Final Year Master Thesis MATLAB Projects

Final Year Master Thesis MATLAB Projects

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Master Thesis MATLAB Projects

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Buy Final Year Master Thesis Matlab Projects Online Major Research Areas using MATLAB

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition:
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Clustering and classification
  • Deep learning
  • Transfer learning
  • Symbolic learning
  • Ensemble and also active learning
  • Pattern recognition also for Bioinformatics
  • Spectral methods and also semi-supervised learning
  • Pattern recognition also for Surveillance security
  • Pattern recognition for retrieval visualization, and also searching
  • Model selection and Temporal Models
  • Manifold learning and also in dimensionality reduction
  • Pattern recognition for cultural heritage and entertainment
  • Deep Reinforcement learning
  • Statistical and also structural pattern recognition
Medical Image Processing:
  • Augmented Reality
  • Human computer interaction
  • Natural and speech language based interaction
  • Medical image and signal analysis
  • Industrial image analysis
  • Text and character recognition
  • Computer-aided detection and diagnosis
Signal, Image and Speech Processing:
  • Texture and color analysis
  • Spoken language processing
  • Image and signal processing
  • Multichannel signal processing
  • Sensor array processing
  • Segmentation and feature descriptors
  • Compression, coding and super resolution
  • Automatic speaker and also speech recognition
Computer Vision:
  • Robotics vision
  • Graphics vision
  • Real time tracking
  • Big data and also in vision applications
  • 3D modeling
  • Biologically inspired vision
  • Remote sensing
  • Human motion capture and analysis
  • Image and video retrieval and also indexing
  • Face detection and also recognition
  • Gesture and hand recognition
  • Bio-imaging and also imaging bioinformatics
Security and Forensics:
  • Digital Watermarking
  • Steganography
  • Communication systems encoding and also decoding
  • Reversible data hiding
  • Multimedia forensics
  • Biometric identification methods
  • Cryptography methods and also techniques

Applications of Image Processing

  • Multimedia forensics
  • Mobile imaging
  • Imaging for Cultural Heritage
  • Human and computer interaction
  • Pervasive smart cameras applications
  • Content based image retrieval applications
  • Entertainment Imaging Applications
  • Medical image applications
  • Machine vision and also video surveillance
  • Media watermarking and also security
  • Camera Vision and Networks
  • Medical imaging applications
  • Traffic control systems
  • Recognition applications(Iris, face, and also in fingerprint)
  • Object detection(terrestrial and also underwater objects)

Latest Research Topics for Master Thesis MATLAB Projects

  • Algorithm acceleration using Concurrency also for Dataflow through Matlab
  • Distributed approach for Deadlock and also Collision avoidance for Multirobot systems
  • An effective scheme of Multimode Supervisory Control also for coupling remote droop-regulated microgrids
  • mmWave Large Scale MIMO systems in Hadamard RF Codebook also with Hybrid Precoding Beamforming Design
  • Context Aware Radio Access Technology Selection also for Ultra Dense Networks in 5G
  • Fuzzy logic control and also fractional order MPPT method integration using Matlab
  • Video analytics and also underwater image using Open Source Design Platform
  • Active brain sources estimation framework also using Root Music and Music
  • Extraction of the natural frequencies influencing model also in synchronous motors acoustic noise
  • Visually impaired people assisting also using Indoor Localization System
  • Luminance change and blockiness also based image quality assessment on No-reference JPEG image

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