Gas Chromatography
  • Shallow Water Coastal Engineering Applications
  • Transport Intensity Equation also Based Multi-Modal Microscopy
  • Saint-Venant Hydraulic Network Model

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Projects in Scilab

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..” ” Scilabcross-platform form mathematical computation package for engineering and scientific computing which is also quite similar to Matlab. Scilhigh-level level programming language provides interpreted programming environment used for dynamic typing, matrix based computation and automatic memory management””. Here, we also mentioned some of the important components in Scilab.    


Primary Scilab Tools

  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Toolbox
  • Markov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox
  • Sound File (also in Sndfile) Toolbox
  • Scilab-Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Scilab Image Processing Toolbox
  • Scilab-Video Processing Toolbox
  • SCilan Wavelet Toolbox
  • And also in Scilab Digital Image Processing Toolbox

Major Operations in Scilab

–Matrix Operations:

  • Real and also Complex Matrices
  • Resizing Matrices
  • Matrices Format
  • Element also by element Operations etc.

–Elementary Matrices:

  • Logarithmic Spaced Vector
  • Toeplitz Matrix
  • Generate Square Wave
  • Also in Diagonal Extraction etc.

–Radix Conversions:

  • Convert from

                    -Binary to Decimal

                    -Base B to Decimal

                    -Decimal to Hexadecimal

                    -In-Decimal to Octal

                    -Also in Decimal to Binary etc.

–Trigonometric Operations:

  • Matrix Hyperbolic Inverse Cosine
  • In-Matrix Hyperbolic Inverse Sine
  • Matrix Hyperbolic Inverse Tangent
  • Compute Element Wise Cosecant
  • Also in Compute Element Wise Secant etc.

–Logarithm and also Exponential Power Operations

–Search, Set and also Sort Operations

–File Operations:

  • Change Scilab Existing Directory
  • Gets Directory from Filenames
  • Return Directory Separator also for Existing Platform etc.

–Vector Operations

–Complex and also Bitwise Operations

–Discrete Mathematics:

  • Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)
  • Factorial Function
  • Least Common Multiple (LCM)
  • Rational Approximation also in (Floating Point) etc.

–Symbolic Operations:

       For your better reference, we early pointed very few Scilab tools and operations. We also not only provide Scilab projects. We always provide complete guidance for PhD thesis preparation, journal preparation and also publication, conference paper preparation, assignment preparation, etc. For future guidance, you can approach our branch.