Data Mining Dissertation Topics

Data Mining Dissertation Topics

        Data Mining Dissertation Topics are our enhanced service offered to enlighten young minds. Today data mining is a highly sought after topic as if it is an ever fresh domain that offers a possibility to explore and enlighten ourselves. It is the home of important Computer Science concepts such as Data Mining.

We live in a world that accepts English as the universal language of communication, and we heavily rely on it. Automatic text summarization, crossword generation, information retrieval, and machine translation are a few examples on which data mining dissertation topics can be based on.Consequently, We also have designed a user-friendly website that offers you all sorts of information regarding data mining dissertation topics. You can refer to it and benefit from it.

Dissertation Topics

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Research Issues in Data Mining

  • Semantic distance
  • Natural language interfaces meant also for search engines
  • Disambiguation of meaning
  • Retrieval of video of audio
  • Wordnet for various language can also be developed
  • Semantic tagging
  • Categorisation and also in structuring of documents
  • Translation applications
  • Language teaching
  • semantic disambiguation of concepts
  • Classification and clustering
  • Miscellaneous algorithms
  • Data dimension reduction
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Mining massive datasets

Some of the Data Mining Tools 

  • Dictionaries
  • Thesauri
  • Corpora
  • Directories
  • Wordnet
  • Weka
  • Rattle
  • RapidMiner
  • Mahout machine learning library

 These tools are a helpful bonus for users who struggle to cope up with vastness of language……

Latest Data Mining Dissertation Topics

  • IGBT based power converters and also mission critical analysis for hoist systems mining
  • Radicalization risk measuring in social networks also using data mining techniques
  • Data mining approach also for proactive radio resource optimization with margin prediction
  • Comparative study analysis also for Data pre-processing in IoT
  • Log and Auc loss optimization also using impure decision trees
  • A new mobile framework Speech2Health also for Dietary monitoring based on spoken data
  • Formal and responsive design process also based on fuzzy classification context
  • General GPS trajectories also based multiple route choices visual analysis

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