CFReDS Datasets
DigitalCorpora Computer Forensics Datasets
CASIA Tampered Image datasets(Note: User Login Required for Download Datasets)
RAISE Dataset:(Note: User Login Required for Download Datasets)
‘raw’ Disk Image Dataset
Glass Identification Data Set
EDRM Enron v1 Data Set
HogFly’s Memory Dumps
Image Manipulation Dataset
The Deutsche Welle Image Forensics Dataset
3D Textured Mesh Forensic Dataset
Forensic Analysis of Campus(SimAUD_OpenDatase) Dataset
Image Corpus Forensics Dataset
DSO-1 and DSI-1 Datasets (Digital Forensics)
Flickr-dog Dataset
VGDB-2016 (Painter Attribution) Dataset
RecodGait_v1 Dataset
Multimedia Phylogeny Datasets
Columbia Uncompressed Image Splicing Detection Evaluation Dataset
Seam Carving and Insertion of UCID Image
CoMoFoD – Image Database for Copy-Move Forgery Detection
Copydays Dataset
Dataset For Near-Duplicate Detection
Dresden Image Database