MATLAB Dip Projects

MATLAB Dip Projects

      MATLAB Dip Projects provide you latest and innovative ideas to enhance your research career successfully. We have a research team which comprised of world class developers and topmost skilled professionals to provide precise guidance for research scholars and students. And also, we have completed nearly 7000+Dip Projects for our customers from all over the world.

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     MATLAB Dip Projects offer you variety of innovative ideas to build researchers knowledge thoroughly in MATLAB. We support our research scholars and students through our Dip Projects service to offer the best digital image processing project guidance. We also allocate to our MATLAB specialized engineers for each and every student to maintain individuality to reach their destination without complexity. We mainly focused on improving our students’ and research scholars’ knowledge in MATLAB image processing to hike their academic grades and marks. Let’s see some of the important aspects in MATLAB image processing for your review,

Operations in Dip:

  • Preprocessing
  • Segmentation
  • Edge detection
  • Feature-extraction
  • Feature selection
  • Classification
  • Image-editing
  • Image restoration
  • Image-segmentation
  • Image enhancement
  • Image-measurement
  • Data hiding
  • And also in Noise reduction

Basic/Advanced Techniques in Dip

  • Linear filtering
  • Wavelets
  • Pixelation
  • Self-organizing map
  • Principal component analysis
  • Anisotropic diffusion
  • Neural networks
  • Independent component analysis
  • Partial differential equations
  • Hidden Markov models
  • Steganography, cryptography and also in watermarking
  • Gammatone filter
  • Multi-resolution motion estimation techniques
  • Phase correction techniques
  • NLARX automated model also generation in technique

Research Areas in Dip

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Digital tomography and also X-Ray fluoroscopy
  • Artificial image processing
  • Digital pathology
  • Water pollution control system
  • Mesh architecture
  • Non-contact detection system
  • Medical applications
  • Bio metric security applications
  • Dental implant placement
  • Digital image correlation
  • Scale signal analysis [Single and multiple]
  • Pattern recognition

Supported Datasets in MATLAB

  • Datasets also for digital image processing
  • Data-sets for medical image processing (5D, 4D)
  • Datasets also intended for artificial intelligence
  • Data-sets also for computer vision
  • Datasets also for machine learning
  • Data-sets for image segmentation
  • Datasets also  for recommendation systems
  • Data-sets for classification, regression and also clustering
  • Datasets also for causal- discovery
  • Data-sets also for data analysis
  • Datasets for astronomy and also multimedia
  • Data-sets also for biomedical
  • Datasets for climate
  • Pascal also for datasets
  • NASA planetary datasets
  • Leaf shapes datasets
  • Cell tracking challenge datasets
  • And also ib NOAA datasets
 Let’s see few available databases for support 2D and 3D datasets,
  • USC-DIPI image database (Aerial and Texture images)
  • Face database
  • NLPR face also database
  • Daimler database
  • Fingerprint also based on database
  • 3D RMA database
  • FRAV3D and also database
  • ISI database
  • Med-pix database
  • ESO weather satellite images
  • U Mass DARPA images
  • STARE and DRIVE database
  • Nucleotide sequences database
  • Multiply distorted image database
  • SIPI image database
  • Fabien petitcolas
  • Annotated database
  • Yale face database
  • Mouse embryo tracing database
  • Biometric database
  • Cohn-kanade AU-coded expression database
  • EURECOM facial cosmetics database
  • And also in Facetracer database

Recent Research Topics in MATLAB Dip

  • Estimating power released from the corona discharges also using digital image processing techniques
  • FRA polar plot signature also for application of digital image processing to detect transformer bushing faults and oil degradation
  • Digital image processing also for detection of malaria parasites
  • A vertically suspended optical fiber combined also with a photosensor array for 2-D wind velocity measurement
  • Specialty optical fibers using end-view image processing also based angle alignment techniques
  • Image enhancement in biomedical applications also using design and FPGA implementation of real-time hardware co-simulation
  • Fiber optic antenna remoting also using image free microwave photonic down conversion approach
  • Tone mapped HDR pictures also using large scale crowd sourced study

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