Master Thesis on Cloud Computing Projects

Master Thesis on Cloud Computing Projects

     Master Thesis on Cloud Computing Projects is one of our service that offers Master Thesis Projects for students and research scholars in the field of Cloud Computing. We provide you with a research-intensive and international interactive environment to work closely with our top research experts on your thesis topic. Our experts have strong technical and practical knowledge in all major research fields, and also we have adequate knowledge of English for your thesis/dissertation and journal papers. If you are interested in Cloud Computing Projects, contact our top experts through our online services. For local students, you can address yourself directly to our organization.

Thesis on Cloud Computing Projects

    Master Thesis on Cloud Computing Projects is one of our dedicated services mainly started with the aim of aid our students and research scholars from all over the world. We have 150+ world-class skilled professionals and technical writers who have served nearly 5000+ students across the world. We have ten years of experience in all recent research areas. Due to the applicability and growth, cloud computing is a recent research field with growing plenty of research scope. We offer complete support for Computing Projects i.e., from topic selection to final viva voce preparation. Let’s have a glance over Cloud Computing,

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     For the Master Thesis Computing Projects, cloud computing is “A technology that allows various services like data access, computation, software, and storage services without requiring end-user knowledge.” 

Most Valuable Points of Cloud Computing

  • Less Initial Investment
  • Costs Reduction
  • Actualization and new functionalities
  • Organization focused in business
  • Data access
  • Service availability
  • Data Lock-in
  • Low reliability in the security of data
  • Points of failure/low performance
  • Difficult to customize the application
  • Available always i.e. “Anywhere and Anytime”
  • Provide environmental benefits (Green)
  • Prompt elasticity and seamless support for infinite resources

Major Issues on Cloud Computing Projects

  • Satisfying users storage demands
  • Building Hybrid Clouds
  • Scheduling and Efficient Resource Management
  • Integration of Cloud computing and also Internet of Things
  • QOS on Green Clouds
  • Power consumption also in cloud
  • 5G networks and OpenMaps
  • Cloud access control and also in key management
  • Cloud cryptography and also in verifiable computation
  • Load balancing and also in energy optimization
  • Data segregation and also partitioning
  • Data back-up and also recovery
  • Integrity assurance also for data outsourcing
  • Security, privacy in multi tenancy cloud
  • Software security and also data aggregation
  • Joint security and privacy aware protocol design
  • Failure detection and also in prevention
  • Intrusion detection on cloud networks
  • Secure data management across datacenters
  • Secure cloud architecture and also trusted management
  • Computation outsourcing of virtualized resources

Research on Cloud Computing Technology

  • Microsoft Online Services [Office communications online, and also in Microsoft forefront, etc.]
  • Amazon web services [Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3]
  • Google Apps [Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk etc.]
  • Eucalyptus [Cloud Infrastructure Management]
  • Green Cloud Technology
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Telecommunication Technologies
  • Edge Computing blow away the cloud
  • AWS also with Google and Microsoft
  • Data protection on Cloud
  • Virtualization in Cloud
  • Micro Services on Cloud
  • And also in Edge Computing Vs. Cloud Computing

Next Generation of Cloud Computing

  • Operating system in the cloud [Plug and Play operating system]
  • Workflow automation and also scheduling on Multi-tenancy Cloud
  • Anomaly detection and also intrusion detection on cloud computing
  • All types security evaluations on cloud [Data, user’s, and also network, resources etc.]
  • Trust Establishment in Cloud
  • Multifactor Security Mechanisms in Cloud [e.g. Key, security devices and also user’s biometrics]
  • Time to push the Cloud computing
  • Virtualization and Service oriented architecture of hardware and also software

Cloud Computing Tools and Software

  • Cloud Simulators: WorkflowSim, MDCSim, CloudSim, and also in  RealCloudSim
  • AWS MobileHub (to build mobile apps on AWS Mobile Hub)
  • Icenium (Cloud based IDE Cross Platform)
  • Cloud9 (Cloud based IDE)
  • icanCloud (Cloud platform for simulation)
  • Codeanywhere (Runs on all major browsers)

Latest Cloud Computing Projects Topics

  • Cloud computing infrastructure also for divisible load applications using Energy Aware Task Scheduling
  • Data Remanence survey also based on cloud computing environment
  • Digital Silicon Photonics MEMS Switch of Flip Chip packaging also for cloud computing datacenter
  • Task scheduling and also joint optimal pricing in mobile cloud computing
  • Design issues, optimization and challenges of HetNets and Intercloud also for 5G based Mobile Cloud Computing
  • UAV Mounted Cloudlet also with Mobile Cloud Computing: Optimal Bit Allocation for Computation and Communication
  • Centralized Cloud Computing Vs. Mobile Edge Computing also over a Converged FiWi Access Network
  • Network Paradigm also for Mobile Cloud Computing of Predictive Offloading in Cloud Driven Vehicles
  • Optimal Workload Allocation towards Power consumption and also balanced delay in Cloud and Fog Computing
  • A case study for Earth Surface Deformation Analysis also in Cloud Computing Through Spaceborne Radar Imaging

        We also hope that the aforesaid information is adequate for your Computing Projects. Before writing your Master Thesis, We also prepare a Rough Draft for your reference, so you don’t worry about your Thesis Structure. Contact our top experts if you have any further queries regarding this.Master the Domain of Cloud Computing & Grab your Master Degree also with A+ Grade Score.