Contiki CoAP Tutorial Code offer you research based projects in order to successfully accomplish your academic career. Students from any stream (CSE, ECE, IT, etc.) can approach us for any support like domain selection, topic selection, project report writing, and novel idea preparation.  We have 200+ experts who completed their PhD degrees from the world’s top universities. CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) is a standard web-based protocol that supports a constrained environment. It is useful in implementing machine-to-machine applications like smart building automation and smart energy application.

Let’s think why we use CoAP Protocol for Contiki Projects?
  • It provide multicast support
  • Easy to use for memory constrained environments
  • Very low overhead
  • It provide built-in resource discovery
  • Support for asynchronous message exchanges
  • Support for dynamic loading and unloading of services
  • Machine-to-Machine support
  • DTLS Security (SSL/TLS for Datagrams)
  • Support low power sensor devices

CoAP Tutorial Code

      Contiki CoAP Tutorial Code is now opening to offer latest services for many students. We have world-class project developers who develop projects in your specified way. Over the past eight years, we develop Contiki CoAP projects, but we have 15+ years of experience developing Contiki projects since it was released in 2003.

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Future Research Directions using CoAP
  • Android phones development also for microcontroller controlling
  • Building IoT Arduino based Applications
  • Distributed video streaming in WSN
  • WoT (Web of Things)
  • Web Interfacing also with Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Secure application development also using Cryptography Techniques
  • Data access control policy development
  • Embedded systems (Raspberry Pi, and also Arduino toolkits)


Title: Agriculture sensor network monitoring (Agricultural field network and also monitoring network)

  • Different types of sensors are used

                    -Actuators (leds and also toggle)

                    -Onboard sensors (light, humidity and temperature)

                    -Soil sensors (electrical conductivity, soil temperature and also VWC)

  • Embedded systems

                     -Rasperry Pi


  • Contiki (6LoWPAN stack)
  • CoAP proxy acts as a Gateway
  • Methods used – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, also OBSERVE

Current Research Topics for Contiki CoAP Projects

  • Implementation of IoT Healthcare Applications also using CoAP Protocol for Web-based Health Monitoring
  • Building Smart Home Applications using CoAP Protocol also for Security Feature Enabled Smart Home Applications also in Internet of Things
  • Design of Novel Control Plane based on CoAP Protocol also for Software Defined Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Image Processing Technique also based Automated Smart Sericulture System using Contiki-6LoWPAN
  • A Secure M2M Communication Analysis also based on DTLS under Wireless Sensor Networks
  • IoT based Water Management Application Development under the Experiment of 6LoWPAN-Contiki also using CoAP protocol
  • CoAP protocol based IoT Networks also for Mobility Management of Proxy Mobile IPv6 Protocol
  • An Extension of CoAP Context Aware Framework also for Discovering Smart IoT Objects
  • CoAP Enabling to the Swarm also for the Internet of Things: A Transparent Interception of CoAP-HTTP Proxy
  • CoAP Protocol for Real-Time Device Control and also Monitoring in Public IoT Networks