Research Proposal on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science technology that can replicate humans’ intelligence in every process. Usually, artificial intelligence technologies are capable of acting like humans utilizing learning & solving problems with accurate strategies. As well as they do reasoning aspects as humans do.

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We assure you that this handout will be represented as an encyclopaedia for beginners and laymen in the industry. A research proposal is the direction of researches in which angle it is to be investigated.

Interesting Research Proposal on Artificial Intelligence

What is meant by AI Technique?

AI techniques can deal with a large amount of data inconceivably. In addition, they handle the unstructured data which is not constant. Further, the significance of the AI techniques are mentioned below,

  • It has the feature of fault-tolerance and permits to correct faults
  • Even, they perform with the incomplete & inaccurate inputs
  • Understands the massive amount of data that humans

This is how an AI technique works behind every process assigned to them. As the world is moving to the modernization by the results of researches likewise a technologies trend also getting boom and advanced. Yes, you people were guessed right!!! Artificial intelligence is supported in recent days by utilizing its current enhanced techniques. An AI technique is facilitating to gear up the process execution time and diminishes the latencies of the same efficiently.

Introduction of AI

  • NLP, Perception & Robotics
    • Speech Recognition
    • Computer Vision
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Automation & Management
  • Knowledge Representation
    • Managing Knowledge
    • Human-computer Communication
    • Semantic Web & Ontology Systems
    • Multiple Agent & Logic Structures
  • Machine Learning Systems
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Neural Networks
    • Rule & Case Reasoning
    • Evolutionary Computation
    • Reinforcement Learning
  • Reasoning Abilities
    • Heuristic Searching
    • Temporal & Qualitative
    • Indefinite & Restraint
    • Model & Non-monotonic

The above listed are the major areas of artificial intelligence in which their processes are getting done. The reasoning is the biggest merit of artificial intelligence thus they are capable of analysing complex data by imitating humans’ intelligence. In the following passage, let us discuss the techniques compiled with artificial intelligence to make you understand. Shall we get into that section? Come on let grab them into your memories. An efficient research proposal on artificial intelligence framing needs proficiency in some of the areas of that technology.

In the following passage, we would like to enumerate the advanced techniques of artificial intelligence for your added knowledge. Are you interested in stepping into the next section? Come on let us jump into the next section and will grab the eminent content that makes you wise.

AI Techniques

  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Transfer Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Gradient Boosting
  • Random Forest
  • Principle Component Analysis
  • Decision Trees
  • K-nearest Neighbors
  • Clustering & Monte Carlo Techniques
  • Linear Classification
  • Naïve Bayes Classification
  • Descriptive Statistics & Inference
  • Markov Chain & Regression Methods
  • Support Vector Machine

The above listed are the major advanced techniques of artificial intelligence techniques. These techniques are used to reduce the dimensionalities and to ensemble the learning techniques. In the immediate section, we are going to briefly state to you the deep neural networks techniques in artificial intelligence for the ease of your understanding.

  • GAN- Generative Adversarial Network
    • The term adversarial refers to the combative nature of the networks
    • GAN performs with the zero-sum game frameworks & contexts
    • These are compatible with the different forms of datasets
  • CNN- Convolutional Neural Network
    • Neural layers are effectively interconnected to the network
    • It is the imitation of the human brain & intelligence
    • Visual or graphical representations of the images can effortlessly be suited
  • RNN- Recurrent Neural Network
    • RNN are sound ensemble for processing the input sequences
    • Applies their intelligence to analyze & recognize handwritten scripts, voice, text
    • It has a high accuracy rate in reading the human lip movements (95%)
  • FNN- Feed Forward Neural Network
    • Data or input moves in a single direction that is forward
    • This transmission starts from a layer of input & layer of hidden aspects
    • In this network there is no presence of connectivity loops
    • It has improved training methodologies, data accessibility & computing power
      • This network is achieving high accuracy levels comparing to former systems

The aforementioned are some of the deep neural networks based artificial intelligence techniques. This article has that interesting content. Let’s begin to hustle the technical areas to frame the efficient research proposal on artificial intelligence. Come on, guys! Let us learn together. Besides, we hope that you would have understood the concepts as of now listed. As of now, we have seen the overview of artificial intelligence and its techniques. Hence, this is the right time to discuss the AI frameworks here.

Artificial intelligence frameworks are having various numbers of libraries that have numerous developer communities. The contemporary techniques such as classification, regression, distributions, clustering are well handled by the AI frameworks. AI-oriented projects and researches will be effortlessly done with the help of these frameworks. Come let us have the section with itemized frameworks.

What are AI Frameworks?

  • Keras
  • Chainer
  • MXNet
  • PyTorch or Torch
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Caffe

The above listed are some of the major frameworks being involved in the coding processes of the proposed research. We can handpick any of the frameworks according to our data inputs & ingestion. Selecting the appropriate framework is one of the challenging tasks in every approach. For this, we are contributing our perceptions and ideas to the clients utilizing their requirements.

On the other hand, it is also important to know about the predominant artificial intelligence tools for web development. Thus we are going to tell you the top AI tools that are being used in the web development eras. As this is also an important section, it is advised to pay your attention. Come on, guys! Let’s tune with the flow of this article.

Which are the Top AI Tools for Web Development?

  • Caffe
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Apache Singa
  • Apache Mahout
  • Tensor Flow

The foregoing section is revealed you the major tools that are utilized to develop the web of things. These tools’ performance may vary according to the inputs given. Besides, the level of accuracy cannot be comprised. Each tool has its unique features.

At this time we would like to give remarks about us here. We are having top world-class engineers with dynamic skillsets. They are irreplaceable as they are yielding the expected research results concurrently. Usually, they do give unique methodologies and techniques to approach the research area’s problems. In this regard, let us first see the latest research areas in artificial intelligence for your better understanding.

Latest Research Areas in Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data, Smart IoT Apps & Blockchain
  • Blockchain Security
  • Attacks on Existing Systems
  • Web of Things (WoT)
  • IoT based Micro Software Engineering
  • Adaptive & Dynamic IoT Methods
  • IoT Application Security & Privacy
  • Robotic based IoT Devices
  • Cloud Structural Design & IoT Edges
  • IoT Enabled Communication Technologies
  • IoT based Industry 4.0 Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence Enabled IoT
  • Deep Learning & Machine Learning Systems

The above listed are some of the latest research areas in artificial intelligence. Apart from this, there are numerous areas are existing. If you still want further explanations in these areas you are always welcomed to have our suggestions in every phase of research. By conducting so many researches in emerging technologies we know how to tackle the problems that arise in the experimentations.

As this article is nobbled with the research proposal on artificial intelligence, here we would like to talk about the research proposal. A research proposal is an essential concrete work of every proposed research. In fact, without an effective proposal, we cannot conduct systematic or structured researches. In this regard, let us have the section of what is research proposal is first for your better understanding.

What is Research Proposal?

  • Research proposals are the way to propose & define the problems
  • Problems of the previous research papers can be concluded with corresponding solutions
  • By reviewing various papers could offer the best solutions to the proposed research
  • It has no predetermined formats & it can be changed as per the requirements

This is the overview of the research proposal. Moreover, we hope that you are getting the points as of now listed. There should be a procedure presented to shield you utilizing answering the questions exposed to you. Here, felt that giving the components of the research proposal on artificial intelligence would help you a lot. Thus we are going to enshroud the proposal components in the upcoming section for the ease of your understanding.

What are Components in Research Proposal Writing?

  • Brief quarrel about the problem significance
  • Representations of the research problem
  • Related literature reviews according to the problems defined
  • Methodologies and research approaches
  • Research issues summaries & discussion
  • Investigation of the selected topics
  • Formulation of research questions
  • Research proposal designs & procedures
  • Final research highlights

In fact, an effective research proposal would lead to the best thesis writing. Thesis writing is the sub pillared by the proposed works. Further, it is always advisable to spend much time in the proposal writing. Thus it can minimize the efforts to formulate the sound thesis works actually.

Usually, proposal writing can be done with the help of subject matter experts as it is one of the important parts of the research you could have our experts advises in the determined areas of approaches. To be honest, we had been offered more than 200+ research proposal on artificial intelligence with unique features. If you are really interested, benefit from us utilizing technology. In the following passage, we’ve listed the future trends & technologies of artificial intelligence for the ease of your understanding. Come let’s learn together!!!

Innovative Research Proposal on Artificial Intelligence

Future Trends and Technologies of Artificial Intelligence

  • Effective Student Approaching in Online Virtual Classes
  • Transportation Revolution by Self-driving Vehicles
  • AI-Enabled Robotics in Industries

As we are living in a pandemic situation, college-going & school-going students are being educated through virtual classes. By this technique, tutors are not supposed to recognize the emotions or sentiments of the students in their classes. Thus artificial intelligence is focused its trends towards the improvement of analysing the emotional patterns.

In case 2, transportation systems are going to be incredibly revolutionized by artificial applications to make the automated driving system.

In case 3, automated AI-based robots are one of the irreplaceable future trends of AI as they are replacing manual works through their unique features with high precision. These are some of the expected future trends of artificial intelligence. Robotics and automation will suppress the processing time consumptions and saves millions & millions of money for the industrialists ever.

 So far, we have come up with the concepts of artificial intelligence with crystal clear explanations. We hope that you would have adored this article a lot about research proposal on artificial intelligence. Additionally, we are supposing you to explore more on these areas of technology and inject novelties in the researches and their proposals. Are you are facing any hindrances in proposed researchers? Then here is a suggestion! Let meet our technical team to enrich your proposal works and so on.

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