Contiki Cooja Simulator Tutorial Code provides worldwide service for students by our scholars. Contiki OS is portable to different types of processors. We are tie-up with top universities and colleges to offer Contiki Cooja Simulator Projects.    Most platforms often use Texas Instruments MSP-430 and Atmel Atmega Series of Micro Controllers. Cooja Simulator is a Java-based application network simulator also with GUI (Graphical User Interface based on Java’s Swing Toolkit). It is comprised of two emulator software packages: Avrora and MSPSim. Our domain experts have 10+ years of experience in implementing Contiki Cooja Simulator Projects.

Cooja Simulator uses Avrora

             -Emulation of Atmel AVR-based devices

Cooja Simulator uses MSPSim

             -Emulation of T1MSP430-based devices

Cooja Simulator Tutorial Code

     Contiki Cooja Simulator Tutorial Code is intended for Bachelors and Masters Engineering students, who wish to do projects or making applications using Cooja Simulator. Commonly we use MSP430 microcontrollers for Contiki Cooja Simulator Projects. Due to this MSPSim software package is specially designed for wireless sensor networks. We implement our own idea (novel concept) also for individual students. Besides, we provide complete assistance also for research scholars pursuing PhD, MS, and Mphil.

“Unity is Strength!!!!

 When there is teamwork and collaboration,

Wonderful things can be achieved”.

We can emulate Cooja simulator for multiple platforms include

  • ESB
  • MicaZ mote
  • Zolertia Z1 mote
  • TelosB/Sky mote
  • Wismote

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Our Final Year Project Deliverables

  • List of latest topics (Topic Selection)
  • Base paper (IEEE Transaction paper)
  • Implementation Plan (Software/Hardware Specifications)
  • Literature Review (20+ Reputed IEEE Papers)
  • Customized Project Report (As per University/College Format)
  • Project Training (Subjects/Programming Languages)
  • Final PPT (Review-wise Presentation)
  • Complete Source Code, Demo Video, Screenshots also with Explanation
  • Project Completion Letter/Certificate from ISO 9001.2000 Certified Company

Most Trendy Topics for Contiki Cooja Simulator Projects

  • Implementation of IPv6 Routing Protocol in Contiki Cooja Simulator for Low-Power and also Lossy Networks
  • Performance Evaluation of LEACH and CTP Protocols also for Structural Healthcare Monitoring Systems using Contiki Cooja Simulator
  • Enhanced Routing Metrics also for Energy Constrained IoT devices under Contiki Cooja Simulation also for Low-Power and Lossy Networks
  • Developing Delay Sensitive Applications also for Duty Cycle Sensor Networks using Structure Free Aggregation
  • A Novel Approach Design also for Internet of Things in a Lightweight Secure DTLS Scheme
  • Extending RPL Performance in IoT by Adaptive Time Model also for Routing and Data Aggregation
  • A New Technique also for Zolertia Z1 Energy Usage Simulation under Contiki Cooja Simulator
  • Developing Realistic Directional Antenna Suite also for Contiki OS Cooja Simulator
  • Analysis of CoAP based Service Discover Model under Energy Constrained IoT networks also using Contiki Cooja Simulator
  • A Novel Approach for Key Management Routing Scheme using ACO also for Improving Data Collection and Security in WSN