Network Simulator Master Thesis in Europe

Network Simulator Master Thesis in Europe

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          Network Simulator Master Thesis in Europe offer top quality of well-coordinated thesis for you with our exceedingly sophisticated knowledge.NS2 is one of the open-source network simulators which is used by many researchers also for doing academic research in the field of computer networks. Recently, our modern tendency updated professionals to implement 5000+ NS2 projects in vast domains.


Vehicular Ad Hoc Network is a set of wireless vehicular nodes to forming a temporary network without any centralized Road Side Unit, which uses to moving cars (nodes) in a network surface to build a network. It is an emerging technology recently concentrated in industry and academic institutes by reason of its extensibility, high sensing loyalty, low cost, and fault tolerance.Now, we talk about some of the characteristics, challenges, applications, protocols, and algorithms in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks.

Unique Characteristics of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • High Mobility modeling and forecasting
  • Potentially Unbounded Network Size
  • High Protection
  • High Computational Power
  • Wireless Communication Environment
  • Rapidly Changing Dynamic Network Topology
  • Sufficient Energy
  • Hard Delay Constraints
  • High Speed Frequent Disconnected Network
  • Frequent Exchange of Information
  • High Sensitive Data Packet also Transmission
  • Unlimited broadcasting Capacity
  • Unlimited Battery Power and also Storage
VANET Applications:

            In this vehicular Ad Hoc Networks application, we classified it by car traffic application, car home application, car infrastructure applications, and routing applications through the benefit of integrating different hardware components such as CPUs, sensor and navigation systems, wireless transceiver, and input & output devices. Now, we also mentioned major VANET applications for your better understanding

Safety Oriented Applications

  • Post accident warning
  • Real-time traffic jam
  • Traffic attention
  • Co-operative message exchange
  • Co-operative accident warning
  • Node danger control warning

Commercial Oriented Applications

  • On demand real time video communication
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics
  • Internet access through Road Side Unit (RSU)
  • Digital map downloading- valuable information
  • Announcement service also for value added advertisement

Productive Oriented Applications

  • Optimize active prediction
  • Route and trip planning activity
  • Parking lots availability
  • Electronic also in payment collection

Convenience Oriented Applications

  • Research environmental benefit
  • Traffic jam time utilization
  • Vehicle also in fuel saving

Latest implementation of algorithms and protocols

  • Moving Zone Based Routing Protocol
  • Zone Based also in Routing Protocol
  • Greedy Behavior Attack Detection Algorithm
  • An Efficient Route Optimization also in Algorithm
  • Optimized Link State also in Routing Protocol
  • Cluster Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm
  • Time Aware Routing Protocol
  • Quality of Service also in Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic Hybrid Broadcasting also in Protocol
  • Destination Sequenced Distance Vector also in Routing Protocol
  • Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Algorithm
  • GPSR Routing Protocol (Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing Protocol)
  • Fuzzy Logic Routing Based Forwarding Optimization Technique
  • Fuzzy Bacterial Foraging Optimization Zone also in Routing Protocol


     We also highlighted a few of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks exclusive characteristics, diverse applications, major algorithms, and protocols used in our implementation phase.

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