PhD Research Topics

Initially, the research scholars have to start the PhD research work through the selection of the PhD research proposal topic and that too from the research area as per the scholar’s interest. The selection of PhD research topics is not an easy process, the scholars have to collect lots of contemporary research topics in the selected research area by refereeing the previous research studies.

How to Choose the Research Topic

Hereby, our research professionals have highlighted some guidelines that are used in the process of PhD research topics selection.

Steps of the process for getting the topics

  • Relate to the capability
    • The research scholars have to select the process by analyzing their own
      • Perseverance
      • Passion
      • Weakness
      • Strengths
      • Experience
      • Knowledge
  • Self-examination
    • Initially, the research scholars have to set the goal regarding their PhD research that’s about the paper publication and so on
  • Analyze various literature review
    • The scholars have to read several research articles which are published in reputed research journals such as SCI, Scopus, IEEE, etc.
  • Identify the research gap
    • After completing the process of literature review, the researcher has to enlist the research gaps through their analysis

Determine the relevance

  • Practical relevance
    • It is related as the research is applied to solve the concrete problem and to enhance the process of real life
  • Academic relevance
    • It deals with the process of filling the research gaps through the acquired knowledge and the scholarly debate

How to Identify and State the Research Problem?

A well-defined research problem is essential for the research process or else the research scholar can windup an unmanageable and unfocused project. There are two significant types of research problems and they are listed below.

  • Theoretical research problem
  • Practical research problem

Theoretical research problem

Its foremost objective is to expand the knowledge for the understanding process and that is directly providing some alterations. The researchers can recognize the research issues by reading the debates and theories. Along with that, the research scholars have to undergo the following tips.

  • Contradictions
  • Complex questions can also be solved

Practical research problem

While entering into practical research, the researchers can recognize the issues by reading the research papers that are published in previous years.

How to Write Literature Review in PhD Research?

While writing the literature review for PhD research, the research scholars have to establish the correct research gaps by selecting the research objectives and offering complete research assistance for the scholars through the process such as,

  • Find topic
  • Locate and review the literature
  • Establish the writing purpose
  • Evaluate literature
  • Do literature synthesis
  • Develop the first draft
  • Peer review the draft

Our technical team with experts is frequently updating their knowledge according to the trends along with technical developments. As this article is concentrated on the PhD research topic, thus we have enlisted the PhD research topics as per the research areas.

Novel PhD Research Topics

Topic List

  • Computer vision and pattern recognition
    • Machine learning and deep learning-based computer vision
    • Multi-robot pattern recognition
    • Character animation
    • 2D and 3D motion
    • Multimedia data processing
    • Image-based localization
    • Image-based 3D reconstruction
  • Digital image processing
    • RGBD sensors and visual analytics
    • Image registration and enhancement
    • Content-based image and video retrieval
    • Visual watermarking
      • Semi fragile
      • Fragile
    • High-quality and real-time visualization
    • Image completion and texture synthesis
    • Covid 19 Detection using Deep Learning
  • Digital signal processing
    • Filters designed for specific signal applications
    • Discrete time and continuous signals processing
    • Channel estimation and hybrid precoding
    • Signal modulation and demodulation
    • Radio signal classification
    • Active and passive processing
  • Network attacks
    • Threats analysis using an intelligence scheme
    • Multi attacks detection by a single approach
    • Node authentication and access control
    • Behavioral detection in the network
    • Node hardware authentication
    • Attacks mitigation by firewall
  • Natural language processing
    • QA systems and attention mechanism
    • Lexical semantics and syntactic analysis
    • Empirical methods in NLP
    • Dialog and interactive systems
    • Multilingual NLP
    • Named entity recognition
  • V2X communication
    • Offloading and resource allocation at the edge
    • 3D Beam alignment and blockage mitigation
    • Enhanced MAC protocol design
    • Clustering and routing of packets
    • Trust model for security
    • Channel equalization and Tracking
  • Mobile computing
    • Semantic and context awareness computing
    • Energy-aware mc for next-generation networks
    • User behavior analysis and modeling
    • Distributed users authentication
    • Semantic web in Urban MC (Web 3.0)
    • Load Balancing
    • Tasks
    • Resources
  • Cloud computing security
    • Monitor, analyze and log user access
    • Single and multi-factor authentication
    • Privacy-preserving public auditing
    • Hashing and pattern-based security
    • User identity management
    • Attacks detection and mitigation
  • Cellular network
    • Video transmission and streaming
    • Real-time video traffic scheduling
    • H and off management
    • Massive channel access
    • Fast content search
    • Bulk and multimedia streaming

In addition to the above-mentioned research notions, our research professionals have enlisted the research topics that our team has implemented along with the implementation process and specifications. On the whole, we will discuss  all the information that is essential to select PhD research topics.

Other sample titles

  • Smart city mobility enabled through micro and macro control flow optimization of cooperative autonomous vehicle PhD
    • In general, mobility is denoted as the significant function for the recognition of the quality of services in the urban area. This proposed system is deployed to link the interactive smart mobility infrastructure layer with the multi-vehicle systems
  • EASTBIO tackling the functional role of multisensory interactions in the behavioral benefits: A combined EEG and computational modeling approach
    • The multiple senses with highly beneficial and controllable behavior are used in this process and provide the redundant signals with the combination of processing external events
  • Health data analysis to identify the role of genes and environment in the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • The cardiovascular disease consisting the stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and hypertension processed through morality as per the rise. In addition, the non-modifiable risk factors and modifiable risk factors are identified through this process
  • Noise reduction of urban air mobility vehicles using CFD
    • urban air mobility vehicles provide options for the utilization of airspace which is massively increased through the capacity of transport and needs door-to-door service. Its main objective is to the key aircraft and model flow and that includes the airframe interactions, rotor sections, and the rotor tips
  • Cyber security in the vehicles to everything communication
    • The main objective of this process is to create a robust trustworthy, privacy-preserving, secure and scalable system to provide a safety critical system for the vehicle to everything communication through the functions of following cutting-edge technologies and processes
      • Software-defined networking
      • Deep learning
      • Collaborative learning
      • Blockchain

For your quick reference, we have stated the list of research topics that occurred in the contemporary research field.

What are Latest PhD Research Topics?

  • Data transmission through dispersive media
  • Common channel signaling
  • Error correcting binary group codes
  • Modem designs
  • Factorization method for discrete sequential estimation
  • Near Shannon limit error correcting coding and decoding: Turbo codes
  • Effect of path loss models on the simulated performance of portable radio system
  • Frequency reuse system macroscopic and microscopic diversity

What are the Recent Research Topics?

  • Latest improvements in the automobile industry working on the protection of VANET
  • Data and privacy challenges solutions based on the secure multi-party computation
  • Analyze the relationship between emotional and episodic memory
  • Analyze the ability of an MRI to determine brain function
  • The current state of research into ultra-fast rechargeable batteries
  • Computer imagining and AI for cancer detection

To select the above-mentioned research topics the research scholars have to know about the research areas that are ruling the recent research platforms. Thus, our research professionals have made that easy for the readers by mentioning the research areas in the following.

What are the Current Research Areas?

  • Biometrics identity checking
  • 3D displays computer interfaces
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Big data analytics
  • Virtual assistants
  • Dimensional reduction
  • Data encoding
  • Data security
  • Remote sensing

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