Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics

Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics

    Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics provided by us for young scholars and budding students.We have current trend technical teams who have the knowledge in current trends of all research fields. Our organization has followed a unique approach to serve final-year students and research scholars. We are the world’s number one institute where we employed 150+ World-class engineers who have received their doctoral degrees at the world’s top universities. Our services and offers are consistently standing us the world number one rather than others. We are proud to say that our successful journey comes across with ten years, and we nearly served 5000+ students around the world. For more information about our Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics, you can contact any one of our branches.

MATLAB Research Project Topics

   Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics is a hot topic seemed by students and scholars from various countries.Communication MATLAB research fields include wireless mobile and PCS communication, Speech recognition and Synthesis, pattern recognition, image processing, remote sensing, wide area computer networks, and multimedia communications. Our ongoing research extends from a diversity of disciplines in the field of Communication. We also support various toolboxes and tools for students to make their projects their own. In that, We also provide valuable information and mold the younger generation to reach their pinnacle of success. If you also want to be part of us, call us at any time and anywhere. We have a 24/7 online service for students.

Our Research Team save time and eliminate steps by the following reasons:

  • Streamlining verification and testing with the help of MATLAB Simulink
  • Models reuse option speed up the design iterations and also next generation of communication projects.
  • Algorithm concepts proving done during simulation and also over the air tests
  • Optimizing and exploring system behavior with models includes antenna elements, RF, and also in digital
  • Automatic code generation [C/HDL] for implementation and also  prototyping
  • Design problem elimination before start implementation process

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Research Areas in Communication

Core Research Areas in Communication:
  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile Telecommunication
  • 5G Networks
  • Cooperative communications
  • 4G LTE, LTE-A, LTE-U and LTE-D
  • Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things
  • Light Fidelity
  • Cellular Networks
  • Convex optimization
  • Millimeter wave MIMO
  • Multi-tier communications and also in HetNets
  • Full duplex communications
  • Green Communications
  • And also in CAN network communication
Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio:
  • Mobility modeling and also in estimation
  • Dynamic spectrum access technologies
  • Reliable Communication also in Unlicensed Band
  • Spectrum shaping and also in sensing
  • User awareness estimation and also user context
  • Real time channel parameters estimation
  • Spectrum sharing and MIMO technique
  • Partial and also in fully projection technologies

Digital Base band Signal Processing Systems:

  • Signal Identification
  • Channel detection and also in estimation
  • User and also in signal parameters
  • Interference cancellation
  • Multiuser detection

Digital Signal Processing:

  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Speech Signal Processing

Data Communication:

  • Automatic classification of periodic and also chaotic series
  • Logic design also using Nonlinear Maps
  • Chaotic Computing

Heterogeneous Networks:

  • Mobility issues
  • Resolving load balancing
  • Multi-tier and flexibility networks
  • Applicable to D2D Communication
  • Maximum spectral efficiency
  • And also in Utilizing spectrum resources

Power line communication and smart grid system:

  • Impulse interference cancellation
  • Power line channel modeling
  • Narrowband interference
  • Efficient digital baseband algorithm design

Aeronautical Communication:

-High Altitude Platforms

    • Handling Mobility Issues
    • Doppler Spread
    • Exploiting channel also for effective radio and network design

Vehicular Communication:

-Vehicle to vehicle and also Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication

    • Tracking applications
    • Radio parameters estimation
    • Doppler handling
    • Mobility issue design mobility models
    • MAC Design and also Adaptive Physical Layer Design

Underwater Acoustic Communication:

  • Channel modeling
  • High data rates
  • Interference cancellation
  • Interference avoidance

Ultra wide band [UWB] Communication Systems:

-Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based UWB design

-Channel estimation also in Impulse radio based UWB systems

-Modulation Techniques:

    • On/off keying
    • Pulse amplitude modulation
    • Binary phase shift keying
    • Pulse shape modulation
    • And also in Pulse position modulation

Supported Tools and Toolboxes:

  • Vehicle Network Toolbox Simulink
  • Support for CAN BUS Interface Devices
  • Communication System Toolbox
  • TVAPM and VIRTEX also for Underwater Communication

Latest Communication MATLAB Research Project Topics

  • High altitude platforms communication system performance replication also through MATLAB
  • Future mobile communications also in filter bank multicarrier modulation schemes
  • Multiple incumbent transmitters also for cooperatively learning footprints using cognitive radio networks
  • 2D surface mapping using wireless network also for mine detection
  • Feedback and also integrating visual guidance also for an industrial robot applications
  • Self-tuning fuzzy PID controller real time implementation also for FOPDT system based on STM32 micro controller
  • Modular and also functional organization of planning subsystems also with partial uncertainty also for the 2D space


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