A network is defined as the collection of nodes or devices are linked to share the data. Wireless, wired, and optical links are used in the data sharing process. In recent days, wireless networking has had an extensive range of belongings across various fields. To make it clear, wifi and cellular standards are a few samples for wireless network technologies. These are the base to connect the devices in the network. Get Complete details about important QoS parameters in network system.

What is QoS in wireless networks?

           QoS (Quality of Service) is the description of the service in the computer networks. The users are expecting the predictable quality of the service in the computer network system, recent applications, cloud computing service and etc.

           The well-experienced research team has listed out some QOS issues with some description. Our experts have years of experience in this field, thus they can provide the appropriate result for the below-mentioned QOS issues.

What are QOS issues?

  • Blocked Packets
    • In the networking process, there are many paths such as firewalls and etc. During the process, there may be a blockage in the paths
  • Tag Configuration Issues
    • Intentionally, the tags may be set to the wrong rate. DDoS attack is the best example of the tag configuration issue
  • Oversubscription
    • During the network process there may be a lot of traffic and that leads to the collapse of the network
  • Tags are Changed / Removed
    • WAN traffic takes place in the networking process and it removes some tags and rewrites the values with a mistake

In general, problems in QoS performance have many reasons as the cause. Initially, the network might overcome the widespread issue for instance high latency, packet loss, flooded bandwidth, etc. Here we have listed the substantial cause for the QOS problem.

Top 6 Important parameters in Networking

What can cause QOS problem?

  • Deprivation of communication feature takes place in the power saving mode and it is hard to support the best quality video file for the for long time
  • The STA traffic share the multihop networks to reduce the quality

What are QOS parameters in Networking?

  • Data Rate
    • In multimedia, the data rate is originally encoded in the early stage of transmission
  • Error Rate
    • Behind the transmission, an incorrect bit rate takes place 
  • Jitter
    • It is the differentiation of delay which is produced in the transmission technology
  • Loss Rate
    • Next to the transmission process, the amount of bit lost among two ends is called the last rate
  • Response Time Expected by Users
    • The time takes place for sending the request and an answer from the user is called the response time expected by users
  • Delay
    • Delay takes place when the packet takes time to reach the destination due to some traffic blockage
  • Required Bandwidth
    • In telecommunication, the essential data transfer rate is known as the required bandwidth

Every project deals with a novel research idea and is tested using some applications. We implement the idea using the network elements, emulators, topologies, network simulators, etc. In addition, we provide the source code, tools information, and theorems with proofs so contact us for your further research. The following research ideas are highlighted by our research experts,

Networking Research Ideas for QoS

  • Load Balancing
    • It extends the row of traffic that leads to the blockage and buffering
  • Queuing
    • To delay the packets it causes buffering and that holds back the bandwidth
  • Fragmentation and Compression
    • To avoid the delay and jitter, it lows down the bandwidth
  • Policing
    • It is one of the congestion evasion, which deploys for the bandwidth
  • Classification
    • It recognizes traffic and helps other networks to recognize it