Research Title for ICT Students

One of the most peculiar and prevalent domains of evolving platforms is ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that paves the way for ICT scholars to organize their research. By this article, numerous research title for ICT are discussed by us where each associated with short descriptions:

  1. Evaluating Cloud Computing Adoption in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Challenges and Opportunities
  • SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) is efficiently examined in this research area on how it deploys cloud computing, the problems which they confront like insufficient skill or security issues and the exhibited possibilities such as cost-saving measures and adaptability.
  1. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Cybersecurity Measures
  • This research area mainly highlights response systems, autonomous threat detection and involves investigating AI (Artificial Intelligence) on how it enhances cybersecurity resistance over the emerging complicated cyber-attacks.
  1. Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: Enhancing Data Security and Patient Privacy
  • Specifically in healthcare, the utilization of blockchain technology is explored for the purpose of protecting the patient details, assuring secrecy and involved in discussing the challenges on how it might address problems based on illicit access and attacks from hackers.
  1. Developing an IoT-based Smart Home Security System: Design, Implementation, and Challenges
  • By means of IoT devices, this study includes in developing and executing a smart home security system, which specifies the technical problems, expected findings and security problems.
  1. Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Mental Health: A Study of Digital Well-being
  • Regarding the mental health of teenagers which includes stress, threatening messages and nervousness, this research explores the long-term impacts of social media usage and proposes effective tactics for digital balance.
  1. 5G Technology: Exploring the Future of High-Speed Mobile Networks and Their Applications
  • Mobile networks are being transformed with high speed and decreased response time through conducting research on application of 5G technology capabilities. In diverse areas like telemedicine and automated driving, 5G technology is widely applicable.
  1. Using Machine Learning to Predict Stock Market Trends: An Analytical Approach
  • To predict the upcoming stock activities and explore the validity of various systems, this research significantly implements the machine learning techniques for forecasting the stock market patterns and examines the historical data.
  1. The Effectiveness of E-Learning Platforms in Remote Education: A Post-Pandemic Analysis
  • Estimate the consequences on student interaction, the confronted problems of scholars and professionals, and learning results in the course of COVID-19 pandemic situation through analyzing the capability of employed e-learning platforms.
  1. Digital Divide and Its Impact on Remote Work: Strategies for Inclusive Technology Access
  • Digital divide is crucially investigated in this research area for detecting the gaps between those who are able to acquire the advantages of computers and the Internet and those who do not. It mainly focuses on effects of remote work and for assuring the accessible opportunity to technology, this topic suggests valuable tactics.
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) in Retail: Enhancing Customer Experience and Engagement
  • From effective empiricals to responsive product samples, improve consumer satisfaction and involvement by carrying out research on AR (Augmented Reality) technology, in what way it might be deployed in the retail industry.

What are ICT based projects?

Information and Communication Technology is an extensive domain which includes numerous significant and emerging topics for exploration. According to ICT domain, we suggest few capable and researchable topics:

  1. Software Development Projects
  • Custom Software Solutions: To confront the certain requirements of enterprises or persons, develop a designed software application. Inventory management software, CRM systems and educational tools are encompassed in this area.
  • Mobile App Development: For education, mobile banking and health monitoring, offer findings through modeling a mobile application for Android and IOS environments.
  1. Web Development Projects
  • E-commerce Platforms: Across the internet, export products and services by generating online stores and marketplaces which access businesses.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Without the requirement of particular technical skill, alter the content through creating a model which enables consumers to develop and organize.
  1. Networking Projects
  • Setting up Secure Networks: Specifically for firms which involve intrusion detection systems, VPNs and deployment of firewalls, this topic emphasizes the structure and execution of secure network infrastructures.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions: An IoT system is efficiently created for connecting the devices to the internet or with other smart city programs, industrial automation and smart home technologies.
  1. Data Analytics and Big Data Projects
  • Predictive Analytics: Depending on historical data, detect the probability of future results by means of machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques.
  • Big Data Processing: To derive the beneficial details for decision-making process, refine and evaluate huge amounts of data by executing the proficient systems.
  1. AI and Machine Learning Projects
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: In order to collect details or offer customer service, establish a productive chatbot and smart assistants to simulate the communication with individual users.
  • Image Recognition Systems: Especially in automated vehicles, medical diagnostics and security systems, design a model to detect and categorize objects within images or videos.
  1. Blockchain Projects
  • Decentralized Applications (DApps): To verify the reliability, security and clarity, create an application on blockchain technology which is often deployed in supply management systems, voting systems and finance.
  • Smart Contracts: For generating the implementation of contracts without mediators, execute the self-executing contracts along with the conditions of agreement which are exactly written into programming lines.
  1. Cybersecurity Projects
  • Threat Detection Systems: Make use of enhanced analytics and threat intelligence to develop models for supervising the networks and models in detecting the possible attacks and harmful activities.
  • Security Awareness Training: On the subject of effective cybersecurity techniques, establish education programs and simulations to teach workers and discuss how to identify email scam.
  1. E-Learning and Educational Technology Projects
  • Online Learning Platforms: For developing an education system which is more approachable to broader participants, this research area formulates the environments that provide courses and learning resources online.
  • Educational Games and Simulations: To offer captivating educational experiences for all age groups of students, design interactive games and simulations.

