PhD Guidance in Software Re-Engineering

PhD Guidance in Software Re-Engineering

     PhD Guidance in Software Re-Engineering delivers you clear doctoral solutions for PhD. We welcome our students to implement and contribute to original research areas with our top experts. As an innovative and ambitious in our research journey, we’re ISO 9001.2000 certified institution; we follow a new research strategy, “Quality with Power,” to offer more qualified research.

Software Re-Engineering is concerned with the legacy systems (old software systems) re-developing to create them more reliable and maintainable. It also invokes the system re-documentation, restructures, and reorganization.

Due to our great interest in software re-engineering, we continuously work for our student’s future research. Our PhD aspirants support is research development assistance, technical content writing (paper, thesis, case studies, reports, scenarios, dissertation, etc.). Behind our every successful student, there’s a lot of our experts working. Here’s we provide an opportunity for students and research scholars to expand their research capabilities,

PhD Guidance in Software RE-Engineering Online Help

Advanced Concepts in Software-Re-Engineering

  • Program Comprehension
  • Software evolution analysis
  • Software-analysis and parsing
  • Software fact extraction
  • Software-Visualization
  • Software analytics
  • Software-release engineering
  • Software repositories mining
  • Software-evolution and maintenance
  • Software migration and reconstruction
  • Software-architecture recovery and reverse architecting

Guidance in Software Re-Engineering

    PhD Guidance in Software Re-Engineering grow into widespread of overcomes the PhD scholars problems. Due to its specific-ness, more scholars are selecting their research on Software Re-Engineering. We also have a separate team for the software re-engineering field to offer numerous ideas and get full support from our developers also for working plenty of software tools and many updated tools. Scholars believe our own ideas to survive with innovation only also that makes us world no.1 institute.

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  • Application Re-development
  • Cloud Re-engineering
  • Business logic enhancement
  • UI/UX upgrade
  • Database optimization
  • Source code translation
  • System architecture modification
  • Cloud computing services usage

Advanced Research Topics in Software-Re-Engineering

  • Feature and also concept location
  • Software quality assessment
  • Software-testing
  • Provenance and also code cloning
  • Defect and change management
  • Continuous deployment or integration
  • Non-code artifacts evolution
  • Mobile apps maintenance and also evolution
  • Model based methods maintenance and also evolution
  • Release engineering and also productivity of software engineers
  • Processes maintenance and also evolution
  • Software restructuring and also refactoring
  • Maintenance Vs. Release Process
  • Dynamic configuration and also run-time evolution
  • Service oriented and also cloud computing
  • System and software comprehension
  • Software renovation and also migration
  • Software-quality assessment
  • Software maintenance and also evolution empirical studies
  • Human aspects of software evolution and also maintenance

Development Tools and Software’s

  • Imagix
  • Rigi
  • Creen
  • Apktool
  • Eclipse Mars
  • Modelio
  • StarUML
  • Moose
  • APK studio
  • GATE
  • DMS Software Reengineering toolkit

Purpose of Tools and Software’s

  • Imagix: Reverse engineering also tool to visualization of software that written in C and C++.
  • Rigi: Interactive graph editor and also mature research tool for software reverse engineering
  • Creen: Static analysis and reengineering tool that also used for program structure analysis, refactoring and slicing.
  • Apktool: Reverse engineering tool also used in android APK files.
  • Eclipse Mars: Tools for creating Java EE and also web applications written in JAVA.
  • Modelio: Open source BPMN modeling/UML tool to provide an extension system also for adding new functionalities like code generation and documentation.
  • StarUML: It supports to draw to set of UML diagrams and supports to generate coding also using various programming languages
  • Moose: Software platform and also data analysis tool to help customized applications
  • APK studio: Cross platform IDE also for reverse engineering and recompiling applications
  • GATE: Text analysis excels at all shapes and sizes. It is also used for research purpose and reengineering deploying research.
  • DMS Software Reengineering toolkit: Collection of program transformation tools also used for custom source program automation analysis, translation/generation, modification of software systems

Major Research Topics in Software Re-Engineering

  • Migration
  • Functional enhancement preparation
  • Lessons applying also for future tool selection
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Large systems incremental re-engineering
  • Integration of business process engineering
  • Improve maintainability and also reliability
  • Non-programmers targeting
  • Integration of heterogeneous toolsets