Data Mining Topics for Project

Data Mining Topics for Project

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Let’s explore about Data Mining,

 …“Data mining is a process of attaining useful data from large pool sets for analysing, discovering, exploring and building”. Data mining models can be used for various application scenarios such as:  probability and risk analysis, forecasting, sequences finding, recommendations, and grouping.

Key stages involving in Data Mining:

  • Data Pre-processing
  • Feature Extraction
  • Feature Selection
  • Feature Weighting
  • Discretization
  • Generation of Prototype
  • Instance Selection
  • Data Classification

Filtering Techniques:

  • Function of filter include swap attribute values filter, Numeric Transform filter, Delete filter, Select filter, Replace Missing values filter, Add filter, Merge Attribute filter, Nominal to binary filter.
  • It is used specifically for Normalisation, transforming, Combing, resampling and transforming attributes.

Classification Techniques:

  • Logistic regression
  • Multi-layer perceptron’s
  • Gradient Boosted Decision Trees
  • Naïve Bayes Algorithm
  • Kernel Principal Components Analysis

Clustering Schemes:

  • Cobweb
  • K-Means Algorithms
  • First farthest
  • Maximisation of expectation
  • X-Means Algorithms
  • Fuzzy-C-Means
  • Spatially Constrained Fuzzy-C-Means

Support for Plugins and Tools:

Plugins Support:

  • Entropy Triangle Package
  • Pentaho Data integration with Weka
  • Pluggable evaluation metrics

Data mining Tools support:

  • IBM SPSS Miner
  • SAS EEnterprise Miner
  • R-Tool
  • RapidMiner Rapid-I

Data Mining Topics for Project

  A set of research issues and research projects are crafted and listed below especially for your reference.

  • Network anomaly detection
  • Categorisation and text mining
  • Risk mining Acquisition
  • Web mining applications
  • Sentiment analysis
  • With learning algorithm attacks can be predicted
  • By using pattern recognition attack trends can be determined
  • Advanced visualization for attack analysis
  • Software risk management
  • Big data applications
  • Using data mining for network setting
  • Creating unifying theory for data mining
  • Levelling up data stream speed

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