Research Topics for ICT Students

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  1. Multidimensional Data Mining for Anomaly Extraction
  2. The Research on Spatial Data Mining Module Based on Multi-objective Optimization Model for Decision Support System
  3. Playlist environmental analysis for the serendipity-based data mining
  4. Data Mining Exploration System for Feature Selection Tasks
  5. Huge Data Mining Based on Rough Set Theory and Granular Computing
  6. Interactive Visual Data Mining of a Large Fire Detector Database
  7. A study on spatial attribute data mining based on rough set
  8. Data mining as a foundation for science-enabling autonomy
  9. Generating Real Time Cyber Situational Awareness Information Through Social Media Data Mining
  10. The application of Web Service technology in data mining system algorithm library
  11. Data mining using synergies between self-organizing maps and inductive learning of fuzzy rules
  12. Noninvasive Intracranial Pressure Assessment Based on a Data-Mining Approach Using a Nonlinear Mapping Function
  13. Research on the Hydropower Science and Technology in the Era of Big Data Based on Data Mining
  14. A Survey of Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods for Cyber Security Intrusion Detection
  15. Clustering of harmonic monitoring data using data mining
  16. Correlated-Clustering Frame: A Holistic Method of Deep Web Schema Matching Based on Data Mining
  17. Desperately seeking impostors: data-mining for competitive impostor testing in a text-dependent speaker verification system
  18. Comments on “Data Mining Static Code Attributes to Learn Defect Predictors”
  19. Volume data mining using 3D field topology analysis
  20. Semantic Web Presentation of Analytical Reports from Data Mining – Preliminary Considerations
  21. An authentication mechanism for heterogeneous access control model in MANET emergency rescue mission
  22. Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols in the Presence of Self-Similar Traffic
  23. A methodical survey on real time applications in MANETS: Focussing on key issues
  24. An Efficient Prevention of Black Hole Problem in AODV Routing Protocol in MANET
  25. Preventing impersonation attacks in MANET with multi-factor authentication
  26. HYMAD: Hybrid DTN-MANET routing for dense and highly dynamic wireless networks
  27. Performance of AODV Routing Protocol with Increasing the MANET Nodes and Its Effects on QoS of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  28. Performance Evaluation of Flooding in MANETs in the Presence of Multi-Broadcast Traffic
  29. Smart Handling of Colluding Black Hole Attacks in MANETs and Wireless Sensor Networks using Multipath Routing
  30. Performance analysis of AODV based congestion control protocols in MANET
  31. Impact of Topology Control on End to End Performance for Directional MANETs
  32. A Study of Local Connectivity Maintenance Strategies of MANET Reactive Routing Protocol Implementations
  33. Quantitative Study on Impact of Node Selfishness on Performance of MANETs
  34. A Time Interval based Blockchain Model for Detection of Malicious Nodes in MANET Using Network Block Monitoring Node
  35. An Adaptive Genetic Fuzzy Control Gateway Discovery to Interconnect Hybrid MANETs
  36. An Improved Realistic Group Mobility Model for MANET Based On Unified Relationship Matrix
  37. SMF: A Novel Lightweight Reliable Service Discovery Approach in MANET
  38. Efficient Optimal Route Stability Routing Protocol in MANET Using Gauss-Markov Mobility Model
  39. A Novel Swarm Intelligence Based Routing Scheme for Manet using Weighted Pheromone Paths
  40. Evaluation of MANET routing protocols in a realistic emergency response scenario
  41. Implementation and performance analysis of the gateway discovery approaches in the integrated MANET-Internet scenario
  42. Assessing the performance of AODV, DYMO, and OLSR routing protocols in the context of larger-scale denser MANETs
  43. Mobile agent based TCP attacker identification in MANET using the Traffic History (MAITH)
  44. Applying traditional VoIP playout delay control algorithms to MANETs
  45. Geo-Assisted Multicast Inter-Domain Routing (GMIDR) Protocol for MANETs
  46. A Leader Replacement Protocol Based on Early Discovery of Battery Power Failure in MANETs
  47. Dynamic topology update mechanism in local tree-based reliable topology (LTRT) based MANETs
  48. MANet: a Motion-Driven Attention Network for Detecting the Pulse from a Facial Video with Drastic Motions
  49. Securing Blackhole Attacks in MANETs using Modified Sequence Number in AODV Routing Protocol
  50. MAAC Protocol: Mobile Agents based Address Auto-Configuration Protocol for MANET