How to Write a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement?

This thesis statement is found in the introduction paragraph at last part of it. Generally it is used in order to create interest among the readers for continue reading your thesis work. This thesis statement written only covers specific audience with clearly stating the topic which is further discussed in the paper without any confusion.

Usually the thesis statement comprises of one or two lines that will state the main objective of your research and give answer for your research question. By following this, the reader can easily understand what your paper would let them know about. The content in your thesis paper will be based on the research you took.

Types of Thesis Statements

The three main types of thesis statements are: The argumentative thesis statement, explanatory thesis statement, or analytical thesis statement. You have to choose one type from these based on your paper type.

Argumentative thesis statements:

It is the commonly used type of thesis statement. If you want to prove your statement using arguments then adopt this type. It helps the writer to support their opinion when placing the argument in a debatable topic.

To structure this type of thesis statement you have to add details about your research topic, your current position and about the reason why you justify your opinion.

Explanatory thesis statements:

This statement is also known as “expository thesis statement”. It is also the popularly used type of thesis statement. This explanatory thesis statement just includes the information about the topic and key points of it. This type should be used when you use some information from an essay which can be cited in your thesis paper.

The difference between an argumentative and explanatory thesis statement is that, the explanatory type will not offer any opinion rather states the topic and its key points.

Analytical thesis statements:

This type of thesis statement is used when you are presenting an issue in your paper at the same time exploring on it. The difference between an argumentative and analytical thesis statement is that, the argumentative type is based on author’s opinion and analytical type is based on the current data of the study.

For creating an analytical thesis statement you have to include the analysis of your data and the conclusion arrives from it.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement will state the key objective of your paper and it conveys the reader what they are going to learn from this paper.

To provide a better thesis statement you have to frame it:

Concise: To create a better thesis statement the statement should not be more than two sentences. Use only appropriate words to frame it.

Contentious: Your statement should not be the one which everyone is familiar with, you should do analysis and add some extra evidence to make it unique.

Coherent: The key points which you mentioned in the thesis statement should be explained in detailed inside your paper.

Usually the thesis statement is found on the last part of introduction section of your research paper or your essay.

Step 1: Start with a Question

When you start writing your thesis, you have to make your first draft even before start writing your thesis process. If you have come out with a topic for writing your essay, then you has to decide what you want to talk about it, in the paper, this can help you with providing structure and direction for your essay.

Before start writing your paper you have to come out with a question for your essay by your own, the answer of that question will state about your findings related to your topic.

Step 2: Write your Initial Answer

You can find answer for that question when you start doing some initial search on the topic. That initial answer will serve as a guide for your writing process and research process.

Step 3: Develop your answer

Now at this stage you have to refine your initial answer to convince the readers. You have to make them feel like agreeing to your point. As days pass and you go deep through your toping and paper writing you have to add more information to your answer.

If you are writing essay about education and internet then the thesis will talk about the position you are in and the key concept of it to support your opinion. If you are writing about braille then your thesis statement should talk about the historical development related to it.

Step 4: Refine your Thesis Statement

If you want to create better thesis statement then it should explain about:

Why are you in this position?

What knowledge they can gain from your writing?

The key findings of your essay

The final thesis statement you prepare will describe your entire topic which you are going to write about and not just your position which you are holding.

General Thesis Statement Notes

The thesis statement can be divided into two parts: the topic part and the part which has analysis, assertions and explanations about topic. The type of your thesis statement depends on the type of paper which you are writing.

It is not compulsory to have a thesis statement if you are writing descriptions or narrative, but if you have any statement in the starting of your writing it will be helpful for readers to understand better.

The thesis statement should have only the key points which you will be further discussing in your paper and it should also have evidence to support it. The length of your essay paper will determine the scope and reach of your paper and also some other requirements.

Generally the thesis statement is found on the last part of introduction section of your research paper or your essay to let know the readers about what they are going to get by reading your paper.

The thesis can serve as an outline for your audience and also yourself to picture your ides even before start working on it.

When you start rechecking your paper you can also change the statement present in it. You can change your opinions which you had at starting with the current one after going through the topic. The thesis statement which you have at final should have all the necessary details which needed to be filled in the paper.

Hints for Creating a Powerful Thesis Statement

Be clear and specific:  Your thesis statement should not use any unclear words and should be very clear. The thesis statement can make your paper more organized which help people to easily understand the details. If you feel any vague in your statement then make sure to refine it.

Make a strong argument: Your thesis statement should be strong enough to provide evidence to support your argument even though you are not using an argumentative essay. Re check your essay and edit them if you have no enough information about a specific statement.

Review your thesis: Revise your thesis statement finally when you finish writing the paper, check whether the statement explains your paper correctly. Get help from your peer to review your statement.

By following these tips provided, you can create a better thesis statement with the help of these to make a more powerful, interesting and organized paper.