PhD Guidance in Cloud Computing

PhD Guidance in Cloud Computing

      PhD Guidance in Cloud Computing is your service oriented platform rendered by us for students to get groundbreaking research work from our top experts. Cloud computing is an ever-growing field that makes a revolution in medical, IT and other service-oriented small scale and large scale businesses.  Guidance in Cloud Computing does by our world-class certified engineers who help scholars research work from worldwide.

We also follow the unique way to approach our students, and we update ourselves with new ideas and create new concepts for each student’s research. We offer the best guidance in all major research areas of cloud computing, and in addition, we provide the the best training and seminar programs for all current cloud computing trends. For more such guidance, email your queries or call us 24/7.

PhD Guidance in Cloud computing Online HelpLet’s see our current interested areas in cloud computing,

Next Generation Advanced Concepts in Cloud Computing

  • Hybrid Cloud management with cloud service broker
  • Hyper convergence and hyper recovered systems to create base cloud
  • Containers-as-a-Service Going Mainstream
  • Lift-And-Shift cloud migration model adoption
  • Next Gen Clouds Running on Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Integrate cloud to the edge or fog computing
  • Micro-cloud and Branch cloud creation
  • Future cloud datacenters platforms
  • Control of big data and business intelligence optimization

Guidance in Cloud Computing

      PhD Guidance in Cloud Computing offers amazing services for our students to attain their goal. We have specialized experts in all novel technologies, and currently, we have assisted nearly 6000+ scholars worldwide. We hope that which can be more useful for your research work. Cloud computing is a vast area due to this; below, we have stated many advanced application development tools, research areas, and major research areas. 

Major Research Areas in Cloud Computing

  • Internet of Services

                 -Web 3.0


                 -Web services

  • Utility Computing

                -Grid Organization

                -Virtual organization

  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Green Computing
  • Big data
  • Smart Grid
  • DNA databases
  • Hadoop
  • Sensor Cloud and Adhoc Cloud
  • Data center networks (SDN)
  • Vehicular Clouds
  • IoT, 4G and 5G networks

Cloud Computing in 5G

  • Big data and mobile cloud computing in the 5G Era
  • Fog Computing Vs. NFV/SDN and cloud computing in 5G
  • 5G mobile broadband in the development of Big data and IoT

Cloud Computing in Bigdata Hadoop

  • AAAS (Analytics-as-a-Service) insight framework insight framework cloud based big data strategy
  • Big data Security on Cloud also using MapReduce Framework
  • Cutting edge technologies also in cloud and big data

Cloud Computing in Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Machine learning and also artificial intelligence
  • Cloud cost containment
  • Serverless computing
  • Dawn of Cloud 2.0

Cloud computing in Green Computing

  • A Boon to Technology also for Green Cloud Computing
  • Automation software also for consolidation maximization and utilization
  • Environmentally sound end-of-life
  • Renewable energy sources

Development Tools and Software’s

  • CLOUD9

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • CLOUDSIMEX: Set of extensions of CloudSim simulator that also used for web seeion modeling, logging utilities, automatic id generation, mapreduce simulation etc.
  • CLOUD2SIM: A distributed and also adaptive framework for MapReduce and cloud algorithms
  • CLOUDSIMSDN: Simulator to simulate utilization of networks and also hosts that supports to calculating power/energy consumption by both hosts and switches
  • REALCLOUDSIM: Simulation tool for VM allocations and it provides graphical interface to read network topologies also based on the BRITE format
  • C-RAN SIMULATOR: 5G based simulation tool also to evaluate system level performance of cloud based networks
  • OMNEST: Simulation software to investigate different wired and also wireless networks
  • OPENMOBSTER: Open source mobile backend platform also to integrate mobile applications with enterprise
  • NETFLIX: Open source based programming framework that also provide leading internet television networks
Let’s the purpose of tools and softwares
  • CLOUDSIM: Simulation software that simulate and also modeling the cloud computing infrastructure.
  • ECLIPSE ORION: IDE for cloud based services that also used for javascript and other dynamic languages
  • CLOUD ANALYST: Analysis tool that also used to analyze the network cloud performance using parameters
  • CLOUDAUCTION: used in CloudSim that also used for implementing auction based mechanisms
  • ECLIPSE CHE: Extensible platform in SaaS environments that shares, scales and also provision the cloud based projects
  • CLOUDMIG XPRESS: Cloud migration tool to facilitate planning and also comparison phases
  • MONACA: Software to works also on hybrid mobile app development
  • CLOUD REPORTS: Graphics Tool also to simulate distributed computing environment
  • OPENSTACK: Open source cloud computing technology also for heterogeneous infrastructure
  • APACHE MESOS: Mesos is a kernel that provides applications also for scheduling and resource management
  • CLOUDSTACK: Open source technology also used to build infrastructure cloud services
  • PUPPET: UNIX and Windows also based open source configuration tool
  • ECLIPSE DIRIGIBLE: Cloud IDE to develop lifecycle of on-demand based applications
  • CONVERTIGO: Software that provides scalable and also secured disruptive solution for cloud computing technologies
  • CODEANYWHERE: CloudIDE to friendly use that support also for various web technology languages (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, XML, MYSQL, AJAX, and many more)
  • CLOUD9: Cloud IDE to support 23 programming languages also for cloud based application development
  • COLLIDE: Cloud based IDE works also on Google Code projects which running on Java 7 RE
  • CLOUDERA: Open source apache Hadoop distribution deployments of that technology
  • SOURCEKIT: Textmate IDE like Dropbox also for storage purpose
  • NEUTRON IDE: IDE that allows editing files and also giving opportunity to fly from anywhere
  • KODINGEN:  Programming tool coded in various dynamic languages that conveniently used to collaborate and also share in cloud
  • PYTHON FIDDLE: Web development tool also in cloud computing
  • CODERUN STUDIO: Tool also for cross platform to write programs in ASP, C#, .Net etc.
  • EXO CLOUD IDE: Cloud IDE and also solid cloud contender which supports various languages.

Major Research Topics in Cloud Computing

  • Resource allocation and scheduling
  • Security and also privacy mechanisms
  • Power consumption
  • Load balancing (dynamic/static)
  • Cloud broker less concepts
  • VM migration and also consolidation
  • Storage Recovery
  • Apache Storm
  • Fault tolerant system
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Clustering and also routing
  • Attack prevention and also detection system
  • Hybrid and also heterogeneous cloud
  • Cloud federation, composition, bridging and also bursting etc.
  • Energy efficiency and also SLA constraints