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If you are Dubai scholar and looking for best dissertation writer? phdtopic.com will provide ultimate results you can score high grade as we work more dedicatedly and tremendous efforts will be implied in your work.  In current years, there are various topics ideas arising on multiple domains. Within those wider fields, choosing concepts for dissertation is a major part. Here, we offer you a list of several dissertation strategies throughout many investigation areas:

Technology and Computing

  • AI and Ethics: In decision-making tasks, observe the moral consequences of AI.
  • Blockchain Applications: Similar to voting models and supply chain management, investigate the benefits of blockchain technology over crypto-currencies.
  • Cybersecurity Threats in IoT: Develop reduction plans by exploring novel attacks in the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Quantum Computing and Data Security: On recent data encoding techniques, evaluate the effect of quantum computing.


  • Smart Materials in Construction: In resistible buildings, study the usage of digital resources.
  • Advancements in Robotics: Mostly in productivity, service companies, and healthcare, the application of robotics are valuable to explore.
  • Bioengineering Solutions: The advancement of bioengineering solutions such as prosthetics or artificial organs are being discovered.
  • Sustainable Transportation Systems: Observe the renewable transportation mechanisms with its model and utilization.

Health and Medicine

  • Telemedicine during Pandemics: At the time of health issues such as COVID-19, assess the efficiency of telemedicine applications.
  • Genetic Editing: The moral, valid and ethical considerations of CRISPR and other genetic editing techniques are being described.
  • Mental Health and Digital Technology: On psychological welfare, discover the influence of smart technology and social media usage.
  • Personalized Medicine: Depending on every person’s genetic identities, research the enhancement and difficulties of preferred remedies.

Environmental Science

  • Climate Change and Agriculture: On food protection and farming yields, learn the effect of climatic variations.
  • Urban Sustainability: The strength of eco-friendly city allocating startups is being recognized.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: Within the previous grids, validate the collaboration of sustainable power sources
  • Biodiversity Loss: Study the possible preservation ideas and the factors of biodiversity loss.

Social Sciences

  • Impact of Remote Work on Society: Based on city stabilization, work-life balance and manufacturing discover the prolonging impacts of distant jobs.
  • Social Media and Political Polarization: Observe in what way political polarization and lectures are affected by social media.
  • Globalization and Cultural Identity: In regional and traditional personalities, explore the impacts of world-wide development.
  • Mental Health Awareness Campaigns: The efficiency of social psychological attention movements are being assessed.


  • E-Learning Platforms and Student Performance: According to student learning behavior, understand the effects of online education environments and their strengths.
  • Inclusive Education: In ordinary schools, research the utilization and difficulties of extensive learning.
  • Technology in Education: Similar to VR/AR in academic syllabus, investigate the combination of other evolving technologies.
  • Higher Education Policies: On the availability and standard of higher education, research the influence of government procedures.

What are some unique research topics in the field of Internet of things?

Mostly, the Internet of Things (IoT) combines different technologies and domains, and acts as a fast growing area. It provides plenty of specific research possibilities. The following are few modern and distinct topics that we consider in the IoT area:

  1. Energy-Efficient IoT Systems:
  • Less-energy IoT gadgets and networks are being developed.
  • Specifically in IoT models, we incorporate power harvesting methods.
  1. Interoperability in IoT Systems:
  • Between IoT systems and devices, it is necessary to overcome limitations of interoperability.
  • By considering the perfect combination of various IoT devices, we construct models.
  1. IoT Security and Privacy:
  • For networks and IoT devices, this topic is constructing effective safety protocols.
  • In IoT platforms, investigate confidentiality protecting data processing and gathering techniques.
  1. IoT in Agriculture (Smart Farming):
  • IoT oriented accurate farming methods are being constructed.
  • To manage and track farming ecosystems, we design IoT structures.
  1. IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI):
  • Particularly for digital IoT data analytics, we combine AI and machine learning techniques.
  • In IoT tools, constructing AI-centric forecasting management.
  1. IoT in Healthcare:
  • Creating IoT-oriented telemedicine results and distant health tracking.
  • For caring old people and nursing homes, this study develops IoT models.
  1. IoT in Supply Chain and Logistics:
  • To handle and monitor cargo practically, create IoT countermeasures in logistics.
  • By employing IoT, improving performance and clarity of the supply chain.
  1. Human-Computer Interaction in IoT:
  • In IoT structures and tools, model user convenient interactive platforms.
  • On human activity, we investigate the public and mental health effects of IoT.
  1. IoT for Smart Cities:
  • For city difficulties such as decreasing trash and controlling traffic, this research creates IoT responses.
  • By utilizing IoT methodologies, apply digital power grids.
  1. Wearable IoT Devices:
  • According to fitness, private protection and health, we explore novel wearable techniques.
  • Consider wearable IoT devices and learn power-effective patterns.
  1. Edge Computing in IoT:
  • For decreasing latency and bandwidth application in IoT, explore the duty of edge computing.
  • In IoT networks, this investigation constructs methods for edge data processing.
  1. IoT Network Protocols and Standards:
  • Constructing effective interaction protocols that are modeled for IoT networks particularly.
  • IoT interaction protocols and data structures are normalizing by us.
  1. IoT and Blockchain:
  • For scattered and safe networks, we discover the collaboration of blockchain technology.
  • Specifically, the blockchain is utilized for IoT tracking and data morality in this topic.
  1. IoT in Manufacturing (Industry 4.0):
  • Think about commercial automation and digital production, and incorporate IoT outcomes.
  • In business platforms, IoT is applied for predictive management.
  1. IoT in Environmental Monitoring:
  • To supervise ecological variables such as water cleanliness and air standard, IoT models are assistive for us.
  • For wildlife preserving and monitoring, the specific IoT applications are beneficial.

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1 . Development of a Human Body Phantom Model for Wireless Body Area Network Applications

  1. A taxonomy for learning, teaching, and assessing wireless body area networks
  2. Lifetime Enhanced Relay Selection Scheme in wireless body area networks
  3. Improving Energy Efficiency and Quality of Service in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network using Versatile Synchronization Guard Band Protocol
  4. High-Reception-Rate Transmission by Dynamic Scheduling for Wireless Body Area Networks
  5. An Experimental Study of Dynamic Capabilities in a Wireless Body Area Network
  6. Performance comparison of the different IR-UWB receivers in wireless body area networks
  7. Impact of Hub Location on the Performance of Wireless Body Area Networks for Fitness Applications
  8. Wireless Body Area Network and Healthcare Monitoring System
  9. WiFi-ZigBee Coexistence Based on Collision Avoidance for Wireless Body Area Network
  10. A Cooperative Communication Scheme for Full-Duplex Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer Wireless Body Area Networks
  11. Optimal Resource Allocation in Point-to-Point Wireless Body Area Network with Backscatter Communication
  12. Wireless Propagation and Coexistence of Medical Body Sensor Networks for Ambulatory Patient Monitoring
  13. Effects of Passive Negative Correlation Attack on Sensors Utilizing Physical Key Extraction in Indoor Wireless Body Area Networks
  14. Rate control scheme for congestion control in wireless body area networks
  15. Energy-Efficient TDMA-Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks
  16. A framework for the design of cost-effective wireless body area networks with efficient data collection
  17. Privacy enhanced data communication protocol for wireless body area network
  18. Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Applications Necessity in Real Time Healthcare
  19. Optimization of channel allocation in wireless body area networks by means of reinforcement learning