Postgraduate MATLAB Projects

Postgraduate MATLAB Projects

  Postgraduate MATLAB Projects is one of the prime services which are only focuses on enhancement of research students and scholars. We have 10 + years of experience and expertise to make our research scholars and students’ knowledge brighter than ever in research. Our experts are thinking very innovative and created new ideas to serve your betterment. We have done 8000+ Postgraduate MATLAB Projects in worldwide and we provide support through our 120+ branches from all over the world. We provide 100% high quality novel services with full guaranteed, we never copied and reconstruct others contents or ideas. We work towards great punctuality (on time delivery), confidentiality and flexibility. If you’re committed with us, we never give up until your accomplishment of research. We provide the online facility (discuss with the latest topics) which is prove our novelty in front of  our students research community.

Postgraduate MATLAB Projects

  Postgraduate MATLAB Projects offers you variety of projects ideas and innovative concepts to enlightening your research career. We provided support for not only digital image processing even we have assisted in biomedical, neural networks, bioinformatics and remote sensing etc. Our expert’s research and concentrate on large number of issues to provided guaranteed solutions for your Postgraduate MATLAB Projects. We always provide full support for our research scholars and students if they are committed with us. We welcome you to approach us to build your knowledge even stronger in research. Let’s see few major MATLAB recent research ideas for your reference,

Recent Research Fields in MATLAB Projects:

Multimedia and Information Forensics

  • Spliced region detection
  • Image Compression [Lossless and Lossy technique]
  • Security system design [Social behavioral biometrics]
  • Robust optimal position detection [HOLPSOFA algorithm]
  • Content-adaptive JPEG steganography
  • Sparse encoded matrix based steganography
  • Passive forgery detection
  • Pooling-based quantitative approach

Neural Networks

  • Fractional order control and synchronization
  • Next generation big data analytics
  • Metamemory for retrospection in primates
  • Real-time urban road traffic state estimation
  • Neural text embeddings [Informational retrieval]
  • Quantitative trading strategy
  • Novel metaphor production for brain networks
  • Customer satisfaction measurement [fuzzy]
  • Spatial spectral classification of hyperspectral images

Remote Sensing

  • Flood inundation modeling
  • Land surface processes and global cryosphere evolution
  • Decision making and multi-criterion optimization
  • Railroad bridge monitoring [wireless smart sensor]
  • Predicting Antarctic sea ice concentrations
  • Pixel-level image fusion
  • RF communications and sensing
  • Forecasting the impacts of global change
  • Recovery of remote sensing images

Biomedical and Medical Imaging

  • Biomedical photoacoustics
  • Physical breast model design
  • Cognitive neuroscience and social marketing research
  • Cardiovascular research
  • Integrated nonophotonics with scintillator detectors
  • Diagnosis of hip disease
  • HEp-2 specimen image segmentation and classification
  • Brain research [scanning the issue]
  • Light field otoscope for 3D

Digital Image Processing

  • Small unmanned aerial vehicles performance comparison
  • Feasibility of digital image correlation
  • Big data analytics for next generation
  • 3D digital image correlation vibration measurement [high speed]
  • X-Ray fluoroscopy and digital Tomography
  • Digital pathology image analysis
  • Texture image retrieval in contourlet, curvelet and localternary pattern
  • Image enhancement integration into schematic rock art analysis
  • Young children’s learning for interactive and noninteractive digital media
  • Trigonometric functions-based watermarking on blood vessel extraction
  • Sugarcane crop identification
  • Control and automation in greenhouses
  • Stain normalization [sparse auto encoders]
  • Fusion and analysis of live cell images
  • Wireless multimedia sensor networks [Cryptography]

Bio-Metric Authentication

  • Face as bio-metric password [secure ATM transactions]
  • EEG-based biometric authentication
  • Biometric internet security and privacy
  • Off-Line signature verification
  • 4D password authentication scheme
  • Presentation and vulnerability attack detection
  • Gait against spoofing attacks
  • Secure internet services
  • Keystroke dynamics authentication
  • Embedded speaker recognition
  • Eyelid and Eyelashes detection
  • Light weight privacy preserving authentication
  • Electroencephalograpic signals for biometric recognition
  • Security BM technique
  • Recognition in biometric user model
  • Human identification [X-ray images]
  • Secure Internet of Things [Biometric system]
  • Finger vein secure biometric template

Embedded System

  • Enabling human-cloud integration
  • Synthesis and analysis of networked control systems
  • Stability of systems with aperiodic sampling
  • Embedded data representations
  • Embedded mixed-integer quadratic programming
  • Body sensor networks [Multi-sensor fusion]
  • Intelligent control system [Traffic lights]
  • Cyber physical system

Security and Surveillance System

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Improving security surveillance [ Hidden camera]
  • Encoding human motion [Automated activity recognition]
  • Passive WiFi radar
  • Gait recognition
  • Health informatics
  • Mass surveillance and technological policy
  • Dataveillance and information privacy
  • 4 Aligning privacy and security
  • Building cyber security awareness
  • Mobile edge computing
  • Automatic human emotion recognition
  • Integrated oil pipeline monitoring

Image Analysis

  • Recognition of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Ecological responses to habitat fragmentation
  • Quantitative diffusion tensor imaging analysis
  • Nonlinear feature transformation
  • Image encryption scheme [chaotic tent map]
  • Hyperspectral image classification [Convolutional neural networks]
  • Hyperspectral raman imaging [human prostatic cells]
  • Sclera vessel pattern synthesis
  • Control agricultural nonpoint pollution

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