PhD Guidance in Pattern Recognition

PhD Guidance in Pattern Recognition

     PhD Guidance in Pattern Recognition is come for you and satisfies all your specification. Pattern Recognition is a very active research field in various application domains like data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence In recent years challenges are rising in pattern recognition, which includes precision and speed. To overcome that, we need new technologies for effective pattern recognition. For that, we also currently developed new technologies for solving those issues.

PhD Guidance in Pattern Recognition Online

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Next Generation Technology in Pattern-Recognition

  • Semantic segmentation and also big data
  • Statistical signal processing and also genomic signal processing
  • cDNA or DNA: Next Generation Sequencing Technology (NGS)
  • Sequential data Analysis: Illumina
  • Video Matting and also Computational Imaging
  • Sequence datasets also for Pattern classification
  • Brain Computer Interface and also Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Bio signal modeling, physiological processes and also non-linear dynamics

Guidance in Pattern Recognition

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Advanced Topics in Pattern Recognition

  • Pattern discovery in graph data
  • Patterns visualization also in Multimedia data
  • Social networks community detection
  • Pattern recognition also in Medicine application
  • Sensor data measurement classification
  • Pattern Analysis on Repositories: Video, Document, also Image
  • Environmental data pattern discovery
  • Pattern Recognition also in Industry Application
  • Data mining techniques also for Health preservation
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) also for Pattern Recognition
  • Pattern Recognition in physical and also chemical data
  • Integrated pattern matching and also discovery for multimedia data
  • Web interface and internet analysis also using patter extraction
  • Facial Shape from Shading also using Sparse Transfer Model

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Matlab (PR Tools)
  • Java (Paramat)
  • Scilab
  • Ai-oneTM
  • Open PR
  • Patternz

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Matlab (PR Tools): Matlab Pattern Recognition Toolbox for patterns representation and also classification.
  • Java (Paramat): (PARallelize Automatically by pattern MATching) Knowledge based system also for pattern recognition that written in Java
  • Scilab: Open source software runs on Linux, Windows, and BOSS system. It contains set of tool boxes (signal processing, image processing and pattern recognition wavelets) also for various applications.
  • APRIL-ANN: Pattern Recognizer and also currently an open source tool that performs training operation of ANN (artificial neural networks).
  • LEADTOOLS: Imaging SDKs for various multimedia imaging, document, and medical technologies like raster, vector, PACS, and also DICOM,
  •  Ai-oneTM: Fundamental Technology that also allows developers to build software intelligent agents. It additionally provides set of software programming tools for it.
  • Open PR: Open source library for open pattern recognition projects. It is used in various fields of algorithms such as NLP, image processing, computer vision, machine learning and also pattern recognition.
  • Patternz: Software for fully automated pattern recognition. It recognizes candle sticks and also patterns

Major Research Topics in Pattern-Recognition

  • Statistical Pattern Recognition
  • Human Behavior Recognition
  • Personal Identification System
  • Biometric and visual recognition
  • Syntactic Pattern Recognition
  • Cognitive Pattern Recognition
  • High dimensional data clustering
  • Pattern recognition issues also in remote sensing
  • Visual tracking also using Deep Invariant Representation
  • Computer Security pattern recognition