Software Defined Networking SDN Research Topics

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a network technology that is growing fast for centrally controlling the network data in the case of large-scale information through the software. In specific, it does all network processes as simple as possible and manages them throughout the lifetime. 

This article is about innovative research ideas with key details of SDN Research Topics!!!

Moreover, it has the special feature of a programmable flexible interface which brings new revolutions in managing network activities. On the contrary, the conventional IP networks are tedious to cope with, error-prone, and inflexible to acquire innovative operations. Before getting into the area of SDN network, first, have a clear outline of SDN intention in the research world.

Latest Interesting Software Defined Network SDN Research Topics

Main Objectives of SDN

To offer an open interface, SDN was launched which let the execution of software for the following things, 

  • Control the network 
  • Connection of resources 
  • Adaptation of routing  
  • Analysis and Manage of traffic 

On the whole, SDN has an objective to create an environment of switches and manage the application to accomplish the rapid advancement in developing a new integrated environment

The main reason behind the success of SDN is the ability to integrate several kinds of networks in one platform without affecting the functionalities.

For instance: SDN Research Topics are listed as follows. 

Research Areas in SDN 

  • Fog Computing based SDN
  • Software-Defined Network in Hadoop 
  • Wireless Software-Defined Sensor Networks 
  • Software-Defined Optical Network (SD-ON)
  • Software-Defined Mobile Networks (SD-MN)
  • Integration of SDN with the Internet of Things 
  • SDN Assisted mmWave and V2X Communication
  • Cloud-based SDN/NFV Technologies in 5G Network 
  • SDN oriented IoT-Mobile Edge Computing
  • Software-Defined Vehicular Ad hoc. Networks (SD-VANET)
  • Software-Defined WAN and LAN (SD-WAN and SD-LAN)
  • Software-Defined Device-to-Device (D2D) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Network

Over the recent days, SDN has gained more attention in the networking domain. Wide-ranging improvement in configurable equipment which depends on software is scalable and adaptable to accept the different networking models. Just to let you know, we have handpicked one SDN Research Topic from the above list and explained it in detail. 


In general ad hoc networks, the programmability, flexibility, and central control characteristics are not applicable but if the SDN is integrated with VANET then it is easier to avail those features through SDN policies.

In addition, the SDN controller manages the uncertainty of vehicular nodes connections in the time of sudden variation of network configuration. Then, the future condition of the network can also be forecasted by incorporating an SDN controller with intelligent models. After that, the controller collects the data of network topology from the deployed sensors or devices. For instances:

Base Station (BS)

  • Road Side-Unit (RSU)
  • Road Side-Unit Controller (RSUC)

Majorly, the broad-sized network utilization in real-world applications faces many encounters because of the following problems,

  • Network Privacy and Security Issues
  • Heterogeneous Networks Interworking Gaps Analysis
  • Dynamic Topology of Network Topology
  • Wide-ranging Flow Policies and Rule Definitions 
  • Entities Misbehavior Detection from diverse technologies such as 5G, ICN, and cloud computing

Our SDN Panel Team will guide to select interesting SDN Research Topics based on above research problem. Next, we can see about key factors and purposes behind the use of SDN in VANET. Here, we have listed only a few of them, more than this there are so many characteristics that initiate the SDN integration with VANET.

Advantages of SDN based VANET
  • Reducing Service Delay in SDN
  • Protection Against some inherited VANETs attacks 
  • Integrated Heterogeneous Network 
  • Adaptive and Rapid Network Deployment and Configuration
  • Optimized resource utilization

In specific, the following areas are top-demanding which gains more attention in the research community.

Research Ideas in Software Defined Network 

  • System / Information Security and Privacy 
  • Image / Video Content Service Provisioning  
  • Channel Designing and Assignment 
  • Network Traffic Flow Control and Processing 
  • Network Architecture Management and Control
  • Wireless Resource Allocation and Optimization 

So far, we have detailed information on SDN significance in today’s research with their Current SDN Research Topics. Now, let’s talk about the Thesis Writing in SDN and how it going to convert your research and practical activities of PhD study into the thesis paper for future use. 

Guidelines for PhD Thesis Writing 

As you know well, “the thesis writing is more important in your study. Since it is the best way to make the reader know your research argument which brings out what information can a reader expect from your research”

Most importantly, the thesis should be more specific in involving the question you are going to respond to in this research. As a result, the thesis serves as the strength of your research for future claims. A good thesis will support you to know by what means the essay is organized and how to exclude inappropriate information from the thesis. For your information, our experts have given some essentials that need to be followed in best SDN Research thesis writing.

Why choose us to select your research SDN Research Topics


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  • Importance and Relevance: How is the proposed study topic in a suit with the existing study of the same topic?
  • Overview of the structure: How do all the chapters of the thesis support attaining the objective?
  • Questions and Objectives: What does the intention of the study determine and in what way?

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