Master Thesis SDN Projects

Master Thesis SDN Projects

     Master Thesis SDN Projects offers you world class projects in the field of Software Defined Networking. Due to advances in the Internet and Information-Centric Technology, the configuration and management of mobile, social networking, multimedia becomes highly complex and time-consuming.  SDN is a new technology that is used to manage the network configuration and its services. We have nearly completed 1000+ SDN Projects for students with an only focus on current issues in SDN.

Consequently, we also offer research guidance and final year projects for students who are pursuing PhD/MS and M.Tech/B.Tech. We also have current trends updated technical team who can provide a training program for your respective research field. Today, we stand us The World’s Number One Institute with more branches in 120+ countries. In addition, To learn more about software-defined networking, you can ask help from our top experts.

Thesis SDN Projects

    Master Thesis SDN Projects offers you unique support for final year SDN Projects. Our research group is separated into various sections like Technical writers, Domain wise top experts, Language writers, Tutors (online and offline), Pseudocode writers, Project developers, Software tool developers, Proof and format readers, Plagiarism Verifiers, Paper publishers, Program organizers, and Problem solvers.  And then, Our research team intends to develop quality projects/papers/thesis for students from all over the world. Now you can also see recent information about SDN.

Best Master Thesis SDN Projects Online Most Significant Features of SDN

  • Enable Innovation
  • Emerging Reality
  • Big switch networks
  • Flexibility
  • Deliver Agility
  • Centralized Management
  • Automating Network Device Configuration
  • Compatible also with Real world SDN controllers

Recent Research Issues in SDN

  • Network Management
  • Prototype testbed to implement SDN
  • Content Distribution
  • SDN programmability
  • Network failures
  • Provenance and Reliability
  • Security and scalability
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Switch Software Compatibility
  • Controller placement and also compatibility
  • Software language

Major Research Areas of SDN

  • Network-virtualization
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Control Plane Distribution
  • Dynamic Switch slicing
  • Load balanced and also in mobility aware routing
  • Traffic aware virtual scheduling
  • DDoS attack prevention and detection
  • Resource optimization
  • Stable Design also for OpenFlow support
  • Attack Traffic classification and filtering
  • SDN-Controllers Scheduling
  • SDN OpenFlow switch Optimization (Resource)
  • DDoS Mitigation solutions
  • Machine Learning algorithms also for DDoS Attack detection
  • Counter Machine Techniques
  • Adaptive Flow Table Management
  • P2P Applications

Recent Algorithms Used in SDN

  • Dynamic-time out algorithm
  • Malware detection algorithm also in mobile devices
  • Rule caching algorithm
  • Multi constrained algorithm
  • Heuristics based algorithms also for energy optimization
  • Dynamic algorithm also for loop detection
  • Scalable routing algorithms
  • Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
  • Genetic based load balancing algorithms
  • Wavelength assignment algorithms
  • Shortest path algorithm emulation

SDN with External Hardware’s

  • Pox [Python]
  • OpenvSwich
  • Floodlight [Java]
  • NetFPGA 10G
  • ML 605
  • DE4 SDN board

Simulation Tools/software for SDN

  • NS3: Network simulator emulate an open flow environment also that written in Python or C++
  • Mininet: SDN emulation tool also used to create SDN prototype
  • CloudSimSDN: Recently developed SDN clouds tool that built top of the CloudSim
  • Estinet 9.0: Open flow network simulator and also emulator used for SDN rapid prototyping
  • FS-SDN: Fast and also accurate simulation tool also for SDN prototyping simulation
  • STS: Simulator for SDN trouble shooting
  • MaxiNet: Network emulator for SDN Distributed Emulation
  • PSIM: Open source SDN network simulator written in C/C++ or Java
  • PEERSIM: Open source and also freely available network simulator compatible with Windows and Linux

Latest SDN Projects Topics

  • System implementation and also investigation of bandwidth flexible switching for a Space Software Defined Information Network
  • A Software Defined Networking Framework also for computing and caching
  • DenseNets Traffic Offloading 3-Tiered SDN architecture
  • An active feedback mechanism also for link failure detection in software defined networks
  • Design architecture for data driven information plane also for software defined networking
  • Anonymization services also for systematic mapping in software defined networking
  • A new level of sharing of road also in the software defined vehicular cloud
  • Distributed power systems cyber security framework also in SDN
  • Software defined wireless network architecture support also for novel multipath transmission

       We also hope that you would have got an idea about Thesis SDN Projects. For further guidance or need any assistance, contact our tutors through our online services. We are also here only for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, ask any doubts or needs 24/7.