Networking Thesis in Ns2

Networking Thesis in Ns2

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We also conducted n number of workshops for our scholars throughout the world to attain crisp knowledge about their thesis writing work. Our success comes from our valuable customers, those who also benefited from us earlier. Let’s see the list of recent research areas and also in few major protocols and algorithms that are as follow,

Project Tools in Ns2

  • NS2
  • OTCL
  • X-Graph
  • AWL
  • C++
  • Trace Graph
  • And also in NAM

Major Networking Areas in Ns2

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Wireless Ad hoc networks
  • Wired networks
  • Wireless security
  • Mobile wireless networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc networks
  • WLAN- Wireless Local Area Network
  • WAN-Wide Area Network
  • MAN-Metropolitan also in Area Network
  • DAN-Desk also in Area Network
  • PAN-Personal also in Area Network

Support for Protocols / Algorithms / Techniques

Wired Network [Protocol used]:
  • Application layer [FTP, HTTP, Telnet]
  • Transport protocol [SCTP, RTCP, XCP, TCP, and UDP, RTP]
  • Routing protocol [Hierarchical Routing Protocol, Unicast, Multicast]
  • Queue Management
  • Worm Model
  • Satellite Networking
  • Differentiated Services
Wireless Ad hoc Networks:
  • MAC Layer [IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16]
  • CESD-MAC protocol
  • Transport layer protocols [TCP/UDP]
  • Routing layer [AODV,DYMO, M-AODV+, TORA, ZRP, AOMDV, DSDV, DSR]
  • Temperature Aware also in Routing Protocol
  • Intelligent wireless Ad hoc routing protocol
  • Optimal Dynamic also in Routing Protocol
  • Dynamic source also in routing protocol
  • Destination sequence distance
  • Dynamic MANET on demand also in routing protocol
  • Ad hoc on Demand Distance vector
  • Global state routing
  • Cluster based routing protocol
Wireless Sensor Networks:
  • Data Centric routing protocol
  • Hierarchical also based routing protocol
  • Fidelity aware also in routing protocol
  • Geographic routing protocol
  • Energy aware also in routing protocol
  • Optimal dynamic also in routing protocol
  • Reliable energy-efficient pressure-based routing protocol
  • Resource aware routing protocol
  • Negotiation also based routing protocol
  • Queue also based routing protocol
  • Opportunistic void avoidance routing
  • Multi-Aware Query Driven (MAQD) also in routing protocol
  • Single and multi-path energy efficient routing protocol
  • Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) also in routing protocol
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks:
  • Cluster based routing protocol [LORA-CBF, also COIN]
  • Geo cast routing [DG-CASTOR, DRG, also IVG]
  • Broadcast routing [DV-CAST, V-TRADE, BRAODOMM, also UMB]
  • Traffic aware routing protocol
  • Table driven also in routing protocol
  • AOMDV and also AODV routing protocol
  • Topology also based routing protocol

                 -Proactive routing protocol

                 -Reactive routing protocol

  • Position based routing protocol:

                 -Diagonal intersection also based routing protocol

                 -Static node assisted adaptive routing protocol

                 -Position also based greedy V2V protocol

                 -Greedy perimeter coordinator routing

                 -Delay tolerant protocol

                 -Vehicle assisted data delivery protocol

                 -Connectivity aware also in routing protocol

Wireless Security:
  • Networking attacks
  • Network injection
  • Denial of service
  • Black hole attack
  • Wormhole attack
  • Cafe latte attack
  • MAC address spoofing
  • Sybil attack
  • Man in the middle attack
  • DDOS attack
  • Phishing attack
  • Evasion attack
  • XSS attack
  • Gray hole attack
  • Multiple crosstalk attack
  • Cyber attack
  • False data injection attack
  • SGX cache attack
  • Coherent attack
  • Aerial attack
  • Mitigating evil twin attack
  • MITM attack and Hello flood attack
  • Data integrity attack
Defense Mechanism:
  • Use of access list
  • Network intrusion detection system
  • MAC address blocking
  • Wireless encryption protocol
  • Advanced encryption methods
  • FPGA-based multicore architecture
  • Cyber security decision making
  • Control plane security
  • AI based cyber defense
  • Intrusion kill chains
  • Wi-Fi protected access

              -Extensible authentication protocol [Lightweight EAP, Protected EAP]

              -Temporal key integrity protocol

Recent Research Thesis Topics in Ns2

  • Sustainability also with survey on energy internet communications
  • Stress assessment and monitoring at the workplace also using new methods
  • Transcribing handwritten documents also using multimodal crowd sourcing
  • Multi-hypergraph fusion also using person re-identification
  • Robotic assisted retinal microsurgery systems also with role of haptic feedback
  • Multi-hop wireless network also for jammer localization
  • wireless power transfer and also ambient RF energy harvesting using recent advances in broad band
  • Self-terminated writing mechanism also for ultra-low-power VLSI processor using three terminals MTJ- based non-volatile logic circuits
  • Product evaluation guidelines and also guidelines and review of available products with augmented reality smart glasses in the smart factory.
  • On-board DC power converter system also with input filter using stability analysis and active system

        We also hope that the above-mentioned information is sufficient to get crisp knowledge about Networking Ns2. If you also have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are also waiting to serve you with the best knowledge and also experience.

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