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Research paper writing is one of the partitions of academic writing that explains a chosen topic utilizing critical examinations & data analysis.Generally, the ideas proposed in researches should be original. Besides, a researcher is also permitted to find research gaps in previous kinds of literature in terms of peer reviews. If you are struggling to write up your research work, reach our research paper writer online help.

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Apart from the peer reviews, different sources such as official websites, journals, and books are referred to for usual research. Other than these aspects, research can also get interactions with research paper writers online to know their proficiencies and insights on a particular research theme or background with our write a research paper for me service. 

Are you looking forward to knowing exact & fine details about research paper writing? Then stay tuned with this article! It is even pillared with the features that are required for getting paper approvals. Come let us get into the core subdivisions. 

What is Research Paper Writing?

Research paper writing is the replication of serious investigation on a specific topic belonging to any of the technical domains. The topic is subjected to novelty and originality. As this is taking place in academic writing, it must follow the rules and regulations amended by universities.

Making clear notes on the investigation process will help a researcher in discussion phases as opponent parties may raise questions. Before giving conclusions to your study, review your entire study utilizing whether it is meeting the determined goal or not.

Most importantly, contributing something to the investigated field is the ultimate motto of every researcher. Alright! While describing contributions, pay proper considerations because it is where peerless & distinctive researched focus is highlighted as recommended by pur research paper writer online. In this regard, different types of research papers are clearly explained in the subsequent passage.

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Types of Research Papers 

Mentioned above are the 4 major types of research papers in which most of the researches is explained. Generally, research paper writing is considered the most difficult one in academic writing. It is true from the beginners’ point of view but considering serious investigations writing processes can be eased by reaching or research paper writer online service.

Make in-depth investigations on the selected topic as much as possible so that something will be clicked. As well as give strong pieces of evidence and supporting technical details. A doctorate student can research 2 ways such as,

  1. Novel research undertaking 
  2. Peer review processes 

When doing researches on own ideas, a researcher can go with their flow. Whereas, peer review processes are done on other researchers’ studies. In both cases, paper writing is mandatory. In other words, research papers are the sum-up of, 

  • Effective literature surveys 
  • Bunch of different sources
  • The pool of related information 

Until now, we had seen about overview and taxonomies of research papers. As this article is completely centered on research paper writer online keyword, here we are going to state step by step procedures involved in research paper writing. This is framed by our technical writers. 

What are the Steps in Research Paper Writing?

  • Step 1: Do related literature reviews 
  • Step 2: Maintain a track of all findings
  • Step 3: Identify key research problems
  • Step 4: Prioritize the major problem contexts
  • Step 5: Propose algorithms & methodologies
  • Step 6: Evaluate pros and cons of study
  • Step 7: Frame closure points and references
  • Step 8: Emphasize additional investigation

Before writing a research paper make sure that chosen area has adequate sources and opportunities to precede further investigation. As well as look for new trends and techniques to support your undertaking research. It is suggested to refer to the reputed journals such as IEEE, ACM, Inder Science, Taylor Francis, Thomson Reuters, etc.

Keeping a track of noticed problems can back up your research investigation with substantial key issues. We meant to prioritize the research gaps from general context to narrow context (most specific). Commencing a study evaluation will make remain the entire scope anticipated. According to your experience, make precise concluding sections and refer / access materials.

Other than this, filter your research works to spot gaps if any, and do reinvestigation if necessary. Make divisions of obtained outcomes to make better self-assessments. Well! Before writing a research paper, one should have a clear understanding of different sections comprised in journals. Putting information & findings gathered for the research will make sense if it is logically prearranged according to the sections. In this case, section-wise explanations are brought down by our research paper writer online team

What are the most significant Portions of Research Papers? 

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Study Methodologies 
  • Outcomes
  • Discussion & Conclusion Parts 
  • Bibliography

These are the 8 sections included in the research papers. Every section has explained below for your better understanding.


The research title is situated with crisp keywords and specifics which indicate the intention of proposing research.


An abstract is the second section of research paper writing which is framed after every process is done. The number of words is limited in several cases. For example, 200 words are allowed in the abstract by most of the journal publications. 

In other words, the abstract is giving us a synopsis of the entire research investigation like, 

  • Research background introduction 
  • Specific research questions 
  • Proposed methodologies 
  • Study results or findings 


Every introductory part is commencing with the research background idea. It starts from general context to specific context of the study. Along with this, it paves the argument towards the particular research question or problem statement. However, it never ends without telling the purpose of the proposed study.

Review of Literature

Related literature surveys are just like something done before on the same framework. Yes, the selected research topic is derived from the previous literature since there is nothing in wondering about the resemblance. 

Besides, a researcher is finding some existing research gap in the former studies and by having that issue, novel research is developed. When doing literature reviews refer only the reputed sources such as top journals, peer reviews, official websites, and other valid sources.

Study Methodologies 

A proposed problem statement is resolved by methodologies execution. A detailed procedure is to be stated in this section that is because other researchers/reviewers can evaluate and reproduce your outcomes for some legitimate purposes.


The outcomes (findings) section is influenced by the type of research undertaken such as qualitative and quantitative researches. As these are subject to the formulations, this section has to be properly portrayed. Precisely, this section is the expected result of an introduced problem and characterized by pictorial and graphical representations.

On the other hand, data obtained through interpretation & arithmetical testimonials have to be placed here. To ensure the study’s reliability, it is advised to reveal the unimportant findings of the entire study. As well as make use of past tenses to recite your findings. In short, this is where proposed methodologies of data collection are exemplified in chronological order (logical).  

Discussion & Conclusion Parts 

This is an extension of the outcomes section in which results’ importance is featured. Valid outcome analysis and interpretation lead to propose an outstanding solution to the entire study and it is revealing the implications of the results. In addition to these arguments, research’s pitfalls and future direction are transparently illumined.


The bibliography is also known for a list of all references accessed to the research or study. Usually, alphabetical order is accustomed to itemizing references. At last, it is situated with paper writing styles (Harvard, APA & MLA) and formats.

These are the portions or sections comprising research papers. Hopefully, we believe that you are getting the points as of now listed. It is suggestible to assort more than 5 questions before gaining access to materials. Researchers will brainstorm so many sources besides it is very important to handpick questions only from determined areas

If brainstormed sources seem to be few then getting familiarities with various sources will become essential. Research paper writer online faculty can ease up your writing tribulations. First of all, you might need to outline the details from your side according to your perceptions. Other than these points, the outcome of an investigation is the most wanted contribution and those unpredicted research findings are debated in discussion sections with their major significance. 

Generally, most of the researches is not underlying the peer review processes. However, submitted articles are well scrutinized even before presenting to the board of adjudicators. If truth to be told, papers with indispensable features would get approvals for paper publication. Such features are itemized in the ensuing segment for your understanding. 

What are the features required for getting Paper Approvals?

  • Purposeful research objectives/aims 
  • Sound peer-reviews
  • Mind-blowing elucidations 
  • Comprehensive features 
  • Distinctive and unparalleled paper
  • Arguments and content’s reliability 
  • Complete & full-fledged details 
  • Best technical illuminations 
  • Proper conclusions with justifications 

Before, submitting a research paper to the reputed journals try to review your paper utilizing the aforementioned obligatory features. When bringing these features in typical articles, it would sound good. From all of the above, injecting novelties in every portion is widely expected by reviewing panels. So that, concentrate much more on research originality. 

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These are some of the benefits you can experience from our side. Alright! As we come to the end phase of this article, we just wanted to highlight some special issues and topics for research paper writing. 

Steps Involved in Research Paper Writing Service

Special Issues & Topics for Research Paper Writing 

  • Electromagnetic Materials
    • SHM Digital Twin
    • Magnetic & Electrical Sensing Techniques 
    • Manufacturing Process Observations 
    • Automation & Computerized Devices  
    • Augmented Reality & Sensor Networks 
    • Sensory Data’s Damage Evaluation 
    • Multi-Field Coupling & Precise Modeling
    • High End & Portable Sensors 
    • Multi-Modal Sensing & Sensor Arrays 
    • Integrated Electromagnetic Sensors 
  • COVID-19
    • Contact-Less & Wearable Smart Sensing 
    • Remote Diagnosis using Sensing Devices 
    • Social Distance Tracking
    • Quarantined Domestic Activity Monitoring 
    • Indoor Navigation Schemes  
    • Bio Signs, Biosensors & Bio Markers 
    • Point of Need Detecting Sensor Devices 

Up to now, we come across the multiple phases involved in research paper writing and we believe that our explanations are satisfactory. If quarrels and doubts still roam in your head, make it is easy because we are here to help you out with our research paper writer online. Ping us at any time and wish you the very all the best for your research beginnings.