Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects

Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects

      Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects is an overwhelmingly impressive erudite service to provide comprehensive support for students and research intellectuals to gain wondrous accomplishment in their research. We provide each and every module in the project by our mind-blowing project development team, who have15+ years of experience in IT industries. If you have any ideas about your projects, you can come and share them. We are always here to guide you in your project development phase.

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Geo-Science Sensing Projects

      Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects offer unbelievable research stadium for national & international level researchers and students to create advanced scientific generation in this real-time scientific environment. Today, we prepare hundreds of Remote Sensing Projects based on various geoscience research and applications including environmental geology, mining activity monitoring, also hydrogeology, geomorphological & geological mapping, mineral exploration, engineering geology, geohazards, etc.

Buy Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects Online Our Research Interests
  • Coal Geology
  • Glaciology
  • Geo-dynamics
  • Geology of Natural Gas and Petroleum
  • Geo-physics
  • Data Assimilation and Data Fusion
  • Physical Signatures and Modeling
  • Emerging Remote Engineering Trends
  • Airborne, Spaceborne and Terrestrial Platforms
  • Sedimentary Basin Dynamics
  • Oceanography
Advanced Concepts in Geoscience Remote Sensing
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar for Oil-Spill Pollution Remote Sensing
  • Neural Chronometry in Geophysics and Astrophysics
  • Tsunami Impact Simulation on Sea Surface
  • Speckle Reduction Using Bayesian Algorithm in Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
  • Automatic Oil Spill Pollution Detection from MultiSAR Satellite Data
  • Sorting Reliability Algorithm of ENVISAT Interferometry for 3D Coastline Deformation
Advanced Geoscience Remote Sensing Applications
  • Remote-Sensing of Ocean, Coastal Waters, Sea Ice, and Large Water Regions
  • Remote Sensing Applications and also Technologies in Urban Environments
  • Remote-Sensing for Agriculture
  • Remote Sensing of Atmosphere and Cloud
  • Atmosphere Remote Sensing
  • Hyper-Spectral Sensing
  • Environmental Remote Sensing /GIS and also Earth Resources Applications
  • High Performance Computing
  • Environmental Monitoring also Using Active and Passive Microwave Remote Senisng
  • Lidar Technology
Development Tools and Software
  • GIS: Software that encompasses a broad range of applications that also uses combination of geo referenced data and digital maps
  • BEAM: Toolbox that used also for analyzing, processing and viewing remote sensing data
  • ASF MapReady: Toolkit that accepts optical data, level 1 detected SAR data, and also single look complex SAR data
  • CloudCompare: Software also for 3D Point Cloud and Mesh Processing
  • Opticks: Open source tool/remote sensing application that supports various kinds of data like synthetic aperture radar, and also hyper-spectral, imagery, video data
  • GEOMS2: Software also for modeling geosciences and geostatistics. It provides interface between surface, point, grid, and also data objects.
  • Geopy: GIS library that used to locate the coordinates of addresses, countries, and also landmarks across the globe using some third party geocoders and other data sources
Current Geo Science and Remote Sensing Projects Titles
  • Hyper-spectral Unmixing also Using Robust Minimum Volume Simplex Analysis
  • Hyper-spectral Imagery Classification also Using Ban Weighted Support Vector Machine Method
  • An Novel Approach also for Detecting Spatial Structure and Urban Centers with Nighttime Light Remote Sensing
  • 3D Deformation Retrieval also by Multiple Aperture Interferometry Processing in Geosynchronous SAR
  • Hyper-Spectral Anomaly Detection also with an Edge Preserving and Attribute Filtering
  • Voronoi Diagram Based Uniform Tie Points for InSAR Fine Registration Algorithm
  • Surface Upward Radiation Estimation also Using Direct Physical Algorithm
  • Double Reweighted Sparse Regression and also Total Variation for Unmixing Hyper-spectral
  • Remote Sensing Image De-noising also Using Parallel Nonlocal Means Algorithm on an Intel Xeon Phi Platform
  • Integrated Recognition and also Localization in Large Scene Remote Sensing Images for Inshore Ships
  • Joint Amplitude Phase Compensation in GEO SAR Imaging also for Ionospheric Scintillation
  • Adaptive Scale Selection also for Multi-scale Satellite Images Segmentation
  • An Effective ACF Based Method also for Detect Aircraft in Remote Sensing Images
  • Gabor Wavelet Features Based Change Detection also for Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
  • Radio Calibration and also Range Accuracy of Multiple Terrestrial Laser Scanning Instruments Evaluation for Data Interoperability