Master Thesis MATLAB Simulink Projects

Master Thesis MATLAB Simulink Projects

               Master Thesis MATLAB Simulink Projects is one of our best parts of the service for our young students and research scholars. MATLAB Simulink supports various systems simulation domains such as electric vehicles, smart grid, renewable energy, power electronics, aerospace, communication systems, control systems, and other wireless networks.

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Best Master Thesis Matlab Simulink Projects Online Thesis MATLAB Simulink Projects

              Master Thesis MATLAB Simulink Projects provides more information about MATLAB Simulink. MATLAB Simulink is a simulation device that contains a set of library tools to build discrete and continuous input and output simulation for multi-domain dynamic embedded systems. Our researchers worldwide research these manufacturing families to fast-track the pace of discovery, development in aerospace and automotive, electronics, and other services. Today we are working in R2017a (Release 2017a) with a new range of capabilities and functionalities in MATLAB Simulink.

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Top 20 MATLAB Simulink Projects Research Areas

  1. BeagleBone Black also with MATLAB Simulink
  2. Advanced Robotics Research
  3. Solar Panel PEM Electrolyzer
  4. FPGA with HFT potential also in MATLAB Simulink model
  5. Integration MATLAB Simulink also with RTW Embedded Coder
  6. Material Handling System
  7. 5G wireless systems to design, simulate, test and also prototype.
  8. Unipolar SPWM Inverter model
  9. Tall Array Visualization of Big data crunching and also design
  10. Control system design and analysis: SISO and also MIMO
  11. Cost reduction in FPGA/ASIC verification
  12. Hybrid 48V vehicles system evaluation
  13. Integration of Rasperry Pi also with MATLAB Simulink
  14. Video streaming verification also in FPGA/ASIC
  15. Kinect sensor also based Gesture controlled Robotic Arm created
  16. 5G wireless communications also for Hybrid Beamforming Design
  17. Interference Mitigation also in the E5a Gaileo Band
  18. Electric Vehicle power control unit
  19. MATLAB Simulink tie into Arduino hardware
  20. Most under rated FPGA design tool also with keysight add-ons
 The following lists of MATLAB toolboxes are we support for your MATLAB Simulink Projects,

Our Supported MATLAB Simulink Toolboxes and its Versions

  • Automated drive system toolbox (new R2017a)
  • Risk management toolbox (R2016b)
  • Robotics system toolbox (R2015a)
  • WLAN system toolbox (R2017a)
  • Optimization toolbox (R2017a)
  • MATLAB Compiler SDK (R2015b)
  • Database toolbox (R2015b)
  • Control system toolbox (R2015b)
  • Robust control also based in toolbox (R2015b)
  • Statistics and also machine learning toolbox (R2015b)
  • Parallel computing toolbox (R2015b)
  • MapleSim 2016.2 (R2017a)
  • LTE system toolbox (R2017a)
  • RF toolbox (R2015a)
  • MapleSim CAD also using toolbox(R2017a)
  • Phased array toolbox (R2011a)
  • Vehicle network toolbox
  • Vision HDL toolbox also in (R2017a)
  • Computer vision system toolbox (R2015a)
  • Antenna toolbox (R2015a)
  • Bio informatics toolbox(R2015a)
  • Model free adaptive control also based on toolbox (R2017a)
MATLAB Simulink Code Generators
  • Embedded Coder
  • HDL coder
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Simulink PLC coder

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