PhD Guidance in Pervasive Computing

PhD Guidance in Pervasive Computing

     PhD Guidance in Pervasive Computing started us to serve you with longer needed. Our organization has highly experienced, qualified, and dedicated experts who have knowledge in various research areas like networking, data mining, cloud computing, and others. We also contribute the very best research ideas to provide the best academic environment. To expose this worldwide, we also have followed an innovative way of handling our students. Pervasive computing is the world’s emerging trend that performs computing in the physical world by the IoT and Ubiquitous computing visions.

We also realize and design ideas for these visions by our top researchers, educators, and program practitioners. Our research thrusts in Pervasive computing areas include context-aware networking cloudlet based mobile networking. Our programming supports sensor-rich and context-aware environments, urban computing, wearable computing, security and privacy for pervasive computing, self-managing chaotic wireless networks, living analytics, Hands-free mobile computing using VMs, trust establishment, and secure interactions, etc.

PhD Guidance in Pervasive Computing Online

We also live your hearts of research; someones keep your research alone. Our lives won’t have research alone instead of considering the thoughts that make you a Real Superheroes.

Our scientific research starts with the recent trends, see below we listed very few for you,

Recent Trends in Pervasive Computing

  • Urban Informatics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Smart city or ubiquitous city
  • Wearable computers
  • System on chip
  • Wearable technology (heart of the pervasive computing)
  • Pervasive game
  • Data quality challenges
  • Sensors, devices, technologies also for pervasive computing
  • Security, trust and privacy and also social issues
  • Interoperability and also standards in pervasive healthcare
  • Pervasive informatics

Global Pervasive-Computing Technology from 2017 to 2021

  • Human Augmentation
  • Smartphones
  • Spotlight
  • Smart hospitals and also smart home
  • Sensor based decision support systems
  • Communication Technology: 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi and also WLAN
  • Applications:

                  -Energy management

                  -Environment Monitoring

                  -Defense and security


                  -Logistics among others

Guidance in Pervasive Computing

    PhD Guidance in Pervasive Computing is your successful begin started by us for your wonderful research accomplishment.  The Best Thing Always Take Big Time, but in our words, the Best Thing Take Short Span of Time with Full Feel of Happy. Because we have specialized experts to handle our PhD students more interactively and joyfully with flexible time, our secrets’ great success is. Our Pervasive Computing starts with writing your thesis and research paper, and, of course, it is the great footprints to travel your entire research. 

Advanced Topics in Pervasive-Computing

  • Pervasive Urban Applications
  • Pervasive healthcare applications
  • Gerontechnology also for pervasive computing
  • Forensics, privacy and also mobile security
  • House Advertisement
  • Indoor localization
  • Implantable and also wearable sensor integration
  • Wireless sensor networks instrumentation
  • Sensecityvity: urban awareness and also mobile crowdsourcing
  • Energy efficient context recognition system also using wearable sensors

Development Tools and Software’s

  • DiaSim
  • Alchemist
  • Pervasive
  • SQL
  • DiaSuite
  • PS4PCSim
  • OSVR
  • OpenSpace 3D

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • DiaSim: Parameterized simulator that also offers customized programming framework for pervasive computing applications.
  • Alchemist: Extended Meta-Simulator also for customized pervasive computing and distributed systems
  • Pervasive: Software for data management systems and transforms, extracts, and load tools. It is integrated with pervasive data integrator and pervasive data profiler also for primary data storage.
  • Pervasive.SQL: Relational data base to produce high performance, small-footprint and also embedded solution to minimize the need of DBA resources.
  • DiaSuite: Development environment also for pervasive computing applications.  
  • PS4PCSim: Proactive simulator also for pervasive computing
  • OSVR: Open source and free software platform also for virtual reality and augmented reality
  • OpenSpace 3D: 3D environment based open source platform also for creating virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Major Research Topics in Pervasive-Computing

  • Nature Inspired soft computing
  • Pervasive wearable technology
  • Human computer interaction
  • Semantic technologies
  • Assistive Technology
  • Mobile rehabilitation technology
  • Pervasive Computational Intelligence
  • Integrated ubiquitous intelligence
  • Pervasive social computing
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Privacy and also security issues
  • Issues on dependability
  • Situation and also context awareness
  • Activity recognition
  • Autonomous systems
  • Energy management