PhD Guidance in Cyber Security

PhD Guidance in Cyber Security

     PhD Guidance in Cyber Security is growing demand that offers wide range of services for our students. Our students keep fast track with high double or triple-digit growth (100%) till their flexible time.  We employ more than 50+ experts for cybersecurity because recently, students will engage in their research projects as a part of security. According to our ISO 9001.2000 certified institution, we successfully accomplished 5000+ Projects.

Cybersecurity is a booming research area that protects information against major cybersecurity threats or attacks. It covers the major fundamental aspects of security (data/information security, and hardware and software security). Protecting information against security threats is not an easy task; there are more blooming disadvantages, and hackers hack any kind of protected information

To accomplish this, we develop hew software tools and security mechanisms for robust cybersecurity. Most successful cybersecurity starts with the knowledge of your computing resources and how you depend on them………

We are currently welcoming the following up comings for our students,

Research PhD Guidance in Cybersecurity Online HelpFuture Trends in Cyber Security

  • Block chain security
  • Secure digital supply chain
  • Information protection and also threat intelligence
  • Robotic cyber security detection and mitigation
  • Critical information infrastructure protection

Advance Technology in Cyber Security

  • Cyber-attack from Sound waves
  • GiG economy also in secure devices
  • New wave of cyber-attacks IoT
  • CIA hacking
  • Mobile phone also for everything
  • End of signature detection
  • Spyware: iPhone hack attack

Guidance in Cyber Security

     PhD Guidance in Cyber Security is rare research platform due to its unsolvable issues and challenges. But our developers working in this field for over ten decades, so we know each nook and corner of cybersecurity. Our guidance also in Cyber Security offers world-class awesome guidance from the topic/domain selection to final viva-voce . We also exhibit major research areas and development tools to develop or start their research on the specific domain for our student’s research careers.

Major Research Areas in Cyber Security

  • Internet of Things
  • RFID and also IoT security
  • Malware and also Forensics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Security and also privacy
  • Computer security and also cryptography
  • Data security
  • Mobile systems and also security
  • Cyber security management and also policy management
  • Cyber security threats deterring through internet topology, technical mitigation and also law enforcement
  • Smart city mobile applications via model inference

Cyber security in IoT

  • Hardware authentication
  • Clinical risk management
  • Smart energy grids
  • Automated security teams
  • DDoS attacks also in IoT devices
  • Ransomware grows threat
  • Industrial control systems attacks

Cyber security in cloud computing

  • Deep learning in cloud computing
  • User behavior analytics
  • Anti-malware and also Anti-virus gateways
  • Data loss prevention
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ransomware
  • Cyber travel and also IP geolocation
  • 5G cloud quantum safe cryptography
  • NFV security leveraging

Development Tools and Software’s

  • NeSSi2
  • Symantec
  • Nmap
  • OpenVAS
  • FireMon
  • Sunset and also FFapl
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK
  • Belden Debuts Cyber Security Toolkit

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • MITRE: Cyber security tool that used to resist intrusion attempts also using determined and persistent adversaries.
  • NeSSi2: security simulator that can be used for wired and also wireless networks
  • P-SQUARE: Robust tool to support privacy SQUARE but it supports both primary aspects of security and also privacy of SQUARE
  • Symantec: Hands on virtual simulation of live fire attacks to develop close the cyber skills gap
  • Nmap: No.1 port scanning tool also that powerfully trained network and ports. It detect security threats and vulnerabilities in networks
  • OpenVAS: open source vulnerability scanning suite that manages all aspects of security vulnerabilities also in a network systems.
  • FireMon: Software that used to analyze and also improve the firewall management and network security infrastructure.
  • Sunset /FFapl: Development environment that can be also used for cryptographic based mechanisms
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Build security artifacts like duties, privileges and roles.
  • Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio: Software tool suite that used for network configuration and also evaluation
  • Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK: Security framework also used to develop online protection based mobile applications
  • Belden Debuts Cyber Security Toolkit:  Toolkit also for next generation security for SCADA networks

Major Research Topics in Cyber Security

  • Context aware security schemes
  • Intelligent information systems
  • Security also based on virtualization
  • Prevent mobile devices from attacks
  • Virtualization also based password protection
  • Legal and ethical issues also in cyber security etc.
  • Biologically inspired cyber security
  • Sustainability of the internet
  • International collaboration
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