How to Publish Paper in Google Scholar?

Publishing an article is the very important phase in the life of researchers, thought leaders and academics worldwide. By submitting your research paper in Google Scholar can help you to take your research world-wide. Google Scholar bridges the gap between the research works and to take the knowledge within it across the globe. The sincere research work done by the researcher with keen attention to detail can take their knowledge and work worldwide and get noticed by others in the academics field. By going through this article you can get to know about the process involved in submitting your paper to Google Scholar to prove the world that your work is not just a simple or usual thing, it is extraordinary to feed the minds of others.

Who can submit their research work to Google Scholar? All the researchers, academics, post graduate students, independent researchers, emerging scholars, professionals and practitioners, knowledge seekers also any organizations and institutions, anybody can submit their journals to it. Google Scholar is being an important accessibility throughout the world in the field of research.

How does one initiate their Scholarly Journey on Google Scholar?

Having a profile in Google Scholar is a milestone in your research journey.

=} Creating profile in Google Scholar is the base or a foundation for contributing the scholarly literature research field.

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What are the Preliminary Steps to be taken for Crafting your Google Scholar Profile?

=} Before creating a Google Scholar profile, firstly you should have an account in Google.

=} This account in Google will give you many paths to enjoy the services provided by Google which includes Google Scholar also.

=} The journey of creating your Google Scholar profile starts from here by having a Google account.

Where does one begin the Profile Creation Process?

=} By going into the website of Google Scholar you can find the portal for creating your profile in it.

=} You can see an option ‘Create my profile’ from there. By clicking it takes you to the next page for setting it up which includes crafting your personal and academic commences.

How should you populate your Profile Information?

For filling the details of your profile you should follow:

>>Name and Affiliation

=} Mention your name like how you want to show it in your citation then follow it with your current affiliation.

=} This will take your profile up among your academic community.

=} To find the best journal which suits you; go through the list of journals in Google Scholar.

>>Email Verification

=} To validate and enhance the credibility and affiliation of your profile you should provide an email id which is associated with institution of yours for verification

            >>Areas of Interest

                        =} Specify about the academic area in which you have more interest.

=} By marking this section, it will help you in connecting with peoples in your circle and can bring your work to help out others.

            >>Photo and Homepage

=} By placing a photo to your profile helps people find face of your name, and creating a link which directly takes them to know about your academic contribution can also be helpful.

Who can View your Google Scholar Profile?

You can keep your Google Scholar account either Public or Private. By keeping it Public you allow everyone to see your name and the work done by you and by keeping it private, you should give permissions for readers to view it.

How do you Add Publications to your Profile?

=} You can add article either manually or look into automatic suggestions provided with your interests and name.

=} The publications are related to your identity in academics, so be accurate in it.

What is the Finishing Touches Given to your Profile?

=} Set alerts to notify about the citation for your work, so that you can know about the reach of your research.

=} You can enable the option to recommend you articles related to your field, to know about the latest trends.

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How does one navigate the Submission Process for Google Scholar?

To submit your paper to Google Scholar index you have to fulfill every detail and understand the complete requirement of platform.

=} This journey holds many steps, if you come through all of it correctly then your work will be reached to more places.

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What is the Initial Step in Submitting a Paper to Google Scholar?

=} Google Scholar is not the actual publisher of your article it is an aggregator of articles from many different journals.

=} So, the first step toward getting identified by the Google Scholar is to submit your paper to a conference or journal.

How do you prepare your Paper for Submission?

Check the following details before submitting your paper:

=} Formatting

Format your paper based on the guidelines provided by publication, it can have specific style to do headings, layout and citation.

            =} Quality

If possible proofread your paper and get peer review to make your paper look high in quality.

            =} Metadata

Add title, keywords, bout author and abstract to your metadata, which is very important for Google scholar indexing.

Who is Responsible for the Submission Process?

The authors are responsible for their submission process they can take help from their assistants or co-authors for metadata compilation and formatting.

How do you submit your Paper to the Chosen Journal or Conference?

After you prepared your paper follow the procedure below for submission:

=} Submission Portal

Find the submission portal from their portal for submitting your journal paper or conference paper.

=} Account Creation

First you have to have an account to submit your paper to the journal.

=} Document Type Creation

Choose from the list of documents in which type you are going to submit it like article or case study or review.

=} Details Entry

Fill details such as title, author, abstract or any other details required by them.

=} File Upload

Upload your file as word or PDF document which is preferred by the journal.

=} Confirmation

After submitting your paper you will receive a conformation email from the journal to acknowledge your submission.

 What Happens after Submission?

=} After submitting your paper, review of your paper is done to check whether your paper meets all the policies of publication.

=} The review can either be an editorial review, peer review or it can be both.

=} If you receive any feedback, you have to make corrections regarding it.

=} Know about checking whether a journal has been indexed by Google Scholar or not.

The Path to Scholarly Visibility

When your paper is published by a journal and indexed in Google Scholar then that will be a great milestone in your research journey, it enhances your work significantly. You have to choose a best matching journal for your article to be published in it. if you follow all the steps mentioned above then surely you will get connections worldwide to share ideas and knowledge with more people in the respective field.