PhD Guidance in Grid Computing

PhD Guidance in Grid Computing

     PhD Guidance in Grid Computing is encouraged and debuted for students to provide continuous guidance on grid computing and its technologies. We also have more than 25 major specialists who have more knowledge in the field of Grid computing.  Grid computing is an emerging field that provides the ability to operate higher throughput computing systems and perform huge computations on large datasets

Our Grid Computing is proposal preparation, Literature review to research methodology, data analysis, software implementation, thesis completion, review and editing, journal paper writing and assistance, chapter wise questionnaire, and analysis. Till now, we have successfully accomplished 2500+ thesis and 5000+ research candidates assisted under our guidance. At its core, here we have lighted advanced concepts in Grid computing,

PhD Guidance in Grid Computing Online Advance Concepts in Grid-Computing

  • Workflow scientific
  • Medical Imaging
  • Security
  • Virtual Organization
  • Clustering and Server Virtualization
  • Ontologies, meta-data and provenance
  • Scheduling, resource management and runtime environments
  • Supercomputing power for everyone
  • Bioinformatics analysis
  • Genetic Data
  • Data management and storage system
  • Data Processing and intensive computing

Current development and applications in Grid-Computing

  • Data Replication in Data Grids
  • Data Partitioning in large scale distributed computing
  • Coordination and also  in Scheduling
  • High performance GridRPC Middleware
  • Robust and also Reliable Grid Middleware
  • Grids design also for mobile thin client computing
  • Grid computing cycle scavenging
  • Distributed resources sharing
  • Multi-criteria mapping techniques also for pipeline work flows
  • Stochastically algorithm also based Lightweight grid environments

Guidance in Grid Computing

    PhD Guidance in Grid Computing map out a way to get your dream and to reach your pilgrimage destination. We stand as world no.1 position and continuously move towards innovative approaches in the concepts of networking, grid computing, cluster computing, and cloud computing

Currently, there are millions of students who need assistance in those driving fields, and we have a team of experts who can assist you as per your wish. We can publish your papers in any high-level journals, and there are many transactions and special issues are also available in IEEE, Springer, and Elsevier. We are waiting for your guidance in Grid computing; get ready for it…….

Let’s see our latest working research areas in grid computing,

 Major Research Areas in Grid-Computing

  • Big data
  • Cloud data centers
  • CCGrid
  • High performance distributed computing
  • Grid Vs. Many Grids
  • Performance forecasting
  • Machine learning techniques also for Grid debugging
  • High end biometric applications
  • Data Intensive and also Scientific Computing
  • Scalable Bioinformatics
  • Reliable and also secure computation outsourcing

New Development and Next Generation of Grid Computing

     CCGrid is a current development in grid computing. It is expanded as Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing. And also It covers the research topics of cloud computing, hybrid clouds, cyberinfrastructure, clustering, data center, application, and programming models, etc. For this CCGrid computing, we also offer a great opportunity for our students to interact face-to-face with those computing systems.

Grid Computing in CCGrid

  • I/O and Storage
  • Privacy, security and also reliability
  • Big data applications
  • Environment modeling and also optimization
  • Dynamic modeling coupling approaches
  • Resource management and also scheduling
  • Performance evaluation and also modeling
  • Cyber infrastructure and also data centers
  • Runtime systems and also programming models
  • Hybrid and mobile clouds
  • Multi model systems
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and also metadata frameworks

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Gridbus Broker
  • Aneka
  • Alchemi
  • G-Monitor
  • Legion
  • Proactive
  • PlanetLab
  • Globus Toolkit
  • GAT
  • GridLAB-D
  • GridSim
  • SimGrid
  • G-Eclipse
  • NorduGrid
  • ALEA

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Gridbus Broker: Perform scheduling also for various distributed data oriented applications across variant grid resources
  • Aneka: .Net based enterprise tool also for program modeling and create rapid applications to deploy on public/private clouds.
  • Legion: Legion browser with worldwide virtual computing also for secure server connection on Grid
  • G-Monitor: Comprised of remote brokers and also web portal to manage application executions on grid environment
  • Proactive: Parallel suite platform that provides application parallelization and high performance workflows, scheduling and also orchestration
  • PlanetLab: Global research network (group of networks) that develops new network services
  • Alchemi: Open source framework also that transforms aggregate computing power networked machines into Virtual super computer
  • Globus Toolkit: Open source software toolkit also that used to build grids.
  • GAT: API to access grid services as more generic and flexible
  • GridLAB-D: New tool for power distribution and also system simulation that provides information to operate and also design distributed systems
  • GridSim: Grid ToolKit for Grid simulation, resource modeling and also application scheduling on parallel and distributed computing
  • SimGrid: Toolkit that provides core functionalities also for the simulation of distributed applications in distributed heterogeneous environments.
  • G-Eclipse: Enabled into grid environment also for EGEE middleware LCG/gLite
  • NorduGrid: Advanced Resource Connector Middleware (ARCM) also that used for integrates computing resources
  • UNICORE: Grid computing technology that allows to performing ready-to-run operation in Grid includes client and also server system
  • ALEA: Gridsim based simulator toolkit also that supports job scheduling simulation.
    A series of topics will help you understand and take the topics in grid computing,

Major Research Topics in Grid-Computing

  • Network optimization
  • Resource management
  • QoS and IDS
  • Scheduling and also Load balancing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Cost Optimization
  • Distributed Vs. Grid Computing
  • P2P Grid and also Data Grid Computing
  • Workflow architectures and also applications
  • Energy or power consumption
  • WSRF and also OGSI Standards in Grid
  • Migration and also rescheduling
  • Check pointing
  • SLA negotiation protocol
  • Software architecture also for grid computing