MATLAB Projects for Computer Engineering Students

MATLAB Projects for Computer Engineering Students

      MATLAB Projects for Computer Engineering Students is our major service offer for students who need our assistance for their MATLAB Projects.  . Computer Engineering is a wide range of application fields where we have numerous research scopes to explore in this field.  So we have completed 5000+ research-based MATLAB projects also for students in MAT-LAB, which makes us an expert in this field.

We also offer doctorate research opportunities for students who are pursuing PhD from all over the world. We also use top international journals (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, Science Direct, Inderscience, etc.) to update/refresh our ideas. These ideas also help our experts to develop novel projects also for computer engineering students. Are you looking for MATLAB projects? Contact us through mail or phone. We also will back to you with your complete requirements.

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Best Matlab Projects for Computer Engineering students Online Projects for Computer Engineering Students

      MATLAB Projects for Computer Engineering Students reflects our idea which share among students in the field of Computer Engineering. Over the ten years, we also work in this research field to offer valid research career paths in both software and hardware development. Generally, Computer Engineering is the integration of Computer Science and also Electrical Engineering.

It further advancements in computer networking, digital technology and also computer systems. Our developers have extensive knowledge in both computer science and electrical engineering field in which we make new computing platforms and applications for students MATLAB projects.

Let’s look at the major research fields in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Major Research Fields:

  • Computer hardware engineering
  • Wireless and also in communications networks
  • Computational science and engineering
  • Computer Software Engineering
  • Computer-Networks, distributed systems and also mobile computing
  • Cryptography, Coding and information protection
  • Operating systems and compilers
  • And also in Theory of Computation

                Students from computer engineering can also choose the Remote Sensing and Wireless Communications research field also for their final year MATLAB Projects. The following are also the major research areas under research by our experts.

Currently We Work on the Following Fields:

Communication Networks:
  • Adaptive Routing Protocols
  • Congestion phase transitions also in Large scale networks
  • Game Theoretic MAC Protocols
  • Vehicular and railway wireless networks (sensor, and also in ad hoc etc.)
Sonar, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Sensors:
  • Non-contact assessment of road surfaces
  • Submerged aquatic vegetation detection and also classification
  • Underwater communication, sonar signal processing and also networks
  • Underground surveying through gravity measurements also using quantum technology
THZ and Optical Communication:
  • Vital signs monitoring at terahertz and also Mm-Wave frequencies
  • Optical code division multiple access
  • Filters and terahertz antennas also for wireless communications
  • Optical quantum well laser amplifiers
Automotive Sensors:
  • Trajectory estimation
  • Wade aid
  • Terrain recognition
  • And also in Front of vehicles imaging
Sensor and Radar Networks
  • Sea and ground clutter analysis
  • FSR phenomenology
  • Radio Holographic Imaging
  • Forward Scatter Radar also for maritime and ground applications
Advanced Radar Technologies
  • Passive Radar
  • Multi-static/MIMO radar
  • Passive and also active BSAR Imaging
  • And also in Biologically inspired radar

Latest Topics of MATLAB Computer Engineering Students

  • Integration of Current flow control capability also with HVDC Circuit Breakers using MATLAB
  • Fault location algorithm in series capacitor compensated transmission lines for ground faults also based on Impedance
  • Analysis and design of a Modular Pulsed Alternator Power System also for 32 MJ Muzzle Energy Driving Railgun
  • Hybrid approach of Hadamard RF Codebook also with precoding Beamforming design or mm Wave Large Scale MIMO inference systems
  • An effective energy management in IWSNs also using PSO based Fuzzy Logic approach
  • Design software tools in MATLAB also for Wave Propagation Teaching Lines
  • Neo fuzzy based brain emotional learning pattern recognizer also for classification
  • A design of canal lock variable speed hydropower turbine also in energy conversion system
  • HIL study for hybrid electric working vehicles simulation also using MATLAB Simulink
  • MATLAB App Designer based Electric Vehicle Monitoring System also in real-time