PhD Guidance in Peer to Peer Network

PhD Guidance in Peer to Peer Network

     PhD Guidance in Peer to Peer Network offers fantastic guidance for all your needs with our fabulous and unmatched research approach. We provide the best set of project and research ideas that are currently groundbreaking in the world. A peer-to-peer network is currently evolving in software-based applications such as Skype Client (SC), BitTorrent, Gnutella, Napster, Kazaa Lite, and Kazaa. More popular P2P networks and applications include BitTorrent, Gnutella, eDonkey, eMule, and Limewire.

Our world-class certified experts revised the current emerging technology and updated the recent trendy knowledge to guide our students also with complete fulfillment. An organized institute stands as ISO 9001.2000 certification. Our developers also have 10+ years of experience in all research aspects like thesis preparation, proposal writing, literature survey writing, problem formulation, journal paper writing and publication, data analysis, and final viva-voce.

PhD Guidance in Peer to Peer Network Online Future Trends in Peer-to-Peer Network

  • Innovation and competition
  • P2P Head-to-Head
  • Marketing Automation
  • SNA IBM protocol also for advanced peer-to-peer networking
  • Secure peer-to-peer networking also using GNU’s framework
  • Multichannel Noise Breaking through
  • P2P Data Across Channels Connection
  • Social Malaise and copyright violation predictions
  • Marketing automation
  • IndNet P2P
  • Network faults detection mean-time reduction method
  • Cross Organizational Peer-to-Peer Framework

Guidance in Peer to Peer Network

    PhD Guidance in Peer to Peer Network provides intensive guidance for your PhD research. A peer-to-peer network is directly communicating with the systems rather than working by centralized servers. It is also flexible in distributed systems in that it acts as both client and server.

“Journal paper publication” is one among that. We also publish your original research paper, review/survey papers, tutorials, assignments, lab programs, seminars, case studies, research development, and works till your end of amendments proof submitted to the respective journal. We are working for our students in various aspects.

Advanced Topics in Peer-to-Peer Network

  • PMC applications using Software Defined radio
  • P2P based protocols and cross layer approach also for PMC
  • Efficient data management in cloud computing
  • Social networking also for PMC applications
  • Data transmission protocol also for mobile crowd sensing
  • Group application also for PMC applications
  • Rechargeable sensors also for multi-event detection
  • Multimedia networks also for PMC applications
  • P2P based location services for storing and also managing geographical location information
  • P2P based protocol for,


                 -Internet of Things

                 -Smart systems

                 -Data and also file sharing in data center

Development Tools and Software’s

  • PeerSim
  • OverSim
  • P2P Network simulator
  • P2Psim
  • QTM: P2P Trust Simulator
  • D-P2P-Sim
  • PeerfacetSim
  • P2PRealm

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • PeerSim: Peer-to-Peer Simulator also that deals with large scale peer-to-peer systems with millions of nodes.
  • OverSim: Peer-to-peer network simulation framework and also open source overlay software for the OMNET++ simulation.
  • P2P Network simulator:  Simulation software also for P2P network simulation that used Simpy.
  • P2Psim: Peer-to-peer DHT simulator also for P2P network simulation
  • QTM: P2P Trust Simulator: Quantitative Trust Management P2P simulator and it is used to evaluate the algorithms of reputation and also trust
  • D-P2P-Sim: Peer-to-peer network simulator also used for the protocol performance evaluation.
  • PeerfacetSim: Discrete event based P2P simulator used for simulating peer-to-peer protocols and also its applications. It is written in Java.
  • P2PRealm: Peer-to-peer realm network simulator also used in neural networks based algorithms.

Major Research Topics in Peer-to-Peer Network

  • Searching and indexing
  • Security applications
  • Storage and also bandwidth
  • Fault tolerance
  • Availability via huge massive replication
  • Algorithms also for data aggregation
  • Collaboration and also communication
  • Data sharing and also content distribution
  • Distributed computation etc.
  • P2P Self organization