SCI List of Journals 2022

The research paper publishing process starts with the submission and ends with the publication. Here, the first section submission section includes processes such as pre-check, peer review, editorial decision, major and minor revision, and publication in preprints, rejection, and acceptance. Then, the publication process consists the steps such as copy editing, English editing, proofreading, and the format of the paper, creation of final XML or PDF, and publication in top SCI List of Journals 2022. Thus, we assist the research scholars in all the above-mentioned processes. The preparation of the research manuscript includes,

Top Sci List of Journals 2022
  • Introduction
    • The introduction section includes a brief study of the background and highlights the significance of the context. It defines the purpose of the research work and its significance. It is essential to highlight controversial and wandering theories where it is required. Finally, mention the main aim of the research work and highlight the main conclusions in a brief note. Keep the introduction comprehensible to scientists working outside the topic of the research paper
  • Research methodology
    • This research methodology section should be described with sufficient information which allows others to replicate and build the published results for their further research. The novel methods and protocols should be described in detail while well-established methods can be briefly described and appropriately cited in the research work. Provide the name and version of any software used and make clear whether the computer code used is available in the market. State all the innovations in this section that fits the research implementation
  • Result
    • The result section describes precise and concise based on the obtained experimental results and interpretations
  • Discussion
    • The discussion section includes the discussion based on results and details about the interpretation related to the existing system
  • Conclusion
    • It is used to accumulate the entire process of the research in a concise report and it includes the future research directions

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Our research experts will look over the innovative title, the format of the research paper, novel proposed idea, appropriate statistical study, figures with high resolution, etc. In addition, the team of experts will be there with the research scholars until the entire process, particularly we pay more attention and support in the journal paper revision process. The provision of the finest research service increases journal acceptance. The research paper will be provided of top quality and we hand over the project within the time of delivery. Here, we have highlighted some significant SCI List of journals 2022 for your reference,

  • Taylor and Francis
    • Taylor and Francis are one of the highly reputed international publishers. In addition, it is used to publish papers in high-quality and peer-reviewed journals. The foremost intention of Taylor and Francis is to provide a promising publication for the researchers
  • Wiley Blackwell
    • Wiley Blackwell permits open access journals that are free to read and download. It mainly publishes the research journals in the field such as technical, scientific, etc.

Download the following excel which is used to refer to the SCI list of journals 2022. Selecting the recent journals is considered the toughest task for the research scholars because the list may change the order often as per the difference in the impact factor. Thus, our research experts have enlisted the current list of journals.

recent sci list of journals 2022