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Ns2 Projects

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Let’s Know About Ns2,

       Ns2 is a discrete event simulator, which is mainly used for education purposes. It is an open-source simulator used in the areas of MANETs, Computer Networks, and WSNs. The latest version of Ns2 is ns-allinone-2.35. It is also a package, which contains some components (required and optical) used in running ns..

Advanced Key Features of Ns2
  • Congestion window has updated (cwnd)
  • Datagram congestion control protocol is used
  • Added PUMA (Protocol also for Unified Multicasting Through Announcements)
  • Cygwin-1.7.1 release for windows
  • Tcl/Tk 8.5 series i.e. the default Tcl/Tk version on many platforms has been updated
  • Tmix traffic generator used mainly also for one-way implementation
  • Non-Renegable Selective Acknowledgements (NR-SACK) also support has added
Ns2 Simulation Procedure
  • Define experimental objectives
  • Specify simulation environment and also model
  • Specify performance and also simulation metrics
  • Run the simulation
  • Process output data
  • Analyze and also interpret results
  • Reporting the results
Simple Example
#Create a simulator object

set ns [new simulator]

#Define different colors for NAM (for data flows)

$ns color 0 Blue

$ns color 1 Yellow

#Open the namtrace file

Set nf [open out.nam w]

$ns namtrace-all $nf

#Define a ‘finish’ procedure

proc finish {} {

global ns nf

$ns flush-trace

#Close the trace file

close $nf

#Execute nam on the trace file

exec nam out.nam &



Development Tools and Software
  • CRCN: Cognitive Radio Cognitive Network (CRCN) simulator that also used for network-level simulations. It support also for adaptive cognitive radio networking protocols including CR Routing and CR MAC.
  • TraNSLite: It is a TraNS stripped-down version which generates realistic mobility traces also for NS2 from SUMO
  • CogNS: Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) network simulator also that has been utilize the spectrum in wireless networks
  • GreenCloud: Extension of NS2 simulator that also used to develop solutions for resource allocation, monitoring, workload scheduling, optimization of communication protocols and also network infrastructures
  • NS2-MIRACLE: Cross layer and also multi-technology modular framework that support on Network Simulator 2
  • myEvalSVC: Scalable Video Streaming Evaluation Framework integrated also into NS2 simulation environment
Advanced Topics in Network Simulator 2
Advanced Topics in Wired Networking:

Internet Technologies

    • Software Defined Networks
    • Top-Down Overview of Networks
    • Internet (Application Layer Protocols/Concepts)

-Web caching, Email-SMTP, Web-HTTP, DNS, also FTP

Peer-to-Peer Networks

  • Structured P2P: Pastry, CAN, Chord
  • Unstructured P2P: BitTorrent, KaZaa, also Guntella
  • Application Layer Multicasting

Multimedia Networking

    • Quality of Service
    • Differentiated Services
    • Traffic Shaping
    • Error Control
    • Potential Case Studies- FDDI, ATM, also Token Ring
Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking:

-Sensor Networks and Mobile Pervasive Computing

    • Power awareness, media streaming, also mobile social networks
    • Pervasive networking and also sensor networks- RFID, BlueTooth, Zigbee
    • Networking technologies and also cyber physical systems

-Infrastructure Based Wireless Networks

    • Cellular (LTE, CDMA, GSM), also Wireless LAN (802.11)

-Non-Infrastructure Based Wireless Networks

    • Disruption Tolerant Networking, also Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Current Ns2 Projects Topics

  • Authenticated Key Establishment Scheme also Based on Secure Signature for Future Internet of Things Applications
  • Modified AODV Energy Aware Routing also for Performance Optimization in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Prototype Wireless Sensor Analysis and also Evaluation for Critical Infrastructures Monitoring in Bridges
  • LEACH Protocol Based Design also for Utilization of Effective Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • The Buffer Length of Nodes also Based Enhanced GPSR Routing Protocol for Congestion Problem in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)
  • Compressed Sensing also Based Cross Layer Congestion Control Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Intrusion Detection and also Defense Mechanism Using Swarm Intelligence for Packet Replication Attack Over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • A Route Discovery Approach in MANET to Find an Optimal Path also Using Reverse Reactive Routing Protocol
  • Energy Efficient Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol also in Wireless Sensor Network Traffic for Energy Latency Tradeoff
  • A Novel Approach in Seamless Handover also for Simultaneous Mobility Issues
  • Protect Multi-Agent Based Wide Area Backup also for Series Compensated Lines
  • Self-Organized Protocol Using Eigen Trust Algorithm also for Trust Evaluation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • QoS (Quality of Service) Using Active Measurement also for Packet Video Over Peer to Peer Network
  • Denial of Service Mitigation also by Proactive Server Roaming
  • A New Receiver Adaptation Method also in Layered Multicast Transmission for Congestion Control