Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD

  Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD is our world level dedicated service to provide latest research topics for you to accomplish your ground breaking research. We have hundreds of outstanding professionals with us who have high experience in Matlab. Everyday, our brilliants are refreshed our knowledge by uptrend technologies, updated algorithms and techniques, latest version of tools and software from world’s top journals. For that reason, we can easily develop any complicated and sophisticated research using our highly innovative and creative ideas. Our Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD service is started with the aim of provide record-breaking research for our research colleagues. By this reason, we have millions and billions of happy customers from all over the world. If you want to utilize our magnificent service, you can contact us at 24/7 days.

Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD

  Latest Research Topics in Computer Networks for PhD provide highly development platform for students and research scholars to acquire more novel ideas from our dedicated experts. We offer best assistance for you to select latest research topics for your ground breaking research. We are recently completed thousands of latest research topics in computer networks for PhD. By this reason, we can develop any types of computer networking projects in any popular networking domains such as wireless sensor networks, software defined networks, internet of things, cognitive radio networks, cognitive acoustic and sensor networks,  wireless body area sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, underwater acoustic sensor networks, big data, cloud computing etc. Here, we highlighted very few advanced research for some of the popular research networks.

Advanced Research in Popular Network Research Areas:

Internet of Things:

  • Cloud, Cognitive Computing and IoT Using Big Data Analysis
  • Internet of Things and Block-chain Technology
  • Big Data Storage System Based on IoT in Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things and Talent Shortage
  • Internet of Things and Connectivity
  • IoT-A and FIWARE Based IoT and Cloud Service
  • Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Containers
  • Door Lock Controlled from Smartphone and Smart Refrigerator
  • Advanced Technologies:

 -IoT and clod Computing

 -IoT and Big Data

 -IoT and Security and Privacy

 -IoT and Distributed Computing

 -IoT and Fog Computing

 -IoT and Cognitive Computing

 –Cognitive Interactive People Centric IoT

 –Cognitive Radio IoT System

Software Defined Networks:

  • Virtual Software Defined Networks
  • SDN Infrastructures Management
  • Software Defined Network Based Network Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Software Defined Network Based Network Monitoring
  • SDN and NFV Based Cloud computing
  • SDN or NFV Approaches for High Throughput, Big Data and Low Latency
  • SDN and NFV Based Green cloud Computing
  • SDN – Network Function Virtualization (NFV)

 -SDN-NFV Support for Big Data Computing

 -SDN-NFV Support for IoT (Internet of Things)

 -SDN-NFV Support for Large Scale Storage System

 -SDN-NFV Support for 5G Networks

 -SDN-NFV Support for Cloud Based Data Center

 -SDN-NFV Orchestration

 -SDN-NFV Integration

Wireless Sensor Networks:

  • SOUNET (Self-Organized Underwater Wireless Sensor Network)

 -SOUNET Best Conventional Schemes

 –Packet Delivery Ratio

 –Network Connectivity

 –Energy Consumption Throughput

 -Underwater Communication Based Applications,

 –Tactical Surveillance

 –Disaster Prevention

 –Oceanographic Observation

 –Assisted Navigation

 –Undersea Exploration

  • IoT Based Smart Home Automation System Using WSN
  • Distributed Multicast Tree Construction in WSN
  • Two Phase Coverage Enhancing Algorithm for Hybrid WSN

 -WSN Composed Sensor Nodes which have limited resource including,



 –Processing Power


 -Important Applications in WSN,

 –Traffic Analysis

 –Disaster Management

 –Environmental Monitoring

 –Intrusion Detection

  • True Coverage Cast Scheduling in WSN
  • Blind Synchronization in WASN (Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks)

 -Estimate Recursive Sample Rate Offset (SRO)

 -Uses RBI (Recursive Band-Limited Interpolation) Algorithm

 -Complete Resynchronization Scheme with SRO Compensation Module

Support for Major Simulators:

  • NS2
  • NS3
  • QualNet
  • OMNET++
  • REAL
  • GloMoSim
  • J-SIM

Other Simulator Supports:

  • Heterogeneous Grooming Optical Network Simulator
  • NetWiser
  • ModelNet
  • Graphical Network Simulator 3
  • GTNetS(Georgia Tech Network Simulator)
  • NetScale
  • Psimulator2
  • LINE Network Emulator
  • SSFNet
  • Marionnet
  • Mininet
  • Shadow
  • PhySim
  • Shunra Virtual Enterprise
  • Cloonix
  • Traffic

 For your better understanding, we above-mentioned some of the latest research ideas and network simulators. If you are aspired to utilize our service, you approach us through phone or mail. We are waiting for your call and mail. For your best future, we always walk with you in every stage of your research. Do you want to achieve more things in your life? …….you can contact us instantly